• Published 21st Jan 2019
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Equestrian Marvel - phantom ghost hunter

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flash sentry (aka spider man)

One month before graduation Flash sentry was leaning on his locker thinking about his plans for his life, he gave up on the idea of police academy and was at a loss. Then his friend Sandal wood came up to him and asked "hey Flash whats wrong".

"Oh I'm just wondering what I'll do with my life, I mean I already gave up on police academy so what should I do".

"Well I'm sure you will figure it out after all you do have a lot of good grades especially in technology and chemistry" It was true Flash was in about 3rd place in those 2 things first for technology was Micro chip and second was Twilight, and with chemistry It was vice versa.

As Sandal walked off Flash thought "maybe Sandal is right I can find a career for me" as he was thinking this a spark of equestrian magic flew through an open window and hit a small spider that was siting on top of the lockers, the spider then came down onto flash's arm and bit him "ouch what the" flash looked on his arm and saw the spider "a spider? but why Is It glowing like that" then the spider got down and stopped glowing. Flash was about to question it but then the bell rang and he went to class.

Later on at lunch time Flash started to get a strange feeling when Twilight walked behind him and slipped on a banana peal that she did'int see, Flash then got up turned around and caught her then he caught her tray of food without spilling any of It "wow great moves Flash thanks" Twilight said nervelessly wall blushing.

"Um your welcome Twilight" Flash replied as he helped her up and handed her the tray then after she walked of the sit with her friends flash sat down to continue eating but a few tables away some angry green eyes were watching the whole thing.

Later on around time to leave flash was at his locker when he felt that strange feeling again but this time it was different he could feel things like a fly buzzing by the science lab door, and a fist headed straight for him! He moved out of the way of the fist and saw it was Timbers "So you think you can get away with making goo-goo eyes at my girl".

Twilight then walked up to them and said "leave him alone timber he just did me a favor form my accident of slipping on that banana peel".

"My fist braking his nose thats the accident"

"I don't want to fight you Timber"

"I wouldn't want to fight me ether" Timber then started throwing punches at flash but he just moved out of the way of them.

Twilight then said to her friend "help him Applejack".

"which one" Applejack replied as Flash got that strange feeling again as a student named Super charge got behind him and charged at him, and he back flipped out of the way.

Super charge then said to Timber "good luck"

Timber then started throwing punches faster and Flash blocked them until he caught one holding it tight and timber moaning in pain then flash punched him and sent him flying across the hall. Twilight then walked up to him and said "Timber there something I've been needing to tell you".

"What is it?".

"I'm braking up with you".

"what!" the crowd gasped.

"Timber ever since you transferred to canterlot high you've been a real jerk". She then walked over to Flash and said "Flash sorry about that".

"Oh don't worry I'm fine but I have to say i never knew I had it in me". Then the bell rang to leave.

Flash was walking home but first he went to the side of a tall building were no one could see him and looked at his hand. Then he walked over to the wall and started to climb it with ease he then looked down and shouted "o-ya!" then he was jumping from roof top to roof top.

On the way home he walked past a bank and the alarm went off as a guy with no mask ran out with a big bag over his shoulder, he ran past flash then got on a motor bike and sped off a guard went up to flash and said "hay you could have stopped him now that creep got away".

When Flash got home he went up to his room and got an idea as he took out a red ski mask and cut eye holes into it, and dyed an old blue jacket red then he got out some paper and got to work on an idea for two wrist mounted devices that would shoot webs and a formula for web serum. The next day after school on his way home he saw a crowd of people gathered around something. He worked his way through the crowd and gasped the cops tried to push him back but he said "Oh no thats my dad". He went over to his dad who was lying on the ground "dad" flash said sadly.

His father then said "Flash I heard about what happened at your school but just remember with great power comes grate responsibility". Then his head fell to the ground.

Flash then got up and said "who did this?"

A police officer named Shining armor then answered "a thief he stole your fathers car don't worry we have a trace on him heading to the pier Flash then ran over to an alley and took the red jacket that he dyed and added a spider shaped mark on the chest, the red mask and his web shooters which he had finished.

he then climbed a wall onto a building and shot a web at anther building he swung down and then shot anther web at a different building and started swinging fast then spotted his fathers stolen car as it parked out side a warehouse and the thief ran inside as Flash followed him once Flash spotted him he punched him and the thief said "don't hurt me just give me a chance"

"what about my father did you give him a chance did you" the thief backed into the light and flash gasped it was him the bank robber he should have stopped.

While Flash did that the thief pulled out his gun chuckled and said "goodbye".

Flash then punched him and he feel back, tripped on a wire loop in the floor and fell out a window from the 3rd story. Flash looked then left thinking about what happened If he had stopped that bank robber he wouldn't have lost his father and he decided from then on he would help people in need he even made a new suit "From now on people of canterlot will be safe thanks to me Spiderman".

Two months after graduation Spiderman was all over the news as was Iron man the two later met up and started forming a team of heroes to fight crime. What will happen next you will just have to what and see.

Author's Note:

Well thats two chapters down but theirs way more to go in the next chapter I plan to give powers to sandal wood but which ones? lucky I narrowed it down to ether ghost rider or wolverine which one do you think will work?