• Published 21st Jan 2019
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Equestrian Marvel - phantom ghost hunter

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The Special

Micro chips was working in the lab when Spider man walked in and said "So new armor".

Micro then replied "pretty much".

Then suddenly there was a bright Flash in the corner of the room and from it appeared a red guy on a strange chair spider man then said "hey who are you".

He then replied "I am Sprout the conqueror".

Micro then said "why are you here?"

Sprout then said "I don't need to explain myself but I will destroy you".

Spider man then said "not in your life" as Micro got his armor on and more of the avengers appeared.

Sprout then said "you want to fight me then so be it" as he pulled out some kind of blaster and then shot at them.

They were avoiding it well but while they were distracting him iron man went to Sprout's chair and found it hack it then sprout noticed and walked over to it but before he got there iron man cracked it and the sprout and his chair disappeared Scarlet then asked "what was that? where did he come from?"

Iron man then said "actually its when did he come from when I hacked into his chair i discovered its a time machine".

Spider man then said "what really".

"yes and I don't think that's the last we will see him".

Then there was a loud boom from outside they looked and found giant ships attacking all over the place Hawk eye then said "looks like we've got work to do"

Then a hologram of sprout appeared and said "you all will fall only destroying the magic in the past will save the future" then disappeared.

Iron man then opened a com link and said "calling all avengers big threat I will locate the source all other avengers must fight off the threat and protect the people".

Then they got to work robots were being placed on the ground and attacking everyone Spider man was tying up there legs while hawk eye was shot explosive arrows at weak points. Meanwhile Squirrel girl was helping people get to safety while Scarlet witch was doing the same, Captain marvel was crashing throw ships but there were so many of them and more just kept coming, Pixie then said "we can't keep this up for long".

Back with Iron man he said "nothing all my tech and I've got nothing where on earth are you! Wait earth maybe hes not on earth give me all scans of space in the past hour" then a large mother ship appeared on screen he then opened the com link and said "Avengers I need Spider man, Captain marvel, Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Ice man, and hawk eye to report back to headquarters" and they did so.

Once back Spider man said "so did you find Sprout".

Iron man then said "more than likely he's on the giant mother ship in the ozone lair luckily I'm prepared for this" as he reviled space suits and a space ship.

Scarlet then said "well lets go".

They suited up and got on the ship then took off then in space they saw the ship Spider man then said "how will we get in".

Then Captain marvel said "I'll handle that" as she got out of the ship and crashed threw the side of it then they got in but then got separated by a force field "will just have to split up all go look for sprout you guy find what make his time machine work".

Later they found a room with what looked like a large energy source and Hawk eye said "this must be his time machine its big".

Hulk then said "I don't care how big it is its getting smashed" then jumped but got knocked off" Scarlet then said "now what".

Then Iron man said "I'll try to hack it".

Then sprout walked in and said "you will not succeed".

Back with captain marvel she found a strange room then saw someone in some kind of machine and said "um are you alright"?

Then a voice behind her said "I can ashore you princess Pip petals is not alright".

Back with the others they were fighting Sprout and trying to keep him off of iron man but the iron man said "system hacked now reprogramming".

Sprout then said "what are you doing".

Iron man then said "first I'm sending all your toys on earth back to there own time".

On earth the ships and robots then disappeared Sprout then said "no you don't" but hulk punched him into a wall.

Hulk then said "why didn't I just do that sooner"?

Then Iron man said "now time machine will jump in 5, 4, 3..."

Captain marvel then appeared and said "stop we can't destroy the time machine or jump it or whatever we had planed".

Scarlet then said "why not?"

Then Captain marvel said "because if you do the princess Pip petals will die".

Ice man then said "who is princess Pip Petals?"

"she's the woman Sprout loves when sprout future got wiped out she got caught in it there keeping her alive but barely" Captain marvel then walked over to Sprout "Sprout it doesn't have to be this way we can find a way to save Pip Pedals".

Sprout then said "you are the problem not the solution".

Iron man then stunned him and said "we'll find a way".

Later Sprout was in a holding cell and said "you have ruined everything and mark my words I will get you".

Back at chip industries Lyra said "man that was crazy".

Then Apple boom said "I know right".

Sweetie belle then said "I'm just glad its over for now".

Then Flash said "until something else happens".

Sandal wood then said "of course".

Button mash then said "but until that happens lets relax for a bit".

Micro then said "well its like they say a heroes work is never is never done".


Author's Note:

Wow I can't believe I finally got an idea for this but woo its good to be back! anyway leave your thoughts in the comments but for now ghost out.

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Okay. So, now, you're incorporating Gen 5 into this story. There's quite a lot going on here between the evil black smoke, the good magic, and the time travel. Are you going to be able to keep it all straight?

I'm not sure myself I just thought sprout would work good for that role.

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