• Published 6th Nov 2019
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Movie Night With Octavia and Vinyl - Amadeus - Clopficsinthecomments

Equestria's only human decides to invite his two musically-inclined neighbors over to watch a movie. The popcorn's ready, the TV's warmed up, and he's picked a classic. Surely this 'movie and chill' won't spiral into something debauched, right?

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Just want to be first. xD You always write enjoyable stories, so I'll be excited to read it soon.

Lol, I shouldn't encourage this behaviour, but thanks Kulpa. Let me know how you like it once you've read it.

Well done Clops you glorious bastard.

This was a great idea, as well as my favorite pony duo.
Bravo good sir :moustache:

Good job buddy you outdid yourself and you set yourself up for a sequel brovo deserves a like and a favorite.

The proper gesture to having Vinyl sit through that movie (OK, given there was definitely a *happy ending*...) would be digging up the other Amadeus.



Great idea, great characters, great writing. Can't wait to see more of the movie night group.

Imma totally reading this after I get back from work :3

Ok there already are more saga’s. Nice!

Great story man I really enjoyed it.

I mean, they aren't Victorians, it would be Germans/Austrians and earlier than Victoria's time period.

I think Wolfgang is still a German name though less common, just a different language and name, pretty cool I think.

I hear you on the street of microwave popcorn. Still makes a nice snack every one in a while though!

Fucked Tavi so hard she turned Irish.

I have no idea how to write a Cockney sex accent, I actually asked several Londoners to get additional advice.

Surely this 'movie and chill' won't spiral into something debauched, right?

Wait, is clops finally breaking into debauchery? How scandalous!

EDIT: Yeah, I'll check this out when I'm not at work...

They'd probably both enjoy Clockwork Orange.

I'd like to see a sequel where it's the next week, Vinyl gets ravaged just as hard, in her own heat, then cut away a couple months later where they're all living together, and they are all shocked about both mares being pregnant from the heat sex :P After all, magic cum into a mare in heat......

Well, kinda - it was Britain who colonised Australia, after all.
I'm actually Australian, not British.

As always, you did an amazing job. I only have a few quibbles with it that are more personal preference and aren’t really worth mentioning. You never seem to disappoint, dude. ^_^

This was a good read before bed. Thank you!

This was a gloriously lewd and depraved example of high-shelf clop. Awesome job! Here's to hoping for a potential sequel.


Baroque and Romantic > Classical.


Needs some

Definitely Rarity and The Devil Wears Prada! That would be so amazing! Oh, what about Pinkie and Julie and Julia!

Awesome story my friend

Damn! Been a while since a read a Vinyl and Octivia story. You did not disappoint.:pinkiehappy:

Great job! Absolutely loved when Octivia went full British. That shit was HOT!:trollestia:

Awesome idea, and great job to all involved!:moustache:

Fantastic work as always! I love how the ponies in your fics really have personality. It's a pleasure (:ajsmug:) to read the dialogues in your works, and this one is no exception :pinkiehappy:

Please tell me Tavi is preggers after all that.

Quite the saucy tale.

Most excellent.

Speechless its that good :yay:

I'm w Vinyl.......

"...After our first session tonight, I can say I’m a fan!”

*waves fan at mach-speed trying to cool off*

Well, it took about five minutes of scrolling and reading, but I finally found a reference to Falco. Well done to you sir/ma'am!

This needs a direct sequel from YOU.

Perhaps follow-up with Vinyl's comment from the first chapter about Tron, or maybe go for something like Star Wars, where Vinyl can enjoy the movie itself, and Octavia can enjoy the orchestractic stylings of the great John Williams.
Reverse the order that they jump him.

Lyra must have rubbed off on her at some point - figuratively and/or literally ;)

“Yas! Shag my bloody arse with your big, fat knob!” Octavia’s usually prim and proper voice had morphed into the patois of a Cockney London chimney sweep. “Oh yes! Bugger moi achin’ twat! Harder you glorious feckin’ bastard~!”

And here I fucking lost it. Why do I find everything extra funny during my reading time before sleep?

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