Equestrian Marvel

by phantom ghost hunter

First published

When the human world is in danger several heroes will rise to prtect it.

There are many stories to be told, stories about love, stories about demons, stories about people, and stories about people who fight their demons. But this story is one that has been told before rewrote and told again. In the human world a great evil magic has come to try and take the world by dropping evil powers into that world but the equestrian portal can sense this and starts spilling more magic that will grant powers to select people. Get ready for the canterlot high avengers. This story will contain action, fighting, people gaining super powers it is awesome prepare your self for action.

micro chips (aka iron man)

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Seven years ago micro chip's parents were the owners of chip industries a leading producer of new technology. But then something terrible happened his father disk drive was driving home from a meeting when it happened, at a red light he tried to stop but his brakes failed and his car crashed. One week after the funeral micro's mother chocolate chips had a heart attack. micro chip's then became the owner of chip industries but since he was to young to run the place his uncle sonic thunder took over until micro was old enough to run it.

Present day at canterlot high micro chips was waiting for the bell to ring when his friend flash came up to him and said "hey micro chips you how are you feeling about the science fair coming up".

"Well I'm not sure what i'll do this year after all twilight has won just about every time" ever since twilight transferred to canterlot high she had won every science fair.

"Well im sure you will think off something after all you and twilight are pretty much neck-n-neck in class". With that flash walked off just as the bell rang.

After school ended micro went home to try and think of an idea for the science fair when it hit him and he got to work. One week later at the science fair twilight and her friends were looking over her entry and sunset asked "wow twilight what is this thing anyway".

"Its a solar powered electric hand held super computer able to do all kinds of things".

"Impressive twilight" The girls then turned around to see principle celestia watching them."well twilight you really go all out for these science fairs the only other one with so much determination is micro chips, speaking of which he seems to be keeping his project a secret until the judges get there I wonder what it is". Later on when judges got to micro chips. "micro what is this thing you have under the tarp?"

"Its a device like you've never seen before it will put a mark on the map behold" he then took off the tarp to revel a glove looking thing "the infinity gauntlet it draws power from seven different elements those being sulfur, magnesium, zinc, uranium, plutonium, promethium, and terrarium it is perfectly safe to use" he then put it on to demonstrate "it has the ability to weld, levitate, cut steel, freeze things, and more."

Principle celestia was impressed greatly and said "well micro this is incredible and your project was the last one to see so we have a winner micro chips congratulations" she then handed him the blue ribbon as he took off the glove and set it on the table as his friends flash sentry and sandal wood came up to congratulate him.

"Well done micro you won"

"Thanks flash you know I wasn't sure i was going to come up with something"

"Well you still pulled throw" sandal said as he patted him on the back over with twilight and the others twilight was surprised that micro beat her with such a high level device.

"Wow twilight you got topped by micro i guess you cant win them all" sunset said as she patted twilight's back.

Later that evening micro's uncle came by to see the gauntlet and was greatly impressed "wow micro you came up with this thing its impressive."

Then filthy rich came up and said "I must say micro you seem to have quit the invention I would be willing to pay you a very heavy price for it."

"sorry Mr rich its not for sale" Mr rich then sighed, turned around and walked away five minutes later everyone was out side to talk but then something unexpected happened the school then cot on fire and making matters worse micros uncle was still in there and the building exploded everyone was shocked and micro had lost the last of his family. The next day was sonic thunders funeral micro was there along with his friends who were there to help him while flash sentry and sandal wood had volunteer to be call bearer.

When it began mayor mare started speaking "seven years ago the founder of chip industries disk drive died in a car wreck and his son micro chips was to young to run it himself so disk's brother sonic thunder took over so the company would not go under micro chips would like to say a few words" she then handed him the microphone.

