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Everyone knows Fancypants is Canterlot's most important pony - but when did he become the most important? How did he do it? And where did he begin his rise to prominence? When Rarity puts the question to him, Fancypants decides to tell her his history in a series of letters, detailing his triumphs and tribulations on the road to the top.

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"Mrrowll," Opal replied, unimpressed with Rarity's ability to speak in italics.

I can already tell I'm going to heartily enjoy this story! :pinkiehappy:


Amen to that.
Great start. I look forward to the rest of the story.

Aside from a few grammatical errors in the beginning, this was a great first chapter. Is it alright if I mail you the corrections, or is your mailbox full already?

Haha now opal is scratching at the 4th wall? That line cracked me up.

Anyneigh... *click track* there we go. Onward with the story!!!

This is a phenomenal piece of writing! I look forward to the next chapter! :]

jolly good! carry on. :twilightsmile:

The visionary lies to himself, the liar only to others.~Friedrich Nietzsche

Could you have Rarity have more of a presence in the letters? I know it's about Fancypants and not Rarity, but I think it would be fitting if you'd have Fancypants answer implied questions or at least be amused at Rarity's reactions to the events. You don't have to write a reply letter for Rarity, but it feels as though he's writing in a diary/biography and not a letter to her. Remember Fancypants is writing a letter to Rarity, not writing his life's story. He's relating the events to her. All in all a very good story, however. :twilightsmile:

I look forward to updates! :)

Oh I do like this. I blame all the old Victorian themed movies I've seen, but I like a good rags-to-riches story with a few good ups & downs. Heartbreak & betrayal are always classic elements of this type of story, for a very good reason. :heart:
Have a happy holiday & I look forward to more of this.

Hmmm this was really a pleasant surprise. I didn't expect the story to be this good lol. Update the story as soon as possible.

When I found out about Liquid Satin and Silver Podium I really felt bad for Fancypants :fluttershysad: I can't wait till you release the next chapter :twilightsmile:

The first fanfic I ever read and I get the feeling that not many others will be of this standard :rainbowkiss:

Please, please update. :fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::heart:

Sorry for the delay on chapter 3 folks - It got about halfway through it and then Christmas happened :P

"and then Christmas happened" and you kicked it squarely in the jaw, and continued writing anyway.... take a break! enjoy new years, I can wait! :twilightsmile:

98625 Honestly, this Christmas thing, with its fun family times and big dinners and general feeling good about life... sooner it's over and done with the better I say :derpytongue2:

When will Letter 4 be updated? :D >w<
I love this story. ;__;! :twilightsmile:

Whioa, amazingly written, that is all :pinkiegasp:

98938 Gimme some time to actually write it, mate XD

Seriously, that was fun to read. :pinkiehappy:


Can you estimate the date for it to be updated? We won't have to wait long for it like we did for Letter 3, correct? :fluttercry:

100840 Won't be as short as the gap between chapter 1 & 2, because I'm back at home, and now instead of being at the computer 12 hours a day, I'm off doing housework and other stuff, so I don't have quite as much spare time as I usually do.

That said, I was intending to publish the chapters approximately a week apart, so.... before 10th Jan, assuming I don't get distracted by Freespace 2? XD

Now thats what I like to hear coming from FancyPants, a simple business pony who goes for broke and risks so much to keep his respect up. I can drink to that!:heart:

The more I read this and the more I listen to The Expendables soundtrack, I now want to know what fancy Pants would be like as an Expendable. I mean seriously, literally kicking ponies out of warehouses, yet, being a successful business pony? Fancy Pants seems like a man of action. But hey, that might just be the expendables theme song talking.:scootangel:

:heart::twilightsmile:soooooo amazing!

Distraction with Freespace 2 has commenced :pinkiecrazy:

"Dear Rarity,

It seems you have decided to sell my signed confession of assaulting a pony and of Fleur's past to a rather unscrupulous few."

This is how I'm imagining the final letter goes. Such is the business world and he's even given her the names of ponies that would probably pay out the nose for such a document.

145246 Yeah, I realised this rather conspicuous plothole about halfway through chapter 2 - and I couldn't actually think of any way to avoid it without scrapping the story completely, hence the prologue at the start to establish that the three have become good friends and they trust Rarity enough to tell her. It still isn't an ideal solution, but it was either that or axe the story after publishing the first chapter >_<

I apologize, I didn't mean it as a dig at you or your work, but just something I found humorous.

