• Published 21st Jan 2019
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Equestrian Marvel - phantom ghost hunter

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Sunburst (Dr octopus) returns and sugar coat (shadow cat)


After Sunburst had escaped the hospital he ran and found himself at the pier as he looked out at the water he said "Oh my Starlight" not knowing that she was just in a coma he thought she was dead then heard a voice speak to him in his head and then he said "that voice why am I hearing..." then gasped as relation hit him "my control chip its gone!!" then sighed "Twilight was right I miscalculated" Then he turned around with a mad face "I couldn't have miscalculated it was working wasn't it now what do I do" then the voice spoke again "build anther one? But to do that I would need money" the voice spoke once more "what steal it? No I'm not a thief" the voice spoke one more time "your right the true crime would be not to Finnish what we started".

(Present time)

The avengers were all getting ready for there plans Flash was going to see a movie with his new girlfriend Twilight a movie called How to train your Wyvern, on the way to her house he saw someone getting mugged and made a quick stop to help them then went back on track. When he got to her house and knocked then Twilight's mom came to the door then said "oh you must be Flash my daughter said you were taking her to the movies tonight" she then called up the stairs "Twilight your date is here".

Then Twilight came down in a little black dress, stockings, black heels and had her hair in its normal ponytail then said said "mom really?"

"Oh Twilight don't be so shy."

Then Flash cleared his throat and then said "um Twilight the movie starts in an hour so we should probably get going".

Then Twilight blushed and said "oh ya good idea"

Later after the movie Flash said "You know the way that movie went It was amazing to see how everyone on berk changed there minds after hiccup and no teeth stopped that colossal Wyvern".

"I know, its Incredible they even changed the mind of his father storm wind".

Then a loud noise was heard and they looked to see Sunburst robing a bank Flash then said "Twilight we need to get out of here" as he took her by the hand and ran.

Twilight blushed when he grabbed her hand but ran with him as best she could. Flash got her home safely and told her goodnight then she said "goodnight Flash" and kissed him.

Five minutes later Flash ran into an ally and got on his spider suit then jumped into the air and started to web swing were Sunburst was but he was gone he then thought "I wonder what Sunburst was doing robing a bank".

One day later Flash was talking with the other avengers about what had happened and Micro said "I told Sunburst he needed to properly shield that computer chip but no he was to busy to do so".

Lyra then said "what are we gonna do then?"

Then Micro said "we wait then stop him when he strikes next".

Later at night Sugar coat was sleeping when a spark of equestrian magic flew into her room bounced off of her mirror and hit her then her body started glowing for a minute then stopped, the next morning she woke up in the basement of her house and panicked then her parents came down and saw her then her mother asked "Sugar what are you doing down here".

Sugar coat then said "I don't know I fell asleep in my bed last night then wake up in the basement".

Her mother then said "maybe your sleep walking"

Then her father said "I don't think so" as he pointed to the blanket somehow stuck in the ceiling.

Later that day Sugar coat was walking threw town then decided to get a milkshake at sugar cube corner she ordered her regular vanilla milkshake then her friend sour sweet came over and said "hey sugar coat hows it going?"

Sugar coat then answered "Its fine just enjoying a milkshake".

Sour then said "well i'm gonna have a Sunday see ya".

One hour later she was walking home when she was pulled into an ally by a group of thugs she looked and saw they had her backed into a corner and she was scared then she fell through the wall of the building "what the?" she said then got an idea she walked over to anther wall and touched it then her hand went through it she then started running through walls and went home but didn't tell her parents about what had happened but she got an idea she went upstairs to her room and sat at her sewing machine and made a suit with a black mask, black and yellow suit and boots she then said "now I can help the town as shadow cat".

Later she was on a rooftop looking around and saw the same thugs from before robing an ATM she went down and said "hey whats going on".

The thugs looked and saw her then one of them said "hey beat it this don't concern you".

She then said "cats go when they feel like it not when there told" and punched one of them.

They tried to shoot her but there bullets just passed right through her body she then started fighting with back flips and turns and kicked one of them in the face "ow" one thug said.

Next thing the thugs knew they were tide to a post outside and the girl placed note on one of them then left right when the police arrived and officer Shinning saw the note and read it aloud "I captured the thieves for you your welcome signed the shadow cat, shadow cat? anther hero?"

While the cops were arresting the thugs shadow cat was watching on a nearby rooftop and said "this is gonna be big".