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Elkia Deerling

Hello, my name is Elkia. I like writing stories and reading them dearly, and I am a big fan of Nordic culture. Enjoy my fiction!


To celebrate the completion of the largest ship ever built, it sails on its maiden voyage from Baltimare to Trottingham on a romantic cruise, with Twilight and her friends onboard.

But something happens as soon as the S.S. Ocean’s Embrace sails to open water. Very soon the ponies get tied up in a number of unexpected, strange, beautiful, hilarious, exciting, or fantastical relationships. All of them very cliché, but to the ponies, very real as well. Is there something like too much love in the air? Does it have anything to do with the fact that today is Hearts and Hooves Day?

Massive thanks to Wireframe for co-editing, proofreading, and commenting. Without your invaluable advice, this story would not have come to life on paper. You’re the best editor—and friend—an author could ever wish for.

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Comments ( 20 )

Nooooo! No fucken SoarinDaaaaaaash!!!


Discord, what are you up to this time?

Thank you for your nice comments, Diamond Sparkle. I'm glad to see you like my story and that the ending was satisfying. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, just as everypony should feel on Hearts and Hooves Day/Valentine's Day. Keep guessing at the exact identity of Swing Step, because he was not a changeling ;P good guess, though. I hope to see you in my next story!


The ship is saaaaaiiiiillllled!
My fav ship is saaaaaaiiiiiillllled!
Thanks you author for this lovely chappie

Glad to see you're having fun. :pinkiehappy: SoarinDash is not that original, but it was an easy match for a fast ship, as they are both, you know, fast pegasi.

T-that was Discord?.......
All t-this was Discord?.....
Wait!... that mean all the ship was fake?......
Celestiadamnit! I knew it!
Actually, I did knew it but Sssshhhh

Indeed it was. Is your mind blown? Then my work here is done, haha! I hope I didn't make you too confused and messed up your whole vision on reality. :derpytongue2: Thank you for reading, Starsong Shine, your comment made my day. (Also, nice OC! :twilightsmile:)

Your story was very good!
I give ☆☆☆☆☆ stars for this a amazing story

I didn't read any of your funny scribblings, but I smashed the like button anyway.
Here's a funny picture I found.

Ok, that's cool, thanks. Every like helps! :twilightsmile:

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