It is a very good point in the story and I feel you made the right decision to keep it how it was. I understand that she wouldn't actually sell the letter, but sometimes I like to assume the worst of characters if it leads to something I find funny.

Again, my apologies, and I look forward to reading more.

149144 'tis okay, was just letting you know I'd seen the potential for humrous SNAFUs coming a for quite a ways XD

124197 Nope, turned out to be writer's block in the end. Started writing chapter 4 and realised I didn't have a clue what was going to happen. XD

Got it done in the end though - expect to see it up by Sunday once I've finished proofreading.

Fancy Pants and friends are best ponies.

The last installment in this fantastic fic is well-written and held several twists that, admittedly vaguely hinted at, I didn't really see coming! :yay:

Mighty fine job, my friend, keep up the good work!

Good stuff! I've anticipated this chapter for a while.

"On the advice of Rapier Wit, I penned a letter to this detective, explaining the situation in as discrete a manner as I could, and including a letter of reccomendation that Rapier himself had written."

Should be "discreet" instead of "discrete".

This is one of my top 5 fanfictions, sir. Very very good job!

Bravo sir, a tale of epic Proportions, not so much in length as in height.

Therefore I would like to humbly request more of the same. :twilightsmile:

BWHAHAH Escort sluthooves returns! I love this fic

Great story! Very interesting backstory to Fancypants- especially as he is the only Canterlot elite that isn't up himself! (that much) Need more episodes with him!!:raritywink:

I like this story a lot. The plot is both plausible and interesting, the characters are believable, and the format of a letter makes for a unique reading experience. :yay:

Fancy pants is best pony:twilightsmile:

Loved! This was a great ending to a fantastic tale.:pinkiehappy:

I'm just concerned that Fancy Pants and Fleur mailing the stuff in the last couple chapters is like positioning a knife at both their backs. Granted, they obviously wanted the therapy of confiding in somepony, and I expect they're savvy enough to know that Rarity is one of the few businessponies in the area with both the discretion and decency to guard this story with her life. But...

I mean hell, imagine if Ditzy Doo spaced out and dropped it at the wrong address, or if Nasty Pimphooves has been rifling through Fancy Pants's correspondence, or if one of Rarity's clients starts trying to dig up dirt on her while she's in the other room and stumbles on this instead. This is playing with major fire for all three of them.

Not to mention there's a distinct chance we might get :unsuresweetie: poking around for crusading supplies, stumbling on this, and asking some very awkward questions. No, you're not getting your cutie mark for escort service >_>

The story's excellent and I'm glad we heard it somehow; just saying maybe this is the kind of thing they should have confided in person if at all. You really captured the consummate candor that made us all love Fancy Pants when he was introduced, and his early tragedies lent a lot of depth to why he tries to be so wholesome -- it really feels like one of those backstories where what we already know just sorta feels like the natural conclusion without feeling forced at all. Fleur's vapid socialite behavior in the episode being a facade seems a tad cliche, but one that fits very well and also feels natural; probably what lent it so much credence is that it's the first thing Fancy Pants himself saw right up until she started kicking his tail.

Such a good story, first one I've ever read the whole way through :rainbowkiss:

Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged was clinging into my mind at each word of this. Nice!

165753 As a matter of fact, this was the major problem I had with the story - namely that it would never actually be commited to paper. Unfortunately I didn't realise that until about halfway through chapter 2, and by then of course I'd already commited XD. Still, I don't think I could have done it another way. I deliberately chose the style of a letter because I was going to be doing a lot of skimming over of individual details in favour of covering several years worth of events without timeskipping all over the place.

Good to know that the story worked regardless of that gaping plot hole, though :P

Making Fleur a secret con artist was actually what prompted me to start writing the story in the first place - the editor on Equestria Daily put out a joking request for someone to write a story where that was her personality and I thought "you know what, I could do something with this..."

''My plan was met with silence. For a moment, I thought that perhaps my idea had been too outrageous. Then, Rapier Wit asked if he could be skipper and get a fancy hat to wear during the voyage.''

This will be my first fanfic .3. I already love it! c:

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