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Oliver, an eight year old boy was a victim of bullycide. In the school he was in, bullies have been picking on him and calling mean things to him so badly, his friends and family can't help him even if the bullies have been expelled. Her mother knows he likes going to the beach so she takes him there but he's still too depressed. When the Rainbooms notice what's going on with the poor boy, they decide to help Oliver to make his day the best day ever while also getting him over his bullycide problem.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 12 )

Shouldn't you wait until this story is complete before you start the sequel?

Sorry I forgot to changed it once I was done.

I really don't understand why you got so many dislikes. (Then again, they're probably pissy because you spammed their feed by adding this story to all character folders instead of just the Main folder)
I mean, the story is pretty basic, and theres alot of weird phrasing and leap of faiths. But I don't think its offensive or bad enough to warant such response.
You just need some more practice 's all!

Hope you don't let it discourage you and that you keep improving!

id like to take a moment to point out the fact that Sunset getting hit in the ass with a water baloon to me,is still the funniest moment in the chapter.

Comment posted by Strawberry Surprise deleted Mar 7th, 2019

Speaking of phrasing, I'll have to ask you to rephrase that.
Are you agreeing or disagreeing, and what do you mean with that last bit?

Comment posted by Strawberry Surprise deleted Mar 7th, 2019

Rainbooms' Favorite Boy

FTFY. The Rainbooms (noun) are implicated to possess something (In this case, their favorite boy.) so there should be an apostrophe to indicate such a thing.

Don't blame me, blame the English language.

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