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Just a simple guy, wanting to write stories of ponies in epic adventures and cute romances


Authors Note: This story is a Spin-off to A New Destiny. Takes place after MLP The Movie.

Fluttershy thought she had seen everything, that she has explored the whole world of Equestria with her friends and helped spread the magic of friendship. But when she returns home after the defeat of the Storm King, she encounters a stranger in her cottage who sends the shy pegasus on a one way trip to another world. A world where she meets creatures of incredible powers and abilties unlike any other, a place of dreams and nightmares, a realm with beings who are Displaced.

Now with no other choice, Fluttershy and her new companions she meets along the way, must reach the capital of this new world so that she may be able to return home. However, there are those that reside within this new world that don't want her to.

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This story is sequel to Book I: The Sun Princess

Finally able to escape the hooves of the Order, Celestia, Watcher and their new companion make their way to the famous Everfree City with the hopes of starting a new life while also trying to find the other remaining princesses. However, old and new enemies won't let them rest so easily as they begin to break down the two unicorns and their new allies piece by piece.

Inspired by: Monochromatic's Enchanted Library & Enchanted Kingdom
Co-Author: Spirals95
Proof-reader: Brony Parasite

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Maretropolis... Home to ponykind and to many other creatures from across the world. It's also home to a special group of heroes called the power ponies that keep this place safe.

Though, if you think for a second that I'm one of those 'special' creatures that can be a hero, then you are clearly mistaken. For me, I would only wish that I were one. Instead, I'm a journalist working at a newspaper with an overly vibrant boss and co-workers that are just as joyful to work there.

But before I go further... let me introduce myself. My name is Gabby. I work for The Maretropolis Times newspaper, even though my dream is to be a hero one day. At first, I thought the kind of work that I was doing was that of a dead end job. But one day, my boss gives me an assignment that might possibly turn things around for me.

Uncover the truth behind a hero known as Gunvolt, the Azure Striker.

Co-Writer: FrostTheWolf
Featured on Popular Stories 5/19/19 Thanks guys!

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Things weren't supposed to be this way, all they wanted was to make there last time together at Comic Con memorable before leaving for college, but then they met the man who would later turn them into Frieza from Dragonball Super and Kotone Shiomi from Persona 3. Now Jack and Audrey are desperate to return home and are willing to do whatever means necessary to get there. Join these two best friends on a Journey that will change their lives forever.

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Act I: Maretropolis
Katy has been through a lot in her life, being treated like a nobody, but now that she's in a brand new world full of talking ponies, she wants to make a name for herself, but she keeps getting showed up by a group of heroes called The Power Ponies, but also by a young man who claims to know her. And to top it all off, she was labeled a vigilante and is wanted by the Maretropolis Police Force, but that isn't going to stop her.

This is the story of how she became Equestria's greatest hero.

Featured in Popular Stories 1/11/18
A Special Thanks to FrostTheWolf and Brony Parasite for helping me make this story possible. :)

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All he wanted was to buy the last copy of Summer Wars, that was literally it and what does he have to show for it? Absolutely nothing since he bought it, and had ended up entering Equestria as one of the most ferocious villains of said movie. But hey at least there's one pony who is willing to be his friend right?

Join Ethan/Love-Machine and his weird friends on the funny, exciting, adventures they'll all have together or at least that's what they're all hoping, but knowing Ethan's luck it isn't going to end well for him. He has only one thing to ask?

"Why Me?"

(Featured- 4/20/17 - 4/21/17)

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Collab Story with SevenWays 56

In another universe a creature that can never die has returned to seek vengeance upon Equestria, but Loki has one thing to say about it.


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A young colt who was taken in by the Order is told a tale of the four princesses of Equestria's golden age.

Inspired by Monochromatic's Story The Enchanted Library(Original One-Shot)

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He was Chieftain of the Brute Armada and had at one point conquered Equestria with the aid of Discord, but was imprisoned in a capsule by Discord, who had betrayed them long ago. Now that he is free he'll finish what he has started a millennium ago.

Takes place after Season Six

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This is a sequel to Spiders and Magic IV: The Fall of Spidermane

There are relics that predate the universe itself.... An infinite force with infinite destruction that could destroy all life in Equestria.

Now new enemies have come to Equestria to claim such power, and it's up to Peter and his friends to stop them from claiming the ultimate power, but questions begin to arise.

Why is it here? And who are these strangers who are trying so hard to take these stones?

All Peter knows is that he can't face this threat alone...

Editor: FrostTheWolf
Proofreaders:Bad Dragon , MetalJrock2299

Series is made by Maximus_Reborn this may or may not be Canon.

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