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Hi, My name is Frosty, I'm 14 and I'm starting at a new school called CHS. I've made many friends, gotten my first crush and even a few detentions. I'm the newbie in this school, so there's gonna be some drama.

Here's my story

Please note that this will have only 5-6 chapters (6 may be a bonus chapter)
And will include specials

Big thanks to Jakub the Reshiram for helping me with the cover picture!

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Nice going Frosty I'm actually impressed

Welcome to the big leagues, Frosty. You've got four years of dealing with crud ahead of you. But if you can survive all that and keep up with the rigors and frustrations of schoolwork and life, then maybe, just maybe, you'll get yourself a nice shiny piece of paper that acts as the offline equivalent of a Steam achievement.

I always wanted to know one thing, whenever every writer here mentions football, I always wonder if they mean American football or the global one? I dunno, but this question usually bugs me a lot

Well I'm actually impressed but Frosty you kinda forgot to put a capital D when you said my Surname

Not tell the teacher because they be labeled as wimps...wow, not even telling the parents.

Ok that just sad.

Your welcome, and I don't know, I have read a lot of books and usually the mean girls are popular

Were is the magic!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Has anyone actually notice before this chapter how similar MY OC's name is to MY fimfiction NAME

Okay Frosty I'm not going to say anything else I just wanted to see if anyone apart from you would notice the name of the crush in the story and mine are quite similar


Since you did ask me if I wanted to be in the fic.
Also I would suggest not to be saying that Jakub Dash from the story is based on me since then you'll be saying that you have a crush on me

And now we be answering questions to people when they read the comments on this chapter

This is the first and probably only EQG story I will and have read. Glad it doesn’t focus too much on EG itself. Because oh boy I hate that show and I haven’t even watched it. Good start.

And now I do have many questions to ask. . .

A beautiful ending to a good story.

Loved the first chapter Frosty_Rainbow! Though the writing wasn't perfect, it had a very cheerful and comedic feel to it and I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work with your other stories!

"Maths with Mrs. Flowerfield" She groans "I hatee math class, it's so boring!"

I like this story! Sure.. there are a few errors and phrases that need a quick fixing-up.. but the idea is nice, and it doesn't feel fake or rushed, which is the case with surprisingly many stories.
A small piece of advice I have to offer is to switch out the double e with a double a in the quote above. Since no one says the 'e' in 'hate,' it reads a bit funny. If you want to do a double letter, go with a double 'a,' to make it a bit more realistic.
Overall, this was a great read. I'll be reading again soon. :twilightsmile:

Thank you so much for the advice!
And hope you enjoy the other chapters!

I rather like it, and so far, I think we can create a really good sequel together!

Actually, since Jakub was mentioned.

Is Frosty related to Frosty Orange?

Like as in characters? Please be more specific..

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