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A snuggly unicorn mathematician. Mainly drawing silly fluffy comics on hoofclid.tumblr.com



Hey there, Braeburn. Sorry to hear about your troubles finding a colt to settle down with in Appleloosa, but I reckon I got just the thing! I know a unicorn named Hoofclid who ain't had much luck finding a special somepony either. He's about as far from a farmer as you can get, but he's cute as anything and I've got a hunch this could work if you give it a try. Why don'tcha come on over to Ponyville for a week so you can meet him?

Looking forward to it already! Love, Applejack

A fluffy illustrated romance story based on my comic blog, Hoofclid and Friends. Many thanks to Krickis and TallFry for proofreading and encouraging me to post this here.

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Glad to be of help! Consider it faved!

Amazingly cute story, I'm so happy to see this on Fimfiction :yay:

A feel good story full of lots and lots of sweet tender moments and fluff. My kinda read! :raritywink:

Nice and cute ^^
Well done!

Very good work Hoof!

I loved it before and I'll love it again gosh darn it!
lovely piece you've got here, super cute and fluffy and I wish them both a lifetime of happy snuggles and boops :D

Awww thank you!

Question, why are a lot of braeburn romance fics have him paired up with a stallion?

In my case, simply because Brae's a cutie and I wanted a partner for my stallion! Not sure why more generally though.

Well thank you for the answer

Delicious romantic fluff. I'm a sucker for this stuff :). I would love to see more of this universe.

So adorable and heartwarming, I'm now 100% sold on this ship. Good work!

To the author - oh my god this the first time i've seen of applejack being supportive on any pony liking the same sex...awesome job!
also your oc with Braeburn is so cute/adorable. please write more stories, i'll read them:)
p.s: have you read this story called bright winter nights by inlustrius ghost?
if you're interested or have free time to read it...here's a link https://www.fimfiction.net/story/389049/bright-winter-nights

Thank you!

I hadn't seen that story, but I'm glad I have now!

Hehe, a pleasure, though I may have come in a bit biased, I'm actually a huge fan of your work for a while now so it's fun to see you explore a new medium; and to have delivered content so well edited is a real treat too. All the best for your next pursuits... Even if it is a research paper on the rate of spread of "warm fuzzies" when in direct exposure to your work


Even if it is a research paper on the rate of spread of "warm fuzzies" when in direct exposure to your work

At first I thought this sounded like a great idea, then I realized we'd need a control group of people who aren't exposed to Hoofclid... I wouldn't have the heart for it, personally :fluttershysad:

he'd wanted a new stallion to cuddle with

You are so cute. How can you be so cute?

It had been a strange story Applejack had told Braeburn. It seemed her mathematician friend—what was that name again? Hoofclid?—had gone to Princess Cadence for dating advice and been laughed out of the room. That seemed odd. Since when was the Princess of Love like that? Well, everypony has off-days, Braeburn thought.

I didn't mean to okay? I'm sorry

Author Interviewer

That was adorable. :D

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