• Published 21st Jan 2019
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Equestrian Marvel - phantom ghost hunter

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Lyra (scarlet witch)

Lyra was sitting on a bench in the park practicing on her lyre and thinking about her plans for the future she recently graduated from high school and was at a loss, her original plan was to get into the canterlot orchestra but the only way for that was to wait for an opening so her only plan was to wait but she needed to find anther way to make money in the meantime but what.

"I wonder what I can do to make money" then her stomach rumbled "well maybe now I should go get some lunch" she got up and put her lyre back in its case then started walking to sugar cube corner.

When she got there Miss Cake said "hello Lyra dear what can I get you?"

Lyra then answered "I think I'll have a strawberry milkshake".

"Okay then" Miss Cake replied and got to work. Five minutes later Miss Cake gave her the milkshake.

Lyra paid then drank up the milkshake when finished something happened there was a loud explosion she ran outside and saw iron man and spiderman fighting a giant robot she was so shocked to see this she didn't notice a large spark of equestrian magic fly over and hit her lyre shaped pendent as She ran away. The next day the town was cleaning up the mess that the robot made and Lyra had volunteered to help when she ran into sunset who was looking worried "whats wrong sunset?"

"Lyra I don't believe it but someone has stolen my geode".

"What!? but only you can use it why would someone else take it?"

"Well whoever stole it must not know about that but who knows".

Later that day Lyra went home and started feeling a strange feeling which emitted from her pendent when suddenly she started floating above the floor surrounded by a gold aura "what the?" She gasped then fell to the floor "what happened how did I?" She then looked down and saw her pendent glowing "what?" Then her pendent stopped glowing and she said "I wonder" she then grabbed hold of her pendent with one hand and held her other hand and pointed it at a large crack in the wall of her apartment then the crack started to mend its self "wow I wonder what else I can do" she then thought about the outfit that rarity had once made appear on her when she was walking down the road and singing then snapped her fingers and the outfit she was wearing had changed into that outfit and her hair changed as well. "Wow it worked".

The next day she had Bonbon over and told her about this new ability "wow you can really do that?" Bonbon asked.

"Yes isn't it awesome".

"So what are you going to do now".

"Hmm I don't know maybe Ill..." suddenly there was a large boom that shook the whole building "what the" they both went outside and saw some kind of giant robot t-Rex that would have run but it then shoot fire at them just as Lyra put up a magic shield.

"Wow your really getting the hang of that magic" Bonbon said.

"Thanks" Lyra replied then the t-Rex started running further into town then Lyra got an idea "Hey I know what I can do" she then snapped her fingers and her outfit changed into a light green body suit with a blue W on the chest and her pendent in front of it, a mask, and her hair was tide into a pony tale "I'm gonna use these powers to help those in need".

She then grabbed hold of her pendent and started flying in the direction the robot went. When she got to it she saw iron man, spiderman, and hawk eye fighting it, iron man firing lasers at it, spider man trying to tie it up in webs, and hawk eye shooting exploding arrows at it. Lyra then held up her hand and focused her magic the shoot a lightning bolt out of her hand that hit the robot Dino and shorted it out. Iron man then said "wow what the" then saw Lyra flying near by but didn't know it was her "wow these heroes just keep appearing left and right" then flew over to were Lyra was flying and asked her "okay whats your hero name?"

Lyra thought for a second then looked at the W on her chest then said "witch, scarlet witch".

Then iron man asked "well scarlet you seem quite powerful how would you like to join our team?"

"I'd love to" she answered.

"Well then come by chip industries later here" he then handed her a little card "you'll need this to get in".

"Okay" she said as they both flew off.

Later at chip industries Lyra came in with the card in her hand and saw micro at the front she went over to him and asked "hey micro do you know were I use this" as she showed him the card.

Micro then said "oh yes follow me" he lead her to an elevator and they both went inside he then pointed to a slot next to the controls and said "just punch it in here".

Lyra did so and the elevator went down to the secret sub basement then when she got there she saw two guys she know all to well were down there already and she asked "Flash, Sandal what are you guys doing here?"

Flash then answered "were here for the same reason you are Lyra or should i say scarlet witch?"

Lyra gasped and said "what you guys are?"

Flash smirked, opened his jacket to show the spiderman suit underneath and said "yes we are".

Sandal pulled his goggles out of his pocket and put them on showing he's hawk eye and said "welcome to the club".

Lyra then squealed with excitement "wow i can't believe that the new heroes were already my friends but what about iron man?"

Then the guy in question came in and said "your still among friends" as his mask lifted showing the face of Micro chips.

"Wow so now i'm in your group of heroes?" Lyra asked.

"Yes, but maybe we should find a team name just saying group of heroes is kind of strange" Sandal said.

Flash then replied "that is a good idea but what should we call our group?"

They thought for a minute until Lyra said "hay how about the Avengers? its got a nice ring to it"

The other three guys thought about it and nodded as Flash said "nice I like the sound of that".

"Good idea scarlet" Sandal said.


"So they stopped anther one of my robots?" the super villain asked.

"Yes, but the distraction worked perfectly" his minion said as he held up two geodes one belonging to applejack and the other belonging to rainbow dash.

The super villain then chuckled and said "now I have three of them and once i get all seven i'll will be unstoppable".

Author's Note:

Wow that took time to finish but it all worked out. As for the way i did Lyra as scarlet witch I don't really know that much about scarlet, so she seems more like Zatana from dc universe but it all worked out. What will happen next stay tuned to find out Ghost out.