"Everyone" micro started saying "when I was only ten years old I lost both of my parents and my uncle stepped up to keep there company going but now that he can't it seem like its time for me to walk up to the plate and keep the company strong I will keep my parent's dream going for as long as I can."

one year later they all graduated form canterlot high and micro started working at chip industries micro was actually doing alright as the new boss but there were a few problems one of which being the old Secretary had retired so an ad went out to find a new one but only a few people came micro looked over there resumes closely but it seemed like none of them were the right one until one came in who had red hair with a light purple streak that was tide into a pony tail and light yellow skin she was wearing a black sweater, a dark red skirt, wight knee socks, black heels, and glasses. She then handed micro her resume, he looked it over and said "so your Moondancer and you used to work as Secretary for rich corp well I'll say it would be nice to have an experienced young woman who knows what she's doing and a lovely young woman at that."

Moondancer smiled and blushed at that while saying "oh um thank you does this mean I get the job?"

Micro smiled and said "yes it does" he then handed her a folder and said "here is your work schedule, your job calendar, and everything else you need to know is in the employee hand book your job starts at 10:00 in the morning."
Moondancer thanked him and left micro then thought "i wonder what will happen next". The next day micro was looking threw some of his fathers old notes and found something that surprised him an interchangeable robot heart that can be used for a heart transplant but his father didn't finish the calculations and micro thought maybe he could. The next few days he was working on the calculations for the device and he cracked it the only problem was that the device will only work for so long.

Moondancer then came in and said "sir I have the files you asked for."

"uh? oh thank you Moondancer" he said as he took the files.

Moondancer then asked "what are you working on anyway?"

"Its an idea my father had before he died but never finished an interchangeable heart that can keep someone alive longer than a regular heart transplant the only problem is it can only keep them alive for so much longer, there must be a way to make it work better."

"Well I'm sure you will figure it out" she said as she walked out of the room.

The next day Micro decided to take some time off and went to the park were he met up with flash who said " hey Micro good to see you out of the office."

"Yes I know I just needed a break from the company."

"Well I have somethings to take care of I'll see you later."

Later on micro was driving back home but then his breaks failed when he tried to stop and he crashed he woke up later in a hospital bed and found he had heart damage and the doctor named Stygian strange said "Micro you suffered great heart damage your going to need a transplant."

Then Micro got an idea the interchangeable heart he then told the doctor about it.

The doctor then said "have they been tested."

"They will be tested by me" later on micro had the device built and sent to the hospital with how to do the surgery and after it was done micro said "well I need to wait a few days to see if this is a success."

Three days later micro found that his breaks failing was no accident some one ridged it and he relisted that he could help people by building a super battle armor which he got to work on right away. When he finished it he said "from now on I can protect the city from threats as iron man".

Then he noticed that he needed to change out the heart piece but then a spark of equestrian magic hit one of them right before he put it in his chest and when he put it in it started glowing bright "what the wow taste like cherry woo!"

flash sentry (aka spider man)

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One month before graduation Flash sentry was leaning on his locker thinking about his plans for his life, he gave up on the idea of police academy and was at a loss. Then his friend Sandal wood came up to him and asked "hey Flash whats wrong".

"Oh I'm just wondering what I'll do with my life, I mean I already gave up on police academy so what should I do".

"Well I'm sure you will figure it out after all you do have a lot of good grades especially in technology and chemistry" It was true Flash was in about 3rd place in those 2 things first for technology was Micro chip and second was Twilight, and with chemistry It was vice versa.

As Sandal walked off Flash thought "maybe Sandal is right I can find a career for me" as he was thinking this a spark of equestrian magic flew through an open window and hit a small spider that was siting on top of the lockers, the spider then came down onto flash's arm and bit him "ouch what the" flash looked on his arm and saw the spider "a spider? but why Is It glowing like that" then the spider got down and stopped glowing. Flash was about to question it but then the bell rang and he went to class.

Later on at lunch time Flash started to get a strange feeling when Twilight walked behind him and slipped on a banana peal that she did'int see, Flash then got up turned around and caught her then he caught her tray of food without spilling any of It "wow great moves Flash thanks" Twilight said nervelessly wall blushing.

