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Side story of Chaos: the Age of Spike.

Since his first Nightmare Night, Pipsqueak and Luna have shared a beautiful friendship.
And the young pony has always dreamed about becoming Luna’s knight in shining armor.

A dream that he decides to pursue at the age of eighteen, when he enlists in the Lunar Guard. The strongest soldiers of Equestria, under the command of their feared and admired leaders, the Black Swordsman and the Lightning Flash.

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OOooo. This is good. I'll watch out for this

good work! I look forward to the next. :pinkiehappy:

one edit I would request is the especial typos, could you change them to special

Any reason why the lunar guard is being portrayed as bullies? I honestly feel kind of bad for Celestia.

Well, this was a running gag in the Chaos: the Age of Spike story. Since this side-story is more focused in the Lunar Guard, there will be a bit more of that.
Anyway, the main reason is that many members of the Lunar Guard are former criminals who were given a second chance by Luna (like the Asuna and Kirito dopelganters) when Celestia only wanted to lock them away.

“there could be a problem considering they were allowed not only to insult but also attack other Princesses in case they needed.” :pinkiegasp:

You mean their allowed to bring harm to one of the rulers? That’s granting a little too much freedom in the guard if you ask me. And plus Cadance rules the Crystal Empire won’t that cause quite a hairy political situation?

D'awww they're so cute!
Also, really? More than one devil?

The Pony Press really are spoiled with how open Celestia is.

No there's only one Devil, God's Twin.

Lucifer and the others are merely demons at his service.

Pip grinded his teeth, and turned to face his opponent, only for an arrow to pierce his back.

At least it wasn't the knee...

The new recruits saluted their captains. “Good morning, Captain Black Swordsman, Captain Lighting Flash!”

So is Black Swordsman a SAO reference?

I haven't read the other stories in this 'Verse.. so if thats been addressed already sorry

THE NEXT PRINCE OF EQUESTRIA? ─ Princess Luna finds the love of her life in her Royal Guard ─

I’m sorry.... what?!

I can get family tradition, but.... it’s ROYALTY! A seat in the government. Isn’t that something you’d want? Sorry, I just... wow... I did not expect to hate the Squeaks within a few paragraphs of meeting them.

The Lord of Avengers Episode Six: The Chamber of the Shape of Water

Jeez, could you have fit anymore references in there?

Comment posted by funtime_foxy455 deleted Sep 27th, 2020

i knew from the first chapter when they were introduced. But yes black swordsman is literally the mlp version of kirito

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