• Published 21st Jan 2019
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Equestrian Marvel - phantom ghost hunter

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Button mash (ice man)

Button mash was sitting in his room playing his video games when he stopped and went to the kitchen for a drink but first he got a peace of ice from the freezer to crunch on, but right before he put it in his mouth a spark of equestrian magic flew over and hit the ice. After he swallowed he said "weird that didn't taste like normal ice must have picked up something in there" He then grabbed a soda and went back to his room.

Later he was outside with his remote controlled helicopter then it burst into flames and he said "really" he then pointed his hand at it and said "not again!" then a cold mist shoot out of his hand and extinguished the flame and froze what was left of the toy "what was that?" he said then got an idea, he put his hand up again and shoot anther mist only colder and froze a tree "wow I wonder what else I can do, meh i'll find out later".

The next day he was at school and met up with Sweetie belle who said "hey Button hows it going?"

He then replied "its going alright how are you?"

"Oh i'm fine, you know I just made the cheerleader squad" Sweetie belle said proudly.

Then Button mash said "oh that explains the cute outfit your wearing" as he looked at her cheerleader outfit that Rarity made for her "congratulations".

Sweetie Belle blushed and said "thanks Button, well we had better get to class".

Button nodded and they went on to there classes. Later on after school Sweetie belle was practicing with the rest of the squad which included Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Dinky Hooves, Peppermint Twist, and Zipporwhill. Then when they stopped Button mash came over and asked "hey Sweetie belle you want to go get a milkshake?"

Sweetie belle then smiled and said "I'd love to".

Later on they both arrived at sugar cube corner and ordered one strawberry milkshake for two then wall they were waiting for it button said "you know Sweetie belle until I met you I never thought that I would ever have a girlfriend to share a milkshake or anything with".

Sweetie then giggled and said "I never thought I'd have a good boyfriend ever until I met you".

That made button smile then Mrs cake came over and handed them a large milkshake with two straws in it then said "enjoy you two". Then they sucked up the shake while looking into each others eyes lovingly.

After they finished the milkshake button payed for it and they left the building but then there was a loud explosion and they looked to see a giant, robot t-Rex like the one that appeared a few months ago only this time it was shooting flames from almost every part of its body. Then the avengers appeared on the seen (minus Squirrel girl) and started fighting Scarlet tried to use an electric attack again but this time the robot seemed prepared and it didn't work Scarlet then said "what the? Why didn't it work?"

Iron man then said "It must be upgraded from the last one we defeated".

Then Spider man said "then how do we stop it?"

Back with Button mash and Sweetie belle they were trying to find a safe place to be then when Button mash looked to his side he saw that Sweetie belle was gone and said "what Sweetie belle!? I have to find her but how?" he then remembered his powers and said "maybe if I stop that robot I can find her but I'll need to hid my identity so my mom doesn't get upset with me" he then looked to his left and saw a sports store and said "aha thats it he went in the grabbed a hockey mask, pads ,and running shoes then went out.

When he got there he was on top of a nearby roof he then shoot a super cold mist at the robot t-Rex and two minutes later it was completely frozen then it fell over and busted into pieces the avengers looked and saw him on that roof Iron man then flew over to him and asked "um who are you?"

Button mash thought for a minute then said "call me ice man".

Spider man then jumped on to the roof with him and said "Well ice man maybe you should join the team".

Then iron man handed him a card and said "come to this address tomorrow at five pm if you want to join".

The next day when Button had gotten out of school and went to the address on the card then was surprised to see the address was for the chip industries building he then went inside and got to the elevator then inside it he saw a card slot and got an idea he pulled out the card that Iron man gave him and put it in the slot then a robot voice said "welcome new avenger then the elevator went down to the sub basement and when he got there was surprised at the sight of Flash sentry, Lyra heart stings, Sandal wood, Bonbon, Micro chips, and Sweetie belle then he said "wow so you guys are the avengers?"

Micro chips then said "yes but not all of them there are two others but they live in Mane hattan so ya and you must be ice man".

Then Button mash said "ya I am and you want me to join right?"

Then Flash said "yes we do".

Then Bonbon came over gave him a wrist con and said "here we have already told Flash magnus an he sent this for you see you can communicate with us through it and more".

"Wow" Button mash said.

Sweetie belle then came over and hugged him then said "Button this is great you and I can be heroes together now" she then kissed his check then he blushed and smiled.

"Well avengers I can see we will have a lot of work to do to keep this town safe but first" he then pulled out a remote and pushed a button on it then a light blue suit with a snow flake on it and a light blue ninja mask came out of an opening "we made that suit for you to use Button it has everything, if it doesn't fit it will adjust its self and it compacts its self in your wrist con".

Button mash then said "Wow thanks".

then micro said "Okay avengers suit up" they all except Lyra and Micro pushed a switch on there wrist con and there suits appeared on them then Lyra grabbed her pendent and her suit appeared on her and Micro pulled out a metallic brief case then his armor came out and got on him "okay Avengers assemble".