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This story is a sequel to Rainbooms Favorite Boy

Ever since the Rainbooms fixed up Oliver back at the beach, Oliver was better then he was before. He starts to develop new feelings that he never done before. Oliver wanted to see the Rainbooms again, he thought of an idea by helping and hanging out with them. While the girls bring friends like the CMC and Wallflower Blush to meet him.

Thanks to wingdingling and his girlfriend dominus_fortune for editing this fanfic.



Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 24 )

It's a cute opening. But, why the fuck are there characters named Oliver and Robbie? Shouldn't they have pony names?

Okay, I'm seeing two distinct narrating styles here. The first chapter was mostly okay, and this one switches between being okay, and being fucking awesome. Like, what happened? I noticed you needed two editors on this. Did they both work on this same chapter together, or was it like one of them just worked on it, then just did a lot of filler before they worked on the shit that was already here? All in all this chapter was fucking great.

I don’t want to talk about it. I’m sorry but my plans with these two people is over.

Okay, seriously, I love this story so far but how old is Oliver? Because this whole romance thing could either be really cute, or really, really fucking sick. Like, the kind of thing people go to jail for dude.

“Simply offering an outline and then having someone else complete every detail, and then fill in any design flaw does not make the work your own.”

Aw snap! Don't look now, but I think your editor just trolled you.

“Sorry, but that pig doesn’t fly here.”

I really like that Oliver is thinking that about the romance you seem to have cooked up here. If he didn't I might have to report this story. Seriously, it's a good thing you understand the nuances going on here.

What my editor did didn’t help me this way and don’t think about reporting this story. I had to learn my lesson the hard way but not his way of blind siding me when I didn’t know what I did wrong. Even for him he needs to be reasonable instead of pushing his attitude selfishly.

Thank fucking god for this chapter. I totally see what was going on now. It's like those kids in My Neighbor Totoro. Even though there's no romance between them, you know they're going to date when they're older.

Okay are you just trolling me? Seriously this is really making me mad.

No way. No trolling. The last few chapters were just making me really uncomfortable when I read them. Like soemething was there, but it wasn't enough to make me stop reading.

Okay thanks. Believe me what happened did teach me a lesson but not in the right way. What did you think about the latest chapter.

Okay, so far, I caught the references to Dirty Harry, Enter the Dragon, They Call Me Trinity, Scarface, He-Man, and Thunder in the Sun. You must really dig shit like that. :rainbowdetermined2: There's probably like a trillion more, but can you tell me if I missed any?

Actually it was my editor’s idea, not mine. I think he was doing it for references.

This chapter's cute and all, but I don't think it needs to be in the story at all. Oliver said himself that the business with Apple Bloom was over. It's just bad plot structure if you keep bringing up something that's ended.

Well the thing is, I had plans on to end it a little seriously. If you read the next chapter you might understand.

Comment posted by Strawberry Surprise deleted Dec 28th, 2018

im really liking this story..i love fluttershy and her concern toward Oliver,honestly i can see an adorable "brother-sister" type relationship growing between the two. much like how RD and Scoot see one another and pony Twilight's relationship with spike.

i recall you mentioned Oliver suffering nightmares in an earlier chapter? i can practically imagine Fluttershy rocking or singing him to sleep to calm him..lots of daw and "sqee" type moments.

Oliver is also a fun character,i love his witty combacks and his borderline smartass remarks. kindof reminds me a bit of spike actually...and also a bit of myself at that age.
i look forward to seeing more

If you really enjoy it then read the prequel of this fanfic, Rainboom’s Favorite Boy.

already did,i read it quite some time ago before i found this one.

You should give your opinions on that story.

if you dont mind me asking,when do you plan on updating this story?

what i meant is when is the next chapter coming out,as im really enjoying this story.

I’ll try to do that next chapter sooner or later.

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