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This story is a sequel to Pandemic: Departures

Set in the Pandemic Universe
Takes place a few weeks after Departures Chapter 18, in between Aftermath and it’s Epilogue

A group of weather ponies from up north take a much needed cross country vacation to a little Oasis out in the middle of the Arizona desert. What better way to get out of your element than to see the sights, enjoy the great outdoors... help conduct an illegal weather management program?

what could possibly go wrong?

This is a collaborative project with Lawra. Huge thanks for co-writing and collaborating with me on this, it's been a ton of fun!

Special thanks to Halira for allowing us to use some of her characters for this story and offering some feedback towards the end, and of course ASGeek2012 for creating the original story that sparked all of these little side projects!

Pre Read by:
Halira and Alias_the_J

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 13 )

Thanks, updates will be every other day.

I might be a little partial but I enjoyed the start. :twilightblush:

“Work, like working ultimately for by Sunset Blessing…” Emily interjected harshly speaking the unicorns name.

Talk about a reputation, who hasn't heard of her at this point?

Since Tonya's trialhappened in the afternoon every night pony in Europe and most of the United States had to have seen Sunset Blessing's involvement in what happened. I'm not sure that makes her look bad to them though. She ordered a hit onapony that raped a Dreamwarden is the mother of one. Since most night ponies are mares it was said that they had a pretty agreeable stance with what Tonya and Sylumset Blessing did in regards to a rapist.


Bringing to justice a rapist, positive. Doing so by having her wife mind control another to do it against their will, that's another story and anything like that is a big no no for Emily who will get some more characterization in the next chapter.

As for Dazzle looking down on her, she's seen the public stuff about Sunset's Shimmerist church, and where she comes from is an area that leans more on Harmonist views so Sunset is not particularly well liked in general.

For a short story I feel like we tried to pack as much in as we could.

And just like that it's come to an end, hopefully everyone enjoyed this short little detour.

Wow, did Sapphire Sky act really arrogant here. I think she was let off a little too easy considering the damage she did. (Not a criticism of the story at all, just my impressions of the character).

Anyway, it was a nice story, and no reason it can't be moved to the canon folder.

It’s kind of funny, that came up a bit during discussion a few times, this epilogue probably went through the most changes out of any part of the story and we have at least two or three alternate versions of Silver’s reaction that varied from pure anger to what we have now. Ultimately it boiled down to him being stuck between a rock and a hard place with how to deal with her, he either tries to press charges and admits he broke federal law in the process (which could lead to serious litigation and probably land him in serious trouble and jeopardize the Oasis) or he’s thankful that no one got hurt and works overtime doing damage control to try and keep it all under wraps given that she’s offered to help rectify what she’s done. We decided to ultimately go with the latter given that the group is still working on branching off from having to rely solely on Sunset for help and funding.


It really was difficult trying to decide what the amount of fallout was going to be. But in the end we went with a pony forgives... under conditions that she works to make up for it. :twilightsheepish:

While she does drastically overreact to the thought of her friends being screwed over while she was away, the Oasis now has a nice lake to enjoy and for a few days the valley is going to be lush and green from all the rain. Misunderstanding was cleared up so now everyone can be friends.:twilightsmile:

And with any luck their earth ponies can work towards keeping it lush:raritywink:

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