• Published 21st Jan 2019
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Equestrian Marvel - phantom ghost hunter

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Apple bloom (Captain Marvel), Cozy glow (Typhoid Mary) and Sunburst's (Dr octopus) plan in action

Apple bloom was in her backyard she had just finished her chores and was relaxing in a hammock then she fell asleep but while she was sleeping a huge chuck of equestria magic hit her and her body absorbed it all. She then fell out of the hammock and woke up "what the? That was weird and whats this strange felling I have". She brushed it off as nothing then went inside the house.

Meanwhile at a juvenile facility a young girl the same age as Apple bloom was in raged by were she was her name was Cozy glow and she said "when I get out of here it will not be pretty" then said in a different voice "oh but why would we want to hurt anyone?" Then the other voice said "because no one stepped in for us and I am going to really hurt that shining armor man who put us here". Then a black mist came in though the cracks and her mind twisted more and then she shot fire at the wall then pulled bricks out with her mind and walked right out.

Then the woman in charge said "Cozy what are you doing?"

She then said "I'm pardoning myself bye and I'm not Cozy anymore now I am Typhoid Mary".

"This is not good".

Back with Apple bloom she was reading a book that she got from her boyfriend Pipsqueak when she noticed she was floating "what the?!" then she fell to the floor "ow whats going on?" then she thought "I wonder" she then jumped into the air and started flying "wow this is incredible I'm flying" then she remembered all the heroes that have been appearing then thought "of course now I have super powers too maybe I can help people like them". She then went upstairs to her room were her sewing machine was Rarity gave it to her when she bought a new one she then got some material from her closet and got started on a super suit. When she finished an hour later she looked over it a short blue sleeve top with a white M on the chest a blue skirt with white leggings, blue heels, and a blue butterfly mask she then said "now I can protect the city as Captain Marvel" as she put on the suit and tide her hair into a pony tail then flew out her window and into the city. When she arrived she saw a large red man robing a bank she then flew down held up her hand and "stop right there" then a power beam shot from her hand and hit him "what the?" she said.

The man then turned around and said "nice try but it will take more than that to stop me the unstoppable Juggernaut". Captain marvel then lured him to a wall when he crashed right threw it then she got an idea she then lured him into a construction sight where she trapped him under some falling support beams but he broke free and said "you've got spirit I'll give you that but for now I be leaving" as he disappeared in a black cloud of smoke.

Then the Avengers showed up and saw her Iron man then said "what happened here?"

Captain marvel then explained everything and Spider man said "well looks like you handled things pretty well".

Scarlet witch then said "and you kept property damage to a minimum".

Captain marvel looked around then said "I'd hate to see the maximum property damage".

Then Quick silver said "so do you want to join the Avengers".

Captain marvel thought for a minute then said "sure sounds like fun".

Iron man then gave her a card and said "just meet us at this address then".

Later Apple bloom told her parents she was going out to a club and Buttercup said "okay don't stay out to late".

Apple bloom went to the address on the card and so on made her way to the room where she saw her friends Scootaloo and Sweetie belle then said "Scootaloo your Pixie, and Sweetie belle your Squirrel girl".

Sweetie belle then said "yes and thats not all Button mash he's Ice man and Rumble is Rictor but I'm amazed that now you have super powers as well".

Scootaloo then said "Isn't this great now we can be super heroes together and maybe Pipsqueak will get super powers to".

Micro chips then walked over and said "lets get to the point, here in the Avengers we protect people who need it weather its fighting a super villain or something else we fight to protect do you accept?"

Apple bloom thought then said "yes I accept".

Micro then said "then welcome to the Avengers here" as he handed her a watch "this is a wrist con with it we can keep in touch".

Then an alarm went off and Flash said "The alarm something must be going on turn on the monitors".

Micro did so and It revealed Sunburst robbing anther bank and Sugar coat said "well Sunburst is at it again".

Flash then said "I'll stop him" as he left the room in the elevator he got his suit on then on the roof he jumped and started swinging when he got to the bank he found Sunburst was about to leave and said "hold it right there Sunburst you are under arrest".

Sunburst then said "I'm not going anywhere with you and the name is Dr octopus if you think other wise well..." he looked over and saw Twilight running away then grabbed her with one of his tentacles "Stay back or she gets it".

Spider man said "put her down now!" Sunburst then threw a smoke bomb and disappeared with Twilight Spider man then said "Twilight I will find you". Later that night everyone was at home but Spider man when there was a break in at rich corp Spider man went to see Dr octopus stealing tritium but before he got away spider man threw a tracker on him then said "your not getting away this time".

Later that night he went to an old warehouse at the pier then went in and saw Twilight chained to a post and went over to her and got her attention and she said "Spider man".

Spider man then said "Listen once your free in need you to..."

Then Dr octopus grabbed him after he had started the new machine and said "I knew you would come here looks like I'll have to Finnish you off" as he ejected a blade from one of tentacles and tried to stab him but Spider man quickly grabbed a big cable with his webbing and put it between them and shocked Dr octopus.

Spider Man then went and pulled out the cable but the orb was still going "great now what?" then Twilight started screaming as the orb started pulling metal things into it even the chains holding her. Spider man then got her in a web and removed the chains then went over to Dr octopus and said "Sunburst you have to stop that thing".

Sunburst then said "but its my life's work I can't destroy it I won't destroy it" as one of his tentacles grabbed him by the neck.

Spider man then took off his mask and said "Sunburst your a good person but these things are making you something your not don't listen to them".

Sunburst then Thought about it then said "let him go Listen to me now!"

Then the Tentacle let go and Flash said "so how do we stop it?"

Sunburst then said "we can't its self sustaining it can't be stopped unless... The water drown it" Flash turned around but one of Sunbursts tentacles grabbed his shoulder and sunburst said "I'll do it". Then he went over to do it.

Twilight was over but a wall that stated to fall on her and she screamed but Flash went over and held it up and she saw Spider man without his mask and said "um hey".

Flash then said "hey... this is really heavy".

Over with Sunburst he pulled in the supports holding up the machine and orb as he said "I will not die a monster no!" as he dragged it under.

Flash had just gotten the wall out of the way and had Twilight in his arms then jumped over to safety as the orb, Sunburst and the whole warehouse sank into the water Later Twilight and Flash were talking it out and Flash said "you know it will hard being with me since i'm Spiderman There will be many challenges".

Twilight then said "I know there will be challenges but I want to face them with you tonight I realized something".

Flash then said "what is it".

Twilight leaned in and said "I love you" and then they kissed full on the lips.

When they pulled away Flash said "I love you to Twilight".

(to be continued)

Author's Note:

Well that took some time but I got it just so you know Sunburst is not dead how you will find out soon but for now ghost out.