"Um your welcome Twilight" Flash replied as he helped her up and handed her the tray then after she walked of the sit with her friends flash sat down to continue eating but a few tables away some angry green eyes were watching the whole thing.

Later on around time to leave flash was at his locker when he felt that strange feeling again but this time it was different he could feel things like a fly buzzing by the science lab door, and a fist headed straight for him! He moved out of the way of the fist and saw it was Timbers "So you think you can get away with making goo-goo eyes at my girl".

Twilight then walked up to them and said "leave him alone timber he just did me a favor form my accident of slipping on that banana peel".

"My fist braking his nose thats the accident"

"I don't want to fight you Timber"

"I wouldn't want to fight me ether" Timber then started throwing punches at flash but he just moved out of the way of them.

Twilight then said to her friend "help him Applejack".

"which one" Applejack replied as Flash got that strange feeling again as a student named Super charge got behind him and charged at him, and he back flipped out of the way.

Super charge then said to Timber "good luck"

Timber then started throwing punches faster and Flash blocked them until he caught one holding it tight and timber moaning in pain then flash punched him and sent him flying across the hall. Twilight then walked up to him and said "Timber there something I've been needing to tell you".

"What is it?".

"I'm braking up with you".

"what!" the crowd gasped.

"Timber ever since you transferred to canterlot high you've been a real jerk". She then walked over to Flash and said "Flash sorry about that".

"Oh don't worry I'm fine but I have to say i never knew I had it in me". Then the bell rang to leave.

Flash was walking home but first he went to the side of a tall building were no one could see him and looked at his hand. Then he walked over to the wall and started to climb it with ease he then looked down and shouted "o-ya!" then he was jumping from roof top to roof top.

On the way home he walked past a bank and the alarm went off as a guy with no mask ran out with a big bag over his shoulder, he ran past flash then got on a motor bike and sped off a guard went up to flash and said "hay you could have stopped him now that creep got away".

When Flash got home he went up to his room and got an idea as he took out a red ski mask and cut eye holes into it, and dyed an old blue jacket red then he got out some paper and got to work on an idea for two wrist mounted devices that would shoot webs and a formula for web serum. The next day after school on his way home he saw a crowd of people gathered around something. He worked his way through the crowd and gasped the cops tried to push him back but he said "Oh no thats my dad". He went over to his dad who was lying on the ground "dad" flash said sadly.

His father then said "Flash I heard about what happened at your school but just remember with great power comes grate responsibility". Then his head fell to the ground.

Flash then got up and said "who did this?"

A police officer named Shining armor then answered "a thief he stole your fathers car don't worry we have a trace on him heading to the pier Flash then ran over to an alley and took the red jacket that he dyed and added a spider shaped mark on the chest, the red mask and his web shooters which he had finished.

he then climbed a wall onto a building and shot a web at anther building he swung down and then shot anther web at a different building and started swinging fast then spotted his fathers stolen car as it parked out side a warehouse and the thief ran inside as Flash followed him once Flash spotted him he punched him and the thief said "don't hurt me just give me a chance"

"what about my father did you give him a chance did you" the thief backed into the light and flash gasped it was him the bank robber he should have stopped.

While Flash did that the thief pulled out his gun chuckled and said "goodbye".

Flash then punched him and he feel back, tripped on a wire loop in the floor and fell out a window from the 3rd story. Flash looked then left thinking about what happened If he had stopped that bank robber he wouldn't have lost his father and he decided from then on he would help people in need he even made a new suit "From now on people of canterlot will be safe thanks to me Spiderman".

Two months after graduation Spiderman was all over the news as was Iron man the two later met up and started forming a team of heroes to fight crime. What will happen next you will just have to what and see.

sandal wood (hawk eye)

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Two months after graduation Sandal wood was enjoying a milkshake over at sugar cube corner and planing on what he would do later when he heard a loud explosion down the street so he finished the milkshake and went to see what happened. When he got got there he found that there was a battle between iron man and some kind of robot he then gasped "wow! Id better get out of here!" he started to run. Later when he got home he turned on the news and found that iron man beat the robot "wow I wonder what will happen next" he then went out to practice his favorite pass time archery. He shot three arrows at three targets and hit the bulls eye on each one.

