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Our hero, Cliff Hanger, has been hanging from a cliff for who knows how long! As he grasps onto a solitary root to save him from certain doom, help arrives in the form of a small pink pony.

Are Cliff's days of hanging from the cliff over at long last?

So I was just going about my day, when I just spontaneously thought back to my childhood TV shows that I watched religiously. Among these was "Between the Lions" a show that taught kids how to read and encouraged them to read as well. While I don't remember too much of it's content, one of the segments of the show, "The Adventures of Cliff Hanger" had always stood out to me. Why it did, I'll probably never know fully; but as a quick YouTube search showed me, most people seem to have fond memories of Cliff Hanger.

For those who don't know, the entire setup was that: Cliff Hanger desires to escape the cliff that he's found himself hanging from the side of. As he dangles over the abyss, he either notices something above or below him or an event happens to change his environment. After consulting his Survival Manual he makes an attempt to escape using his surroundings to his advantage, only for his plan to backfire in some manner, returning him to his original position on the cliff.

So I was remembering how much I loved it as a child when I thought, "I wonder how ponies would react to Cliff Hanger's predicament."

And thus this story was born.

I hope you all enjoy. ;)

- Kir B

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Comments ( 24 )

….poor guy.....did he ever get rescued?

Lol that’s part of the Cliffhanger story. He’s always hanging from a cliff and attempts at rescue always go wrong. Even his theme song is...Cliffhanger! Hanging from a Cliff! And that’s why he’s called Cliffhanger!

🎼...and that's why he's called Cliff Hanger. 🎶

"... can't... hold...on...much...longer!"

as far as I can remember he never got rescued. maybe some day.

oh....uh.....im pretty sure hes dead

Ah, I remember Cliff Hanger. So many memories.


…...erm wasn't this in a my little dashie fan movie when she has to leave:rainbowkiss: :raritycry: :pinkiesad2:

WOW i thought i never see the day when someone made the crossover to help kids read

Funny story here, too bad he's still stuck!

Possibly. I wouldn't be surprised if it was. The music is made for sad moments like that.

Hehe wonderful oneshot, really brings back memories from my childhood.:pinkiehappy:

Actually, there was one instance where, in fact, he did get off the cliff and retired for a time to a tropical island paradise...only to later, voluntarily, go back to hanging from that darn cliff.

To understand why, you have to know that, in the show's universe, all of these Cliff Hanger stories were all entries in a very long (and very predictable) series of children's books. In this instance, though, the author decided he was done writing them, so he wrote a "final adventure" in which Cliff finally gets off the cliff for good, then he retired to work on a (very long) paper clip chain instead. One of the show's main cast members who was a really big fan of said series of books though, dismayed at the prospect of never getting any more, manages to talk the author back into resuming the series, and an entry where Cliff ends up back on the cliff quickly ensued.

Keep in mind that this was a kid's show, and an edutainment one at that...so the logic didn't necessarily have to be air tight to work for the show's purposes. :raritywink:

After that, I think the only times Cliff technically gets off that cliff again was one or two instances where he'd get off the cliff, only to immediately get hung on another, identical, cliff.

And now I'm actually surprised at myself for being able to recall any of this in such detail. :rainbowlaugh:


Huh... Didn't think he'd actually get off the cliff for more than a few seconds at any point.

I'm honestly amazed that no one yet has pointed out that, due to the way the Cliff Hanger story segments were structured, each and every one of them... ended on a cliffhanger. :trollestia:

I could have gone my whole life without remembering this part of my childhood, so thank you very much for reminding me. As for the story, I enjoyed it. Well done.

I expect this to top the featured box.

This was a really great and funny read.

I never expected a crossover of Cliff Hanger and MLP really, but, thank you for uploading this. It brought back so many childhood memories to me, because Between the Lions is something I grew up with.

I'd be amazed if it did.

9104165 I suppose Between the Lions DOES fall into an age group relatively lacking in bronies.

I remember it vividly.

Also, I really liked that Pokemon reference

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