• Published 11th Dec 2011
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Letters from Canterlot - wanderingbishop

Fancypants relates his early years as a young businesspony making his first steps into high society.

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"Once again, I simply must thank you for a wonderful evening," Rarity gushed, shaking Fancypants' hoof.

“Most kind of you to say so,” Fancypants replied, opening the front door with a smile and a stately bow.

Do be sure to stop by next time you're in Canterlot,” Fleur-de-Lis added, lightly tossing her pale pink mane.

“Oh, I will,” Rarity replied. Not that she really needed to say so – this polite exchange of conversation at the conclusion of the three's evenings together had become something of a ritual.

Rarity had been travelling to Canterlot a great deal since she first met Fancypants – his endorsement of Twilight Sparkle's half-finished dress in front of the entire Garden Party had resulted in a sudden increase in orders from Canterlot, and over the last few months, she, Fancypants and Fleur had become firm friends. Fancypants and his wife had greatly appreciated having someone they could relax around, and Rarity had simply been thrilled to spend time with the two.

“Oh, I forgot to mention,” Fleur added as Rarity wrapped her scarf around her neck, “Upper Crust came to my soiree the other week. She's still wearing your dress like it was made of diamonds.”

Rarity gave a small giggle of amusement. The day after the garden party, Jet Set and Upper Crust had been hammering at the door of her suite to place their orders for a full set of dresses and suits. It was remarkable how quickly they had flip-flopped. Indeed, the more she saw of Canterlot high society, the more she was starting to think that Fancypants was just too... well spoken to be one of them.

"Is something the matter, Rarity?" Fancypants asked, noticing Rarity bite her lip in uncertainty.

"Oh, it's nothing really," Rarity replied with a smile. "Well, I say nothing... I mean, it's something, clearly, but it's not something important... not that I mean the question isn't important, but it's not important I know... you know?"

Fancypants raised a monocled eyebrow and gave a wry smile. "Come now, don't be coy – let's hear it."

"Well..." Rarity began, shifting her hooves, "You're the most important pony in Canterlot, everyone knows that, but... I was wondering how you became the most important pony. I mean, you just seem too... nice."

Fancypants and Fleur looked at each other, as if surprised by the question. Rarity began to stammer out an apology for being impertinent, but Fancypants turned and began to walk back towards the fireplace, talking quietly with Fleur. As they reached the mantlepiece, they seemed to come to an agreement. Fancypants came to a stop, looking up at the photos and paraphernalia that bedecked the mantlepiece.

"How I became Canterlot's most important pony... now that's going back quite a way," he said, more to himself than Rarity. "It's a long story, my dear, and if I'm to do it justice, I'll need to start from my very first days as a young businesspony. In any case, there are parts that I must ask permission to relate.”

"Oh, I see," Rarity said, apologetically, hanging her head. "No, that's quite alright, it was an idle curiosity, nothing m-"

"I have an idea," Fancypants announced, turning back to Rarity. "Why don't I tell it by correspondence?"

"Beg your pardon?" Rarity asked, nonplussed.

"It's a long story – probably longer than I could tell in a single sitting, even if you didn't have a ride to catch. And I was intending to stay in contact once you returned to Ponyville. Would you mind getting the story via letter, instead of in person?"

"Why, that would be wonderful!" Rarity enthused. Letters? From Fancypants? Her day couldn't possibly get any better! "Here, just let me give you my address..."

"It will probably take a while for me to write the first letter," Fancypants remarked as Rarity scrawled down a postal adress with a quill. "I have a few commitee meetings to attend. But I should have the first letter sent to you within the week."

"Oh, take all the time you need," Rarity replied, levitating the scrap of parchement over to Fancypants. "I look forward to hearing from you!"


"Hello, letter for Miss Rari- ooof!"

"Letter?! Where?!" Rarity exclaimed, looking out from her front porch, hoof held dramatically against the slammed-open door. The door wiggled a little and let out a muffled noise.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Rarity apologised as the grey, blond-haired mail pegasus wobbled out from where she'd been squashed against the wall of the house.

"s'alright," Ditzy Doo replied vaguely, shaking her head to clear the stars from her vision. "Anyway, letter for you from Canterlot – intructions said to deliver it in person. If you could sign for it-"

Rarity levitated the clipboard out of Ditzy's mailbag, furiously scribbling out a signature, taking the letter and shutting the door in the space of a few seconds

"... here?" Ditzy Doo finished, a little confused at Rarity's odd behaviour. After a few seconds, she gave a shrug and tucked the clipboard back into her bag, flying off down the street on her mail run.


"Oh, Opal, this is such an honour!" Rarity said to her pedigree cat as she trotted into her inspiration room, clearing a stack of concept sketches off the drawing table and unfolding the envelope. "Fancypants is writing to me! Me! Oh I can't wait to find out how he did it – I'm sure it's a daring tale of intrigue and politics and daring rescues!"

"Mrrowll," Opal replied, unimpressed with Rarity's ability to speak in italics.

"Well, here we go," Rarity said to herself, unfolding the first sheet of letter paper and placing it on the desk. "Let's see what he's written..."

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