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What have I been doing with my life? · 10:31pm Nov 27th, 2018

Regrettably, I haven't made any progress on any writing. I'm kinda disappointed in myself but at the same time, I'm not.

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I DREW A THING AND IT'S ACTUALLY GOOD! · 9:25pm Nov 21st, 2018

I bought a tablet around a month or so ago and I've been trying to practice some fun stuff; lighting, background, faces, act. I suddenly got a craving for some dark Sunlight. (What else is new, am I right?)

So I present to you:

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Burdens We Carry Rewrite and Planning 2 · 11:22pm Oct 28th, 2018


The outlining and rewriting seems to be back on par with the old story, though it's proceeding at a slight deviation with the inclusion of a few other characters. Ahem.

Of the around 6,000 or so words the old story had been only 2,000 or parts are the same, not to mention, I've edited a few parts within them. I also got a PM that notifications kept popping up even after I unpublished it. Sorry. I didn't know that it would still give notifications.

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The Burdens We Carry Rewrite and Planning · 3:55pm Sep 12th, 2018

So the hazards of writing in any direction without any plan at all has caught up with me. I’ve written myself into a hole and so I will be leaving The Burdens We Carry alone for a bit.

Don’t mistake it for me giving up on it. I’m still going to be working on it but I have a few chapters I want to rewrite and a few chapters that need to be reorganized. I’ve played all my pieces entirely too quickly for my taste.

I’ll keep the current chapters up but when it comes back, it’s going down.

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