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I was not expecting this to start so far in the past!

(I admit it took me awhile to figure that out, because I can’t ever remember Starlight’s dad’s name).

And there goes my heart!

I see you're starting at the very beginning! Let's see where this goes!


That's a track.

Why the death tag?

I do believe a character just died in the opening chapter.

Might have something to do with that.

Starlight Glimmers mother dies giving birth to her.
The choice was her or her Daughter she chose for Starlight to live.

Well, even if you do not continue this story, I can definitely say you knocked it out of the park in the feels department with this portion alone. Golly-gee how emotional this whole scene was. I even got a bit of a tear to genuinely form.

I like this outcome for why Fire Light is a single dad. It's heartbreaking but it does paint for why he is so-so protective of Starlight Glimmer. You could also say that he was so over-protective that he may have kept her 'too safe' and this is why she only was ever able to make friends with Sunburst.her

I'm thinking about making a Starlight Sunburst sex story myself to tie in with my story of their daughter Luster Dawn (or at least she's their daughter in my headcanon). We get to decide on a lot of things now that the show is over.

This should be interesting.

I still largely don't know precisely where it's going, and this may be the last chapter for a bit; I have a couple other stories that need updating.

Squeeeeeee! This chapter was adorable! Nice touch on the backstory there, hope it goes well for Sunburst.

I like how this tale is progressing. It certainly sounds like the Sunburst we have come to know and love. It doesn't surprise me at all that he'd ask Fire Lite to be allowed to propose to his daughter.
I like how you took time to describe the updated Sire's Hollow. I'm glad the businesses also were able to remain intact. I did always find the 'Essence pony' to be amusing in her dialogues with patrons.

Now we need only wait to see what will happen on Friday. Seeing how Starlight will react is certainly going to be amusing. :)

Equestria's newest international campuses

Shouldn't it just be campus singular? Though I admit I'm not that familiar with college terminology.

"Well, then I suppose I'll humor you. Sunburst, you and Starlight have known each other since you were foals. Your family constantly volunteered to help care for her while I worked to put a roof over her head, because of how well the two of you got along. There was a considerable gap where you lost track of each other, and then you found each other again and your relationship has just become closer and stronger. When it comes to magic, you're the knowledge to her ability.

This feels like an oddly impersonal way for firelight to be speaking to future son-in-law Sunburst. It feels detached, like a recap. This feels weird for a father talking to a friend of the family about marrying off his daughter. It's even odder with Firelight, given that one of his biggest features is getting so animated when it comes to Starlight. Even when Starlight isn't in the mix, he's still a pretty chipper guy. The tenor of his dialogue matches with the narration earlier when it was just summarizing the history of Sire's Hollow.

This is going to be adorable

Even if this story finishes here it would be fine. I have to admit I was not expecting a proposal and wedding at the same time.

As for ideas I'm not sure if Starlight and Sunburst settling into married life would worth considering, or maybe their day to day routine.

MY GAWD this was a sugar overload for me! So cute! I expect days of happiness and fulfillment for them both :twilightsmile:

This story really could end quite happily right here. You gave a beautiful lead-up to Sunburst's proposal and how the proposal turned into a wedding. This may seem a bit too quick but, given Starlight and Sunburst, I can see their logical minds knowing that this was the right way to go. Sunburst could research the heck out of a wedding and how to make it great while Starlight would be so nervous about people showing up that it would seem eternally at a deadlock with Sunburst overthinking and Starlight overanalyzing. This was the way to go for the both of them.

I love the idea of the single ring that became two. This is an epic sentiment on how Starlight and sunburst are two parts of a greater whole.

If any additions could be made, they would be perhaps a honeymoon over in Hope Hollow. Then maybe a talk on whether they believe they are able to be good parents, which may be a no given how both tend to be so serious. Plus, despite Fire Lite and Steller Flare's pleading for grandchildren, they may feel too committed to their work to give the right amount of time to a foal.

To this latter idea, perhaps a single, simple chapter could be written with the thoughts of Sunburst, Starlight, Steller Flare, and Fire Lite touching on the topic of raising a foal. Maybe steller and Fire would offer to take turns living in Ponyville to help raise the child during the difficult first year? Perhaps Trixie could show Starlight how raising a foal wouldn't be much different than dealing with her antics? <LoL!>

I have a pretty rough idea of where it could go, but like I said in the A/N, right now I can't think of any fluff, and the chapters would likely seem disjointed and jumpy, while being feels-y and dramatic.

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