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Everypony believes Princess Celestia has always been distant, aloof and dispassionate, but that's far from the truth. She cares very deeply for her ponies, and a tragic mistake long ago made her realize she's not perfect. Since then, she's been careful, nearly over-cautious, until a mother's plea gives her the opportunity to redeem herself in her own eyes, and save another, who becomes a very special pony, one who reminds the Princess that anything is possible, even forgiveness.

Set in the universe of Nathan Traveler's Omnius' Travels: Equestria. Omnius/Nathan/Sean appears with his author's permission.

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Alright, everypony, this thing must continue! :pinkiehappy::yay:

Pop culture is something I am rather out of date on, the last one kinda reminded me of Gardians of Ga'hool, something like that. So far I am still reading, so you know your doing allright so far.

Maybe, as I'm not familiar with that one. He's best described - to my mind - as retribution incarnate. Do the crime, the punishment comes looking if you don't stay and accept it.
But like I said, he's not scheduled to make another appearance.

Oh, I kinda hate to point this out, but, just about any alicorn in FIM is going to be a bit of a marrysue, not much you can do about it when dealing with critters that have the capasity to mess with celestial bodys.

True enough, but I don't have plans along those lines for Verdigris. He's got enough problems. :fluttershysad:
Besides, the day and night are covered. :rainbowhuh: What's left? :facehoof:

Why not an Alicorn story. Why are so many having problem with it. Just i can't see a reason not too.
Perhaps somepony can enlighten me?

It's like writing gods, in a way.
However, if you go that route, someone's gonna have a very unpleasant life.

Even Gods can make for good stories if handled properly.

I was reading this and for some reason Derpy popped in my head. She was befriending Verdigris the Alicorn saying she knows what it is like to be ridiculed.

No plans on that, but now you've got it stuck in my head. Aargh! :raritydespair:

Won't apply. Verdigris isn't being laughed at, he's being isolated and punished for being different. Worse, in some ways.

Just hold your horses. Oh, I did not just say that... :facehoof:

And Derpy isn't? I just think she's all lone in the world. No friends, she has. Verdigris at least Ponies around him and looking after him, Night Wolf, His Parents, Celestia. Derpy doesn't have that. To me, that's worst than hell, having no friends and be ridiculed.

Its up to you as the author. Just saying it would be nice.

Derpy Verdigris' love interest?:pinkiehappy: ....................Heh, i know perish the thought. :facehoof: LOL

Derpy's situation is very different, and she does have friends. The Mane 6, if nopony else.
Verdigris' problems are very different. The ponies in Oceanside don't want him, as you'll see in Chapter 3. Derpy doesn't have ponies trying to beat her head in every time she shows up. Wolf's gone - other duties. Celestia can't appear very often, and I may be over-doing it a little. His parents - okay, but they're not much help. He doesn't have anyone his own age, and that matters one hell of a lot. :fluttershbad:

As for love interest, it's not Derpy. you might be able to figure it out. :trixieshiftright:

The story still punches me in the face! Keep the copper(II) carbonate coming! :twilightsmile: And then I'll be having EUPHORIA!

Oh, a chemistry joke. Well, it's not as though I was expecting a colloidal suspension... :trixieshiftleft:

Ok, methinks Ol' Verdi is being little brat...somewhat. He's got it tough, we get that. He's being targeted by Bluestreak, we get that too. But seriously, there are ponies worse off than he is, he needs to see that. I mean, there are ponies kids growing up without parents, so they learn to survive on the streets. No home, no one to look after them or to love them, no one to comfort them when they're feeling or down and tell them its gonna be ok. They're only choices are: Gang banger, Marelot(Harlot is case your wondering), and or, Knife in the back. So for them its: Toughen up or get stepped on.

Ok,ok, maybe i'm being little over dramatic here but i think you see my point.

Only if and when he goes to Canterlot, or some other city. Oceanside isn't that big (think maybe 1500 population at most), and everyone takes care of everyone - with obvious exceptions.

Ok, we readers are ready for the next chapter.................................... So MOAR. :flutterrage:

*Whispers a please, Fluttershy style*

Don't worry. Chapter 4's almost finished. Just got to get upcoming events (hopefully) properly foreshadowed. :twilightblush:

Good. Luna was getting impatient and we know what happens when she gets impatient.