Then his girlfriend Rose luck appeared and asked "Hey sandal what'ch ya doin?"

"Hey Rose I'm just practicing".

"Well you wanna hang out?" Rose asked.

Then Sandal said "well..." then suddenly a car came flying over and Rose screamed as it hit her "Rose!" Sandal yield as he ran over to her and pushed up on the broken off trunk and pulled Rose out from under it. She was still alive but seriously injured Sandal pulled out his phone and tried to call an ambulance but the line was busy. "How can that be busy?" he asked himself until he looked and saw the giant robot that threw the car that hit Rose and thought "hmm there must be a lot of people getting injured well only one thing too do then" he then lifted rose up and carried her to the hospital" of coarse it was'int easy as he had to get over crashed cars and threw ruble of buildings but he finally mad it to the hospital and took Rose inside.

Once inside nurse Red heart saw them and said "oh my get a wheelchair over here stat".

When the wheelchair arrived sandal placed rose on it and said "don't worry rose you'll be alright".

Rose then replied "but what are you going to do".

sandal thought for a minute and said "I'm going to set things right" he then left and went back to his house which was partly destroyed he when to the ruble that was once his room, opened the closet and took out a black case, he then opened it reviling a strange quiver of arrows, a bow ,and a pair of strange goggles these things belonged to his father who created them to sell to the army but after he finished them he died in a car wreck Sandal was the only one who new about his fathers invention the quiver can switch arrow heads on your arrow easily, the bow controls the quiver and the goggles can link to a camera on the bow for better aim and are even equipped with night vision, and infrared vision. Sandal wood then took a black vest out of his closet and put it on over a white long sleeve he put the quiver on his back, put on the goggles and took the bow then went out.

Meanwhile iron man and spider man were fighting the giant robot without much luck "where did this thing even come from!?" spider man asked trying to tie it up in webs.

"I don't know but we have to stop it" iron man replied firing lasers at it.

while they were fighting it head on a strange figure appeared on top of a nearby building but they did'int notice sandal then used his goggle to scan it and look for a weak spot on the robots metal shell when he spotted a strange circle on the
robot's chest the goggles scanned it and found that was where he needed to shoot he pulled out an explosive arrow pulled it back on the bow then waited for the right moment then fired the arrow at it when it hit the robot started to shut down "bull's eye" sandal said

"What the?" spider man gasped.

"Were did that come from" iron man said aloud.

They both looked saw Sandal wood on the nearby roof and went over to him "sandal wood how did you?" spider man asked.

"My father created these things but the died before he ever used them. wait! how do you know my name?" he asked.

"Well for starters does anyone else know about the devices of yours?" iron man asked.

"No i was the only one who knew about my fathers inventions why?" Sandal replied.

"Well" iron man said as his mask lifted up and reviled the face of Micro chips.

"What! Micro your iron man".

Then spider man pulled off his mask saying "thats not the only surprise".

Sandal looked over and gasped at the face of Flash sentry "Flash you too?".

"Yes" micro answered "and the reason I asked if anyone else knew of your dads invention is because were forming a team of heroes to fight crime and you could be part of it with that quiver, bow, and goggles what do you say?"

Sandal then replied "Well I only have these arrows if i run out then"

Micro then said "don't worry about that i can have chip industry's make more for you".

"Oh then in that case sure i'll join" Sandal replied

"OK but your going to need a new suit to keep your identity secret" micro said "come by chip industry's later and i'll help you with that."

"Okay but I'll have to stop at the hospital later to make sure Rose luck is alright"

"Oh what happened to her?" Flash asked.

"That robot threw a car on her luckily i got her to the hospital".

"Okay see you later" flash said as he put his mask back on and swung away.

"Well you best go check to make sure she's alright" micro said as he flew away.

