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as my name implies I'm a gryphon I like MLP fiction :) I like all kinds of pony tf from ponification to five score's nice slow tf hope you enjoy my work as much as I might enjoy yours

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Interesting set up. Looking forward to more. Kinda hoping Gallus (and possibly Sandbar) don't actually become full female overnight and rather they're just 'guys with breasts' for a time at least.

“Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!” Silverstream beamed and snatched up a piece of paper and a pencil. “This is totally awesome I've never seen it do that before. I wonder what'll happen.”

I get the feeling thas Silverstream's been hanging around professor Dash too much.:ajbemused:

“Sometimes I get the impression that Silver's gonna get us in some kind of trouble with all her weird endeavors.” Gallus rolled his eyes.

Too late~!:ajsmug:

I hear you there. I'm gonna need popcorn for this one.

Do you have a schedule for updating?

every sunday when the site is most active is when I try for.

Thunderlane, huh. You'd think if she wants guys who look "hard" and work out, she'd go for Bulk.

She's gonna be so mad when she sees Silver.

At the very end, the last paragraph begins with the same sentence the paragraph before it ended with.

With her boobs bulging beneath the top. She left the locker room. As she was walking, she internally grinned at all of the male students staring at her massive boobs.

As she was walking, she internally grinned at all of the male students staring at her massive boobs. As she passed a particular unicorn stallion, she heard a loud ripping sound. Just in time she looked down to see the chest area of her top rip exposing large amounts of cleavage to the world. He blushed at the sight, and Smolder loved the dumbfounded look on his face. Nevertheless, she had a reputation to uphold among the students of the school, “Take a picture it'll last longer.”

in addition to being allergic to Silverstream's bullshit.

Pfft haha, you can take that two ways!

Eventually, his eyes meandered over to a yellow furred stallion. The stallion had given up any pretense to decency and tossed off his shirt quite a while ago. Gallus blushed at the sight of his well toned pecs and muscles rippling with his every breath.

I see Gallus is a man of taste as well!

That guy was hot yes but it was nothing compared to Sandbar. Sure he had smaller muscles but his massive prick and tight little asshole more than made up for that fact. [...] Shame that Sandbar was straight otherwise he'd make Sandbar his own.

How does Gallus know Sandbar's ass is tight if he was never allowed in it?

He quickly stopped fondling his penis when he felt it signal an impending climax.

Signalling penises. Griffon anatomy: very weird.

(Also: you should have kept going, Gallus! This was your last hurrah!)

Despite his penis going back into standby mode,

...does he have a robot dick? This sounds like he has a robot dick.

Eventually his attention to the intensifying sensation around his chest completely destroyed any arousal he had accrued.

Unusual. These sort of things usually have the opposite effect!

Several minutes later he slid his talon back into his pants again to try and get some satisfaction out of his dick. Unfortunately no matter how hard he tried his penis just wouldn't rise to the occasion. Gallus's eyes went wide at the realization that his balls had vanished from his ball sack.

Oh :pinkiesad2:

Goodbye robot dick.
You were taken from this world too soon.

His nipples had nearly tripled in both length and diameter since that morning.

Nipples are not usually discussed in terms of length. That's some weird nipples. (I do get what you're going for though.)

“I'm here.” Sandbar looked down to the source of the voice and saw that a teal dress had appeared around his body. Aside from the teal coloration it was adorned with strange patterns around the waist to conceal Ocellus's mouth and eyes. The strange Ocellus dress also seemed to include some kind of support for his new massive chest.

Aaah! Clever clever! :ajsmug:

“Actually I was born a guy.” Everypony's eyes went wide prompting Ocellus to look around at everypony. “What? I thought I told you.”

Holy hell that's hot.

Oh my, that was a read all right

This was a interesting beginning can't wait to see where this goes.

Damm she grow into a sexy beast .

This was a awesomely chill chapter I can't wait Intel she sees Silver it going to be hilarious.

This was a awesomely cute and and a little funny. But at like last 1 teacher knows about this.

Dang there goes the last boy Yona is going to freak.

And it just gets better. :pinkiehappy:

is the flower contagious, why did spike become female after kissing silverstream

Apparently it is, two chapters in a row with it happening

Will this become an outbreak or an epidemic?

This is officially a course.

Looks like everypony is going to be bi by the end of this.

Looks like the infection is reaching critical levels, time to get the tactical nuke

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