Verdigris sees Luna's horn blazing with magic: Uhhhhhh. :twilightoops: :applecry:

Uhmmm, no. Maybe Nightmare, but not Luna. I think...:twilightoops:

If I hear any fan-girlish squee-ing ... I don't know what I'll do, but I'll fix the perpetrator. Somehow... :ajbemused:


Nah, Luna. Nightmare Moon would've jump just stomped on you while laughing. :derpytongue2:

Uhhmmm... :derpytongue2: Yeah, you're right, she would. :facehoof:

Thank you. I've got a few non-pony stories on FFN, but I can't be sure how well I'm doing. :derpyderp2:
I do try, though.

Excellent chapter, man.

Ok, I take it this is before the TV series, but how far? It only says Nightmare Moon is years away. Are we talken, 50, 100, 20?

Bluestreak threaten Verdigris? That Bully colt doesn't know who he's fucking with, but i suppose he'll learn..................the hard way that no pony is a match for an Alicorn.

The way I have this worked out, Verdigris is 18 by the end of season 2, so 16 years.
What I'm having problems with is a lack of information about how old the Mane 6 and company are; I don't remember it being mentioned, so I'm going by a mention in another fic. The age given there is 16.
Guess I'll actually have to watch the show, huh? :twilightsheepish: :facehoof:

Good measure is their size. Look at Applebloom and Sweetie Belle. Their small. Applejack and Rarity are large.

Both Rarity and Applejack have full time jobs as Fashion designer/Dress maker and Farm owner, respectively. So that tells me they are in their late 20's or early 30's. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle are most likely 6 or 7 years old.

I suspect Applejack maybe 25 because i'm remembering Big Mac, he looks to be about 30.

944659 As long as he thinks he can, he'll keep trying. (sigh :facehoof:)
It's not going to happen for a while, but there will be occasional head-butts. The real show-down won't come until much later, almost at the end, and you may not see it coming. If I manage to pull it off properly, you'll be floored. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Octavia_O_O.png
If not, well, it's my fault for telegraphing it with a bill board. :facehoof:

No calling firsts. I'm not going to have that nonsense happen here. :duck:
Deal with it. :trollestia:

942751 Heh. When Luna finally makes her appearance, the joke will be on somepony other than me. :twilightsmile:

So in here we have... Verdy (Verdigris) actually facing his dark past, right? :pinkiecrazy: Anyway, since you're still going strong, have some Silva Hound. Everypony's Bangin'. :pinkiehappy:


Luna: Rigggggghtttt. *Slips Whoopie cushion under Verdy's chairseat* :derpytongue2:


Actualyy, i can see Verdigris leaning towards Luna in huge way. Hopefully, i'll be good luna and not bad, because Nightmare Moon will poison his mind with carefully placed words.

Ok, maybe not, but Nightmare Moon should provide an interesting challenge for him.

No, not his past so much as facing up the the fact he can cause serious problems. He did some real damage, and didn't know badly until he was told. It shook him.
I'd originally had two ponies with broken backs, but that was too much. Remember, Verdigris is still "only" 5; that's a lot to dump on anyone.
He's still got a lot to learn about himself.

Uhm, thanks ... I think? dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_Sparkle.png

Verdigris said has all the Advantages given to him by Celestia's blood. Does include her Immortality as well?

993098 Could be he was bluffing the ponies he was talking to. He's discovering there are drawbacks. :fluttershyouch:
There was a hint big enough to hide the Everfree behind about that. :trollestia:


Ah i see.

God-Dam Celestia? That still cracks me up. :rainbowlaugh:

993585 Of course. I knew there'd be laughs the second I decided to use it. :trollestia:

And now we dip into politics and all that stuff. Verdy's still going fine according to Celestia, right? :yay::twilightblush:

1036667 She thinks so; it must be true, right? :trollestia:
Politics and so on. Yeah, just a dip. Too slimy for a swim. :rainbowwild:
Next chapter's going to be a wild ride for everypony - just FYI. Brief appearance by one of the Mane 6, but nothing to break continuity. Or the Fourth Wall; that's Pinkie's job. No, it's not her... :pinkiesad2:

Damn, for a sec i thought Verdigris was going to crush Tatiyana Horshkov like a bug.

I'm half expecting to see what some sort of villain to show up.

1040124 Scaring Tatiyana was plenty; Verdigris has already done enough damage. :flutterrage:
The villain's still out there, but it won't be the usual, or expected.
The fun's not over, yet; maybe in a few chapters/years. :trollestia:


That brings me to a question that's bugging my ass. How manys months or years pass in each chapter?

1050583 It's time between chapters, not the chapters themselves; those are maybe a week or two at longest, depending on what's going on at the time. Hey, Verdigris and everypony else has to have time to get stuff done, instead of letting us spy on them. :pinkiegasp:
Besides, getting the boring stuff out of the way lets me show you the awesome stuff. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Luna_lolface.png

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