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A snuggly unicorn mathematician. Mainly drawing silly fluffy comics on hoofclid.tumblr.com

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This story is a sequel to Appled Mathematics

Distance is the worst.

Braeburn loves his new coltfriend and just wants to spend his days cuddling and talking and playing with him. Only one problem: he can't. His coltfriend is far away in Ponyville, and most days must be spent apart. Will he have to choose between the hometown he has worked so hard to build and the stallion he has been smitten with? Can a town really be home without the pony you love?

A short fluffy romance story based on my comic blog, Hoofclid and Friends. Illustrated by the author. Thanks to Krickis, Gowak and TallFry for proofreading.

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Hey there, Braeburn. Sorry to hear about your troubles finding a colt to settle down with in Appleloosa, but I reckon I got just the thing! I know a unicorn named Hoofclid who ain't had much luck finding a special somepony either. He's about as far from a farmer as you can get, but he's cute as anything and I've got a hunch this could work if you give it a try. Why don'tcha come on over to Ponyville for a week so you can meet him?

Looking forward to it already! Love, Applejack

A fluffy illustrated romance story based on my comic blog, Hoofclid and Friends. Many thanks to Krickis and TallFry for proofreading and encouraging me to post this here.

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