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This story is a sequel to Children of the Moon

A full year has past since Princess Luna gave birth to her daughters. But she had started to feel that her little family might be incomplete. Hopefully, she can the answer in Ponyville again.

Contains [Unbirth]

This story was requested by chazkopa.

This story is a sequel to Children of the Moon

Editor: Applefai

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finally someone turned the boys devotion to the moon princess into somemthing more fun!...

Great job keep up the great work

Good job.

I was impressed that Princess Luna's daughters still have some of their old habits from their previous life.

Contains [Unbirth]

I didn't know this was a Bloody Roar crossover.

Lovely song, and I like Pipsqueak's new name.

What's the song's name Princess Luna sings to her daughters and her son?.

"Come little children." It's something Edgar Allen Poe wrote when he was alive. It got turned into a song back in the 1990's.

Nice. At least Edgar's song proves helpful.

I'm impressed with Cosmo as the new name for Pipsqueak.

I love the dubiousness written here!
Love that she doesn't get his consent, but that there's a much better life awaiting him. :pinkiesmile:

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