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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


(Loosely based on "It's A Wonderful Life" so if you've seen the movie or its countless parodies/homeages you know what this involves. Takes place before the end of Season 9 or any events concerning it.)

Life is full of choices and regrets. And every one of them comes with an interesting idea of what might've happened had certain events not played out the way they did. But none have ever had the ability to see what would've happened.

That is, until Applejack starts to wonder just how different life would be all over Equestria if she were never around. And it just so happens that Discord is the creature who can show her. Strictly as an observer of course.

Just how different is this world where Applejack never exists? What has changed, and more importantly, is it a change for the better or the worse?

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Hm, interesting.
This world without our dear apple pony is more or less the same for the worst. For example, without Applejack, it seems that her friends aren't very close. When you think about it, Applejack's personality (That being her common sense and down to earthiness) does sort of balance and anchor her friends' "quirks".

Her brother suffers the most, because, without her, he has even more pressure of holding the family together. We all know that Applejack wouldn't give up the farm even if she was forced to eat bananas for the rest of her life. She might give it up if she was absolutely certain she couldn't keep the farm together, but thanks to her stubbornness, pride and extreme love for her home (hence cutie mark), she would do everything her power to not let that happen.

Now, I'm on to my nitpick's.
It would have been great if we got to see how different Apple Bloom is in this world compared to our canon one, and even if she is implied to be the same, without much of a mother figure, she would no doubt be different. For instance, she might be more mature, since, without Applejack, she would get responsibilities pretty young.

Twilight was too willing to spare answers to a complete stranger that just walked up on her front door demanding answers and knows a very specific detail (Her friends' names that live in Canterlot) about her life. Maybe it would have been better to have Pinkie instead of Twilight tell AJ all of this, since giving up info without much restraint is definitely more in her character than Twilight's.

Since Discord is Discord, his random appearance is pretty much expectant.

Other than, I liked this story.

So basically "It's a Wonderful Life"?

9882993 Yes, think of it as an MLP variation of the classic story. I'm actually kind of surprised the show never did it at any point.

You could argue the possible timelines with Starlight vs Twilight act like it.

Applejack is in my top 3 characters of the show, so, seeing this fic exploring just how the world would be without her was really fun.

But to be honest I think the world would be a lot worse, but who am I to say.

If you don't mind me asking, how worse would you think it would be?

First of all let's make something clear, what I will say here is nothing more than a joke, so please, do not take me seriously.
So, let's start with facts. Applejack is one of the most workaholic character ever, and many episodes (and comics too) had shown that she is quite literally the reason her farm still exists (You did that part really well in your fic when you said Flim and Flam own it now)
Second and most important point. It appears that simply all Ponyville is clearly dependents on Sweet Apple Farm's products, not only apples, (During the comic "Nightmare Rarity" Applejack sees what would happen in case she "fails", and the Farm is destroyed, her entire family blames her and most ponies of Ponyville died starving... I love the comics, they can get so dark. ) and like I said, no Applejack = no Sweet Apple Farm, and without the Farm, Ponyville clearly cannot keep working on.
To be really fair, I did not mention most of the facts present in the show for the simple reason that there is quite some time since I have seen the older episodes, and as so, I cannot tell exactly which episode says what, but if you pay attention, most Applejack's episodes let pretty clear that the entire Ponyville is commercially dependent on her farm, and without Ponyville there is no Elements of Harmony nor School of friendship, so, the strongest villains like Tirek would easily overcome all of Equestria.
Well, that's it I think. Sorry for the long comment, but I really loved your fic and I like even more someone to discuss with about Applejack.

REALLY good job on this short story. Love the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations and general wrap-up in all the right places.

Yeah, I can see all those things happening for the most parts without Applejack, but one has to wonder how they were able to stop the Plunder Vines with the Elements no longer working so they could sacrifice them. And, why didn't Spike opt to stay as the Dragon Lord during the "Gauntlet of Fire" (he would have HAD TO think he could do A LOT more good for dragons and ponies alike as the Dragon Lord than he EVER could as a mere assistant to a small town librarian) if he didn't have the Lesson Learned Too Well from the time he tried to fill in for Twilight? Not to mention without Starlight's reform, the Crystal Empire would have been doomed during Flurry Heart's Crystalling (since Sunburst wouldn't have been there to figure things out) and Chrysalis would have won in the Season 6 finale (unless Thorax was able to handle the rescue on his own [i.e. Discord would still be trapped in stone and Trixie would NOT have been motivated by trying to help Starlight])

Though, on the more positive notes, at least Starlight hasn't had the chance to expand her "anti-Cutie Mark crusade" past "Our Town", Sunset Shimmer never got a chance to try to steal the Element of Magic (meaning the Dazzlings never gained the power to become anything more than minor nuisances that could be easily handled by any moderately competent police force if they got too far out of line), there was apparently no invasion by the Storm King's forces, Cozy Glow never got the chance to put any plans into action. And, while Twilight might be lonely except for Spike, at least she has FAR less pressure on her (meaning A LOT less "Twilighting").

Anyway, I'll definitely be looking forward to more of your work.

Oddly enough, I had an idea for a story ALSO VERY loosely based on "It's a Wonderful Life", albeit focused on Spike. Plus, it would not involve wondering what it would be like if he was never hatched. Rather, it would involve him wondering what would have happened if he DID choose to stay as the Dragon Lord (inspired by thinking of all the good he could have done for both dragons and ponies alike). Unfortunately, I was NEVER able to think of enough details to make the story work.

Oh, this was written so beautifully! It felt like a real episode - Applejack and Discord were spot on, and the plot was wonderfully executed. This is an instant favorite for me.:twilightsmile:

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