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Ok, this has my interest. It feels like such a good set up, for a future story, where human, Military Sunset comes back, after everything that's gone on in the movies and specials, and learns the truth and more, about Pony Sunset.

Native Sunset is an orphan and Pony Sunset's not really adopted so I don't think so. Plus, I don't think that status gravitates to siblings. Pony Sunset's more of a squatter then anything. :twilightblush:

You, my good sir, are free to run with this. I don't think there's going to be a sequel from me but I wouldn't mind reading one.

Wanderer D

It might be a one-shot, but it does open the doors for a lot of future world building, and I think this is one of the most logical "I didn't bring any gems with me" scenarios. Well done!

This Is Beyond Awesome
This Is REAL.

Headcanon set to Maximum Acceptance.

Stories like this is why I wish we could click the like button more than once.

Agh, beaten to the concept. But mine is a bit different.

Executed in an most excellent manner. Thanks for the story.

I haven't even seen EQG yet, but if a headcanon can be this good then it seems like all the more reason to just do it. Great work!

You just earned yourself a follower.

Great work. I really can see this headcanon happening.

When Sunset first came through the portal, she looked like a kid and not a teenager so is this just before the events of the first film? Because if Sunset's been there that long then I don't see why she would NOW try and find a decent place to live when she has every intention of going back to Equestria soon.

It's a nice story but it doesn't really make sense for when it takes place. If it was AFTER the events of the first film when Sunset was resigned to living in the human world, then I could see it but Sunset was just too damn proud to ask for help from anyone before the wake up call that was her transformation into a demon.

Good story though.

Consistent error with "docs", which are also just "docks" not loading docks. A loading dock is a concrete pad behind a business.

The prose gets awkward and telly at times, but the headcanon's compelling and the Sunsets' interaction is very good indeed. Thank you for this.

One sentence. I made it one sentence in before I burst out laughing.

Ok, you win.

Huh, I can honestly say that's one explanation for Human!Sunset and our Sunset's living arrangements that never occurred to me even once. Nice!

As to the story itself, it's a bit rough, you need to go over it a couple times. Also, the place where ships come and go is a dock, not a doc.

Now this us an interesting and thought provoking story as I always wondered stuff like How Sunset got a house and things like that when she arrived in the EqG universe.

Headcannon accepted!

It could be good a sequel... Some years later, Human Sunset return to find everyone thinking she is the other Sunset, and watch her with friends while she don't trust anyone.

The "oh" moment when I realized where the story was going was 10/10

"such a nice place"? She lives in a storage closet/shed. She uses xmas tree lights and other lights for lighting, while from the front it looks like a building,the lower floors are a restaurant i think. She has a bar fridge, a hot plate. Honestly it looks like EVERYTHING she has is salvaged and repurposed.

Oh. How lovely.

And then Bradford adopted her.

Read that comment in Sweetie Bot's voice.

That's where she lives in the post-EqG movies timeline. But in this story, in the pre-EqG movies, she clearly lived somewhere else, just long enough to cover things like having a home address while applying to go to the school nearest the portal. She found a job at some point, made some money doing something, and got her own place. While I know a lot of people assume she extorted money while she was in her Evil phase, I can't see her extorting enough to pay for rent, food, utilities, and extras. So at best she was extorting lunch money, and working some kind of job for the funds to rent the loft.

I'm not sure it's technically squatting if you have the owner's permission.

Interesting concept.

Oh that’s pretty sweet!

Oh wow, that was really cool. It's nice to see Human Sunset interact with Pony Sunset.

I had a different idea, that pony sunset met her counterpart, and they grew together as kind of twins, but the counterpart grew and she left while Sunset stayed as a teenager, and she became some kind of a mother figure to her

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