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Marine Delight

Hi! I'm Marine Delight, and I've decided to start writing fan fictions about some of these fun-looking ponies around the site, including myself. WARNING: There will be clop and vore ahead. Also orcas.

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Explanations and news · 3:34am Aug 9th, 2018

Hello, everypony! Happy Vore Day! I'm so sorry that I couldn't contribute a story for you all this year, but I have been so swamped with work in Seaddle that I haven't had much time to write stories. :pinkiesad2: But fear not! I haven't forgotten you all. And I hope to make a new story for you soon. :pinkiehappy:

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Oh, of course. Just saying, there's too much of the sadistic stuff.

Thank you for the kind words. I sincerely hope, though, that people will watch me for more than just that. But you can expect more when the muse calls for me. :pinkiehappy:

Please keep up the nonfatal vore! This site is so sorely lacking in it!

Sorry it's come so late, but this Watch is for you!

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