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Celestia is a young pony who loves too read.
One day, when her father goes on a trip and accidentally takes the wrong path, he ends up at a beast's mansion. In order to save him, Celestia sacrifices herself for his freedom, now she is his prisoner, or was.
The two begin to get really close and may end up falling in love:heart:
Who knows?

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Interesting beginning, though I have to say, it could use a thorough grammar revision and more work on both the atmosphere and the “infamous” showing. I can give you some tips in that regard if you’d like. Also, when approximately is the story going to substantially divert from the original?

Yes it is
And I would love to hear your advice

Well, then I’d move this conversation to PMs. Do you have the story accessible in Google Documents?

I don't think so.
Not to sound stupid, but what is that?

Well, imagine MS Word, but in a free online version that lets you share and edit the docs in real time. Possibly one of the most useful tools on the internet.

I see... it is really useful and most convenient tool both for editors and authors. (Also, I can say that if you are planning any kind of career where there will be need to oversee longer texts by multiple people, GDocs are the best tool to go. So, learning to work with it is an amazing soft skill—just a word of a rather experienced old mare.)

Aw, sweet! Too bad there's no more...:(

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