• Published 21st Jan 2019
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Equestrian Marvel - phantom ghost hunter

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micro chips (aka iron man)

Seven years ago micro chip's parents were the owners of chip industries a leading producer of new technology. But then something terrible happened his father disk drive was driving home from a meeting when it happened, at a red light he tried to stop but his brakes failed and his car crashed. One week after the funeral micro's mother chocolate chips had a heart attack. micro chip's then became the owner of chip industries but since he was to young to run the place his uncle sonic thunder took over until micro was old enough to run it.

Present day at canterlot high micro chips was waiting for the bell to ring when his friend flash came up to him and said "hey micro chips you how are you feeling about the science fair coming up".

"Well I'm not sure what i'll do this year after all twilight has won just about every time" ever since twilight transferred to canterlot high she had won every science fair.

"Well im sure you will think off something after all you and twilight are pretty much neck-n-neck in class". With that flash walked off just as the bell rang.

After school ended micro went home to try and think of an idea for the science fair when it hit him and he got to work. One week later at the science fair twilight and her friends were looking over her entry and sunset asked "wow twilight what is this thing anyway".

"Its a solar powered electric hand held super computer able to do all kinds of things".

"Impressive twilight" The girls then turned around to see principle celestia watching them."well twilight you really go all out for these science fairs the only other one with so much determination is micro chips, speaking of which he seems to be keeping his project a secret until the judges get there I wonder what it is". Later on when judges got to micro chips. "micro what is this thing you have under the tarp?"

"Its a device like you've never seen before it will put a mark on the map behold" he then took off the tarp to revel a glove looking thing "the infinity gauntlet it draws power from seven different elements those being sulfur, magnesium, zinc, uranium, plutonium, promethium, and terrarium it is perfectly safe to use" he then put it on to demonstrate "it has the ability to weld, levitate, cut steel, freeze things, and more."

Principle celestia was impressed greatly and said "well micro this is incredible and your project was the last one to see so we have a winner micro chips congratulations" she then handed him the blue ribbon as he took off the glove and set it on the table as his friends flash sentry and sandal wood came up to congratulate him.

"Well done micro you won"

"Thanks flash you know I wasn't sure i was going to come up with something"

"Well you still pulled throw" sandal said as he patted him on the back over with twilight and the others twilight was surprised that micro beat her with such a high level device.

"Wow twilight you got topped by micro i guess you cant win them all" sunset said as she patted twilight's back.

Later that evening micro's uncle came by to see the gauntlet and was greatly impressed "wow micro you came up with this thing its impressive."

Then filthy rich came up and said "I must say micro you seem to have quit the invention I would be willing to pay you a very heavy price for it."

"sorry Mr rich its not for sale" Mr rich then sighed, turned around and walked away five minutes later everyone was out side to talk but then something unexpected happened the school then cot on fire and making matters worse micros uncle was still in there and the building exploded everyone was shocked and micro had lost the last of his family. The next day was sonic thunders funeral micro was there along with his friends who were there to help him while flash sentry and sandal wood had volunteer to be call bearer.

When it began mayor mare started speaking "seven years ago the founder of chip industries disk drive died in a car wreck and his son micro chips was to young to run it himself so disk's brother sonic thunder took over so the company would not go under micro chips would like to say a few words" she then handed him the microphone.

"Everyone" micro started saying "when I was only ten years old I lost both of my parents and my uncle stepped up to keep there company going but now that he can't it seem like its time for me to walk up to the plate and keep the company strong I will keep my parent's dream going for as long as I can."

one year later they all graduated form canterlot high and micro started working at chip industries micro was actually doing alright as the new boss but there were a few problems one of which being the old Secretary had retired so an ad went out to find a new one but only a few people came micro looked over there resumes closely but it seemed like none of them were the right one until one came in who had red hair with a light purple streak that was tide into a pony tail and light yellow skin she was wearing a black sweater, a dark red skirt, wight knee socks, black heels, and glasses. She then handed micro her resume, he looked it over and said "so your Moondancer and you used to work as Secretary for rich corp well I'll say it would be nice to have an experienced young woman who knows what she's doing and a lovely young woman at that."

Moondancer smiled and blushed at that while saying "oh um thank you does this mean I get the job?"

Micro smiled and said "yes it does" he then handed her a folder and said "here is your work schedule, your job calendar, and everything else you need to know is in the employee hand book your job starts at 10:00 in the morning."
Moondancer thanked him and left micro then thought "i wonder what will happen next". The next day micro was looking threw some of his fathers old notes and found something that surprised him an interchangeable robot heart that can be used for a heart transplant but his father didn't finish the calculations and micro thought maybe he could. The next few days he was working on the calculations for the device and he cracked it the only problem was that the device will only work for so long.

Moondancer then came in and said "sir I have the files you asked for."

"uh? oh thank you Moondancer" he said as he took the files.

Moondancer then asked "what are you working on anyway?"

"Its an idea my father had before he died but never finished an interchangeable heart that can keep someone alive longer than a regular heart transplant the only problem is it can only keep them alive for so much longer, there must be a way to make it work better."

"Well I'm sure you will figure it out" she said as she walked out of the room.

The next day Micro decided to take some time off and went to the park were he met up with flash who said " hey Micro good to see you out of the office."

"Yes I know I just needed a break from the company."

"Well I have somethings to take care of I'll see you later."

Later on micro was driving back home but then his breaks failed when he tried to stop and he crashed he woke up later in a hospital bed and found he had heart damage and the doctor named Stygian strange said "Micro you suffered great heart damage your going to need a transplant."

Then Micro got an idea the interchangeable heart he then told the doctor about it.

The doctor then said "have they been tested."

"They will be tested by me" later on micro had the device built and sent to the hospital with how to do the surgery and after it was done micro said "well I need to wait a few days to see if this is a success."

Three days later micro found that his breaks failing was no accident some one ridged it and he relisted that he could help people by building a super battle armor which he got to work on right away. When he finished it he said "from now on I can protect the city from threats as iron man".

Then he noticed that he needed to change out the heart piece but then a spark of equestrian magic hit one of them right before he put it in his chest and when he put it in it started glowing bright "what the wow taste like cherry woo!"

Author's Note:

Well it took me a while but here is the first chapter I am enjoying writing it but I have a question to ask which marvel hero do you think will work for sandal wood?