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You've seen this before, haven't you?

A human from a world menaced by an evil Equestria that seeks to convert and destroy the last remnants of humanity. He appears, bedraggled, tired, enraged, only to find himself in an Equestria much more like the one we know. A place of honesty, laughter, loyalty, kindness, generosity, and magic. A place that only the most bitter, joyless, mentally unbalanced misanthrope would ever think would dream of trying to destroy humanity.

You've seen a Lyra, fascinated by humanity, finding this human. You've even seen a passenger from this dark Equestria coming with this human, at least once.

But this time, things are different. The wrong humans have come to the right universes. And things will be forever changed. Jed R and Doctor Fluffy present to you, Unity:

The triumphant return of Convergence. For Jed, who deserved better than Red as a cowriter, for me so I can enjoy myself with one of the best friends I've ever made, and for you. For all the fans of Convergence that dealt with delay after delay, and my obsessive focus on Light eclipsing this when I was panicking, trying to get my story out before Spectrum inevitably collapsed.

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interesting concept, i look forward to seeing what you do with this setup

You, me, and Jed alike!

Jed R mentioned something about a story called "Unity", no context given. After some light searching, here I am. I am glad to see this get remade, but I am honestly surprised that it is coming out so soon. I figured that Spectrum 2.0 would need to be further along first. Looks like I need to stop putting off reading the Albion rewrite.

Jed was in kind of a bad place at the moment, and I figured that working on this would help him out.


And it did help to get this out, definitely 🙂 Between this and poking Albion, hopefully I might get back into the swing of things a little.

It took me a while to realise that Freeverse Equestria is actually a AoA "good" Equestria, and Harmoniverse one is from Spectrum. So, both Elliot and Reiner appeared in each other's Equestrias but... what's the matter? For now nothing has changed so I'm intrigued and looking forward to see what you have for us. The most obvious one is that they will go to each other's Earths, which is still pretty exciting to see.

Any updates or...?

That is a shame

Sorry, dood. Me and Jed used to have passion for it, but, well... years go by, things happen, and we don't have the passion for mile-a-minute stories like we once did.

It happens. NBD.

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