One hour later sandal had gotten the case for his bow quiver and goggles and had bought a bouquet of roses then arrived at the hospital to check on rose when he got to her room he saw her on the bed with her right arm and both legs in a cast she looked over at Sandal and said "hey Sandal".

Sandal then handed her the roses and said "hey I glad your alright".

She took the roses and replied "yes I am thanks so what happened with that robot?"

Sandal then said "a new hero came and stopped it".

"Really?" She asked.

"Ya well I would love to stay and chat but there are a few things i need to take care of".

"Okay" rose replied.

Later that day Sandal went to chip industry's and meet up with Micro who said "good to see you here Sandal we just finished the suit" as he pointed to the suit foiled up on a chair "well go try it on also were gonna need to see one of your arrows and one of each arrow head".

Sandal nodded and handed him those things then tried on the suit it had black pants, a black bullet proof vest, boots and some kind of wrist watch "Nice" sandal said "but whats the watch for?"

"Its a communicator allowing us to keep in contact with each other".

"Oh okay".

"now you just need a hero name" micro said.

Sandal thought for a minute and said "just call me hawk eye".

Meanwhile in a secret lair a super villain was enraged "how did the robot fail!?" he asked his right hand admin.

The admin was shaking in fear and said "apparently they found out wear it control system was and destroyed it".

"Well then we will just have to find another way."

Lyra (scarlet witch)

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Lyra was sitting on a bench in the park practicing on her lyre and thinking about her plans for the future she recently graduated from high school and was at a loss, her original plan was to get into the canterlot orchestra but the only way for that was to wait for an opening so her only plan was to wait but she needed to find anther way to make money in the meantime but what.

"I wonder what I can do to make money" then her stomach rumbled "well maybe now I should go get some lunch" she got up and put her lyre back in its case then started walking to sugar cube corner.

When she got there Miss Cake said "hello Lyra dear what can I get you?"

Lyra then answered "I think I'll have a strawberry milkshake".

"Okay then" Miss Cake replied and got to work. Five minutes later Miss Cake gave her the milkshake.

Lyra paid then drank up the milkshake when finished something happened there was a loud explosion she ran outside and saw iron man and spiderman fighting a giant robot she was so shocked to see this she didn't notice a large spark of equestrian magic fly over and hit her lyre shaped pendent as She ran away. The next day the town was cleaning up the mess that the robot made and Lyra had volunteered to help when she ran into sunset who was looking worried "whats wrong sunset?"

"Lyra I don't believe it but someone has stolen my geode".

"What!? but only you can use it why would someone else take it?"

"Well whoever stole it must not know about that but who knows".

Later that day Lyra went home and started feeling a strange feeling which emitted from her pendent when suddenly she started floating above the floor surrounded by a gold aura "what the?" She gasped then fell to the floor "what happened how did I?" She then looked down and saw her pendent glowing "what?" Then her pendent stopped glowing and she said "I wonder" she then grabbed hold of her pendent with one hand and held her other hand and pointed it at a large crack in the wall of her apartment then the crack started to mend its self "wow I wonder what else I can do" she then thought about the outfit that rarity had once made appear on her when she was walking down the road and singing then snapped her fingers and the outfit she was wearing had changed into that outfit and her hair changed as well. "Wow it worked".

The next day she had Bonbon over and told her about this new ability "wow you can really do that?" Bonbon asked.

"Yes isn't it awesome".

"So what are you going to do now".

"Hmm I don't know maybe Ill..." suddenly there was a large boom that shook the whole building "what the" they both went outside and saw some kind of giant robot t-Rex that would have run but it then shoot fire at them just as Lyra put up a magic shield.

"Wow your really getting the hang of that magic" Bonbon said.

"Thanks" Lyra replied then the t-Rex started running further into town then Lyra got an idea "Hey I know what I can do" she then snapped her fingers and her outfit changed into a light green body suit with a blue W on the chest and her pendent in front of it, a mask, and her hair was tide into a pony tale "I'm gonna use these powers to help those in need".

