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This story is a sequel to Frozen Friendship

Fleetfoot had been having nightmares for a while. Her marefriend, Spitfire, suggested that she should tell the Princesses about her new powers, hoping it would stop the dreams. So, Fleetfoot went to Canterlot to tell Celestia about the magic that was now inside her. But while she was in Canterlot, Celestia and Luna asked Fleetfoot if she knew the legend behind her family's powers. When she responds no, her mind begins to wander. Where did her magic come from anyway?

The Princesses understand she is curious, and tell her that she must unite the four lost roses if she wants to know the truth. Fleetfoot gets her friends to help, and they set off on yet another adventure. This time, into the unknown of the Frozen North

Chapters (3)
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