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"A new world awaits for you... A new beginning... With infinite possibilities... Until all six are united as one..." - Death


This story is sequel to Gems I: The Sun Princess

Finally able to escape the hooves of the Order, Celestia, Watcher and their new companion make their way to the famous Everfree City with the hopes of starting a new life while also trying to find the other remaining princesses. However, old and new enemies won't let them rest so easily as they begin to break down the two unicorns and their new allies piece by piece.

Inspired by: Monochromatic's Enchanted Library & Enchanted Kingdom
Co-Author: Spirals95
Proof-reader: Brony Parasite

Chapters (13)
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I sincerely hope that Watcher gets use to the fact that he'll need more friends if he and Celestia are going to survive the Order's pursuits.

That will be difficult, but who knows what may happen.

Is in the description, or you can check my page for it as well.

Looking forward to reading more.

Good heavens! Watcher's going to have his hooves full with Umbra.

Am I the only one who thinks that a cuddly Umbra is adorable?

“R-Right… We need to start thinking about what our next move is everypony.” Watcher said, trotting to the front of the table, Umbra taking his seat and shooting him a wink, with only Celestia taking notice of it. “It’s time we figured out… How to find the other Princesses.”

There's got to be a locator spell or something that could help with locating the other 3.

If only it were that simple my friend XD

Do spread the word out my friend :) Tell everyone!

Good heavens! I never expected Midnight to survive, which could spell trouble for Watcher and his companions.

On the bright side, I'm glad that Umbra's being sensitive to Watcher's grief.

More reasons to hate Apollo which is making that target on his head bigger, execution by sun that would be a fitting yet ironic punishment for Apollo, Aren't there more resistance cells against the order? Because if so Equestria's a powder keg/tinderbox and all that's needed is the match, a storm's begging to form

Well, it's official: I now fully ship Techorse and Aura Lace in this story! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Furthermore, with the kind of attitude that Affinity has it will be quite difficult for him and Watcher to get along with each other. They might even develop some kind of rivalry with each similar to Zoro and Sanji from One Piece (assuming you've even read that manga).

Yeah, that is the stupidity of guys like Apollo. Never seeing the cons of their moves

Comment posted by Edguy0009 deleted Oct 1st, 2019

Indeed, makes you wonder how they entered the gene pool and survive this long to begin with.

You'll need to keep reading to find the answers your looking for my friend XD

That I will, glad I got a laugh.

Do tell others about this story, the more people that know, the more motivated I'll be to write

For a moment I had assumed that Moro was actually Grogar since he's also a malevolent goat.

Furthermore, I honestly expected Apollo to send more ponies to search Celestia and her companions.

I’m hooked and can’t wait to see what’s next

I'm glad you like it my friend, expect more to come soon and do tell others about this story :)

Check out the latest chapter my friend. You won't be disappointed.

Well I finally got to finish this chapter, and it didn't disappoint one bit. I thought it was hilarious when Celly pranked Aura with Princess Gracie.

Of course now the cat's out of the bag since Watcher has learned that Midnight's alive and out to destroy them. Which cannot be good at all.

Absolutely loved writing that chase sequence for Pen, glad you enjoyed that!

Me too and thank you for contributing to this wonderful story.

It's getting good. When will the next chapter be done

Hopefully by the end of the week :) It's been a long a difficult time for me, but there will be more coming. I promise:)

Celestia is going to be THRILLED when she hears about this! It might be her sister!

Glad you are enjoying this story so far. More will be coming my friend:)

The shower thing makes no sense with a race that is usually naked all the time.

I'm pretty sure that they still need to clean themselves. xP

But I mean the whole embarrassment thing. They are normally naked so it isn't like she hasn't seen it already

I hope that our heroes get to the reborn Twilight Sparkle first, I wonder where Discord is.

I was expecting Moro to become a greater villain, but it looks like Midnight will end up becoming one in his ugly place.

That's all we can hope for right? ;)
It was a tough call but I'm glad we're going in this direction:)

Yep, still wondering what happened to Discord, bet my Bionicle OC wrecking havoc in Equestria would provide the perfect distraction for our heroes to take advantage of.

Hopefully Twilight should still be smart enough to not fall for Midnight's deceit.

Anything can happen at this point my friend :) Keep reading and look forward to the next chapter reallllllllllll soon >:D

Good grief. Watcher really needs to let go of his resentment. Otherwise he may end up becoming the evil scumbag that Midnight has become.

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