• Published 21st Jan 2019
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Equestrian Marvel - phantom ghost hunter

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bon bon (black widow)


Ten years ago in van hover Bonbon was sitting in her home with her mom Sweet tart when it happened a great earthquake was tearing up the village Sweet tart then said to her nine year old daughter "Bonbon we have to get to the safe room now".

They ran threw the house to a room made of steel with shock absorbers Bonbon made it in but then her mother got pined under a roof beam that had fallen Bonbon tried to got help her but the safe room door closed and locked as it did when someone goes in during an earthquake "MOM!!" She yelled.

One hour after the earthquake ended the door opened and Bonbon ran out to try and find her mother but was devastated to see some men put her in an ambulance then drive away with no siren she was only nine years old but no siren can't be a good thing she then went into what was left of her home then sat on the floor and started crying. After about 30 minutes she got up realizing that if she was on her own she would have to be prepared so she looked through the ruble and found a few things like a box of matches, some cloths, a pocket knife, some food, her mother's pocket watch, and a backpack to carry it all. "Well I better get going" she said as she walked out but first looked at her locket which had a picture of her and her mom inside. As looked at the picture she started to tear up a bit but remembered that her mom would want her to stay strong so she then went out to start her new life.

Later on she ran into the local bully who said "oh if it isn't the little cry baby what have you got there" she then pushed Bonbon down and took her locket then started to walk away. Bonbon saw the bully leaving with her most prized possession and the realized what she had to do to get it back she got up then tackled the bully to the ground and punched her face so hard it turned purple, Bonbon then took back her locket and walked away.

One year later Bonbon was found by a secret agency called shield that realized she had the skill to be a junior agent shadowing anther agent so she was taken in by an agent named black rose who was like an aunt to her sometimes shes sweet other times she can get really angry but she took care of Bonbon well she even sent her to school in canterlot where Bonbon took classes in gymnastics and self defense.

Two years later Bonbon had stated training with black rose "wow this is great" Bonbon said.

"Keep your head in the game Bonbon never give your opponent an opening" black rose said. As the years of training went on Bonbon got better and when black rose retired Bonbon took her place and became Black widow.

(Present day)

Bonbon was at home making candies when her watch started beeping so she answered it and the head of shield (Flash magnus) said "Bonbon this is important I need you to find the avengers and convince them to join shield they could be a strong addition to it".

"What ever you say Magnus" Bonbon replied then went out she knew it wouldn't be hard since she knew that her best friend was scarlet witch so she waited for her roommate to get back.

When Lyra did get back Bonbon explained it to her and she said "wow so your a secret agent?"

"Yes and Flash magnus wants you and the other avengers to join shield so what do you say?" Bonbon asked.

The Lyra said "well i'd have to talk with the others about this but will see".

Later Lyra went back to chip industry's brought Bonbon with her and she told them what she told Lyra and Flash sentry said "really that guy wants us to join shield".

"Well it seems like a great chance to find more people who are gaining super powers and expand the avengers even more" Micro chips said.

"Are you sure about this?" Sweetie belle nervously asked.

Bonbon noticed this and said "Sweetie belle if your nervous about being underage don't be I started working for shield when I was nine".

"Okay... then" Sweetie belle said now confused.

"Flash magnus wants you all to join shield all who want to say I" Bonbon said.

"I" they all said at once.

Later Bonbon took them to shield headquarters where they met Flash magnus who said "welcome glad Bonbon convinced you all to join".

Sweetie belle then said "so what now".

Flash magnus then handed them each a watch and said "here these wrist com's will allow us to keep in touch so that when we need it we can contact you".

"That good but i just remembered I have to go meet up with my girlfriend Rose luck" Sandal wood said.

"yaa and I promised Twilight I would meet up with her for this fire works show happening tonight" Flash sentry said.

"I'm also meeting up with button mash for the same reason" Sweetie belle said.

Then Flash magnus said "alright then you had best be going then".

When they got back flash went to twilight's house and knocked then twilight came out in a long blue dress and Flash was speechless Twilight sparkle then said "face it Flash you hit the jackpot".

Flash sentry then held out his hand and said "my lady".

Twilight sparkle blushed a little and took his hand, they went over to his car, he opened the door for her and she got in. Later at the show Flash sentry put his arm around Twilight sparkle's shoulders and she cuddled up to him Flash then said "Twilight you want to got out some time?"

Twilight looked surprised but then smiled and said "yes I'd love to go out with you".

Author's Note:

Well that sure took some time but it all worked out also can anyone spot the Easter egg in there.
Until next time ghost out.