She then grabbed hold of her pendent and started flying in the direction the robot went. When she got to it she saw iron man, spiderman, and hawk eye fighting it, iron man firing lasers at it, spider man trying to tie it up in webs, and hawk eye shooting exploding arrows at it. Lyra then held up her hand and focused her magic the shoot a lightning bolt out of her hand that hit the robot Dino and shorted it out. Iron man then said "wow what the" then saw Lyra flying near by but didn't know it was her "wow these heroes just keep appearing left and right" then flew over to were Lyra was flying and asked her "okay whats your hero name?"

Lyra thought for a second then looked at the W on her chest then said "witch, scarlet witch".

Then iron man asked "well scarlet you seem quite powerful how would you like to join our team?"

"I'd love to" she answered.

"Well then come by chip industries later here" he then handed her a little card "you'll need this to get in".

"Okay" she said as they both flew off.

Later at chip industries Lyra came in with the card in her hand and saw micro at the front she went over to him and asked "hey micro do you know were I use this" as she showed him the card.

Micro then said "oh yes follow me" he lead her to an elevator and they both went inside he then pointed to a slot next to the controls and said "just punch it in here".

Lyra did so and the elevator went down to the secret sub basement then when she got there she saw two guys she know all to well were down there already and she asked "Flash, Sandal what are you guys doing here?"

Flash then answered "were here for the same reason you are Lyra or should i say scarlet witch?"

Lyra gasped and said "what you guys are?"

Flash smirked, opened his jacket to show the spiderman suit underneath and said "yes we are".

Sandal pulled his goggles out of his pocket and put them on showing he's hawk eye and said "welcome to the club".

Lyra then squealed with excitement "wow i can't believe that the new heroes were already my friends but what about iron man?"

Then the guy in question came in and said "your still among friends" as his mask lifted showing the face of Micro chips.

"Wow so now i'm in your group of heroes?" Lyra asked.

"Yes, but maybe we should find a team name just saying group of heroes is kind of strange" Sandal said.

Flash then replied "that is a good idea but what should we call our group?"

They thought for a minute until Lyra said "hay how about the Avengers? its got a nice ring to it"

The other three guys thought about it and nodded as Flash said "nice I like the sound of that".

"Good idea scarlet" Sandal said.


"So they stopped anther one of my robots?" the super villain asked.

"Yes, but the distraction worked perfectly" his minion said as he held up two geodes one belonging to applejack and the other belonging to rainbow dash.

The super villain then chuckled and said "now I have three of them and once i get all seven i'll will be unstoppable".

sunburst (Dr octopus)

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Flash was walking down the street when he ran into Twilight who was looking depressed "Hey Twilight whats wrong?" He asked her.

She then replied "ever since I broke up with Timber I've been feeling sad I mean I don't regret that brake up in any way but I've felt so lonely".

Flash thought for a minute then said "um you want to go get a milkshake or something?"

Twilight looked surprised for minute then smiled and said "sure I'd love to".

Later when they got to sugar cube corner they ordered the milkshake then sat down to wait and had a little conversation "So Twilight what are you doing now?"

She then answered "I've been working at glimmer burst labs where I fix broken machines in fact the two founders starlight glimmer and sunburst will be testing a new invention tomorrow that will evolve society, what about you?"

"I've been doing paid internship for chip industries along with ,Sandal wood and Lyra."

Twilight then said "wow you work for chip industries incredible but then again since Micro chip was your friend back at school I probably shouldn't be surprised".

Then Miss Cake came over and said "pardon me but order up" as she placed a large milkshake with two straws down in between them.

"Oh thanks" Flash said as he paid for it.

"Are you sure you don't want me to help pay for it?" Twilight asked.

"Its fine I making a good bit of money from my internship" Flash answered. Then they both drank the milkshake together.

