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Most ponies know Pinkie as an energetic and kind pony with a special attachment to sweets, but nopony is sure just how far her love for them goes. However, that will be put to the test when Pinkie is faulted on the streets by none other than one of the royal princesses. Caught up in the heat of the moment, Pinkie's resolve will be pushed to the limit, and her actions will determine her future in moons to come.

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... Seriously? We wouldn't do that. And why does everypony think I'm a serial killer?!?!
It's ok, Mena. Calm down. And person who wrote this, I would never do that to Princess Celestia. Only Mena could.

Okay... Let's get straight to the point. By now almost everybody here knows that you are a troll, dispite you denying it every single time. Stop being coy with us. Your avatar literally has the trollface in it.

I still haven't gotten over your last story yet... That ending was bucking terrible.

ummmm im not sure why u r saying this??? :pinkiegasp: did u read my story!!?? :pinkiesad2:

um i culd try to get my dad to give me an idea if u want!! :pinkiesad2:

You are amazing my friend.

"You just made me drop my FUCKING ICE CREAM!" screamed Pinkie Pie, lifting the pony in front of her by the throat before slamming them head first into the ground.

*laughs hysterically to hide the pain*

"No Pinkie, it's your fucking mom. Of course it's me, you dumb piece of shit," said Celestia.

*laughs even more hysterically to hide the pain*

"Good, now you can learn to sit the fuck down." Twilight kicked Celestia in the stomach, causing the older princess to fold up in pain.

*help this isn't working*

Here we go again...

And unfortunately being an absolute troll isn't something that will get you banned from the site. It should be of course.

The site would be much cleaner if the admins would update the ban policy.

"animay"? For real??
Okay man, now you ain't even trying

Is this a trollfic? Or is it some Wiseau-style 'masterpiece?'

I did naht drop your ice cream! Eet's naht troo! Eet's bawlshit! I did naaaaaaht! Oh, hi Mawrk.

What would constitute "being a troll" for the purposes of banning? Would I be banned too, then, for my content? Because it's not palatable? Where would the line be drawn? Why not just let people have creative freedom, even if you dislike what they create? Why censor people for having a different sense of humor than you?

Well, diving TOO deep into sensitive subjects seems to be the problem.

All we need is a character trying to push another off a building, and then make up within seconds.

Different people have different ideas of what "too deep" is, though. Fuzzy rules like that make for needlessly complicated problems, when a simple solution is "if you don't like it, you don't have to read it". Moderators already deal with enough crap without having to go through someone's work to decide whether or not they're trolling. It's not always clear cut.

Fuck me! Wouldn't it be awesome if someone wrote a version of The Room that was in Equestria Girls instead of San Francisco? That would be the best thing ever! What if Derpy Hooves was Denny and Photo Finish was Johnny? Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich could be Brad and Michelle! Who would be Mark? Damn I wish I was a better writer, or I'd do it myself! But I have ADHD so it might actually help!

Say no more. I'm in.

Better than clopfic number 400023 and cute slice of life fic number 2010001

I would but I don't think I'd finish it. I almost never finish anything I draw and half the time I don't remember where I left my pencil crayons to finish it. I'd probably never finish writing a whole story.

so um dose anypony have any Japinese shows or books they recomend :pinkiesad2:

I may give it a shot.

Try Cory in the House. I hear it's a good one.

thank u for beeing the only person to help me :pinkiesad2:

Did anybody call FEMA after this natural disaster hit?

To be fair tho, this guy consistently pumps out a fuck-load of content. At this point, any bona fide troll would have given up

Sounds like censorship.

This is great, haven't seen one of these badfics since back in the day. Good 'ol like to dislike ratio, the perfect reaction images and gifs, even the witty remarks about the user and story itself.

The worst thing about this somehow isn't the OOC cast or profanity-laced dialogue, but using gay as an insult. Troll or no, some boundaries aren't crossed, "humor" or not.

Lol. The story’s a teen rating, yet he still gets away with putting a whole bunch of swear words. Saying just about every word known to man from the book while it’s a teen rating. Has fim changed it to where you can do that, or does it have to be a mature rating, completely?

I dunno. It's not considered every word in the book unless someone throws out twatwaffle.

Could they clean this one up?

You've summed this author up better than J ever could.

Teen stories can have profanity (a few of mine do, but mostly words like damn and hell). Overuse of profanity can make it innefective.

That's a calm response to this.

No they could not. It would take decades.

Thousands are dead.
And we did nothing.

God. shall we go an poke the art on the new story?

Oh fuck yes. I thought you would never ask.
Let us be away!

Except none are any good. If this thing cared, there would be an improvement by now.


Might I ask who J is?

Sorry, wrong key. I meant to put 'I'.

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