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Candy is an ordinary high school girl, until one day her parents get her a gift....
A diary.
Candy has never had one before and didn't like it at first, but one day she started to write in it and is now obsessed with it, and writes in it every single day.

This is a 100 follower special!

Please note: This story is based off a book series in real life, I didn't have to first so I'm doing the second one.:pinkiesmile:

Also, Candy Pie is Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich's daughter

Chapters (1)

Celestia is a young pony who loves too read.
One day, when her father goes on a trip and accidentally takes the wrong path, he ends up at a beast's mansion. In order to save him, Celestia sacrifices herself for his freedom, now she is his prisoner, or was.
The two begin to get really close and may end up falling in love:heart:
Who knows?

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When Discord stumbles upon a tower, he meets Celestia, the lost princess. Together they go on an adventure trying to get Celestia to live her dream of seeing the lanterns, only there's one problem, Celestia's mom.

Note: Includes a little violence, only in one chapter though

Chapters (5)

Hi, My name is Frosty, I'm 14 and I'm starting at a new school called CHS. I've made many friends, gotten my first crush and even a few detentions. I'm the newbie in this school, so there's gonna be some drama.

Here's my story

Please note that this will have only 5-6 chapters (6 may be a bonus chapter)
And will include specials

Chapters (6)
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