Later that night twilight was asleep in her bed and spike was downstairs when a mysterious person opened her bed room window then walked in and grabbed her Geo on her nightstand then left with it. The next morning Twilight got up and saw that her Geo was gone "what the I could have sworn I left it on the nightstand" she said then saw her window open and remembered that Sunset Rainbow and Applejacks Geo's were stolen so she realized hers was stolen as well but she didn't have time to think much about it she had to get to work today was the day that sunburst and his wife starlight would test the new machine.

Later when she got to work she was just in time as they were about to start there she even saw the crowed of people who all wanted to see. Sunburst and Starlight then came out and Sunburst said "welcome everyone as you have heard we are testing a new machine that will change the world now let me introduce my helpers" as he removed a sheet covering 4 robot arms sunburst then got them on his back and they fused on to his body "you see the energy this machine create is to powerful for human hands to go near it so I invented these robot arms with there own artificial intelligence to assist me".

Then a reporter asked "Doctor if they are as you say wouldn't that make you vulnerable to them?"

"That is correct which is why I invented this control chip" he said as he pointed to the computer chip on the back "that way I control them instead of them controlling me now on to the real show" he then went over to the machine as a hole opened in the floor and a stand came out holding something then one of his robot arms grabbed it as he said "powerful tritium is the fuel for this project theirs only 25% of it on the whole planet which is why i'd like to thank Mr rich for the help in getting it".

"Happy to help pay the bills Dr" Mr rich responded.

Sunburst then placed the tritium in the machine then it started up and created an orb of light. Then the orb created a magnetic field around it pulling metal objects into it as people there started getting scared "don't worry it will stabilize soon"

Mr rich then yelled "turn it off"

"It will stabilize"

"I'm in charge here" Mr rich yelled back

Then the machine pulled a metal beam out of place that when strait for Starlight and hit her on the head before getting sucked in the orb "Starlight!" Sunburst yelled when he saw her on the floor then he screamed with pain when a lighting bolt shot from the orb and hit him frying his control chip and knocking him out.

Then spider man appeared and killed the power to the machine which made the orb disappear "wow what happened?" He asked as he saw all the unconscious people.

Later on some ambulances arrived and picked up everyone who was injured then two days later at the hospital flash went to visit Twilight who's eyes were hurt from the event and she had to have surgery to save them but now after her surgery she was laying in a bed with a bandage over her eyes then when Flash came in he said "hey Twilight you alright?"

She then said "yes I'm alright now" wall she said this she was looking in the opposite direction.

"Um Twilight i'm over here" he said as he put his arm on her shoulder.

"Oh well I do have a bandage over my eyes cut me some slack" she said in a tone that was mixed with annoyance and embarrassment.

"Don't worry about it" Flash said "I'm sure your eyes will heel sooner than expected".

She then blushed and replied "thanks" then asked "by the way how are sunburst and starlight doing?"

Flash then answered "well Starlight is in a comma and Sunburst has some head trauma".

Then there was a loud sound "what was that?" Twilight asked.

"I'll go see" flash said he than went to were the sound came from and saw a big hole in the wall then saw a Doctor on the floor groaning then Flash went over to him and asked "what happened here?"

The doctor then said "Sunburst happened we were about to cut off the robot arms but then the arms attacked us while he was asleep then he woke up, knocked this big hole in the wall and left".

Flash was surprised to hear this he then when back to Twilight's room and told her what happened and she said "what but Sunburst said that his arms shouldn't be able to do that as long as he has that control chip" she then realized "unless the control chip got destroyed in the project somehow".

"Well I think I should go tell someone about this" Flash said as he left the room then out of the hospital and over to where no one can see him and opened the communicator on his wristwatch "avengers come in this is spiderman over"

Micro chips then answered "spiderman whats the problem" Flash then explained all that happened and Micro said "wow that not good will need to find him".

"Copy that i'll start looking right away".


sweetie belle (squirrel girl)

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It was a normal day but summer was over and the cmc were going back to school but now they were seniors at canterlot high and sweetie belle had even signed up for cheer leading.

"Wow your really going to be a cheerleader?" Scootaloo asked her.

"Well now that Diamond tiara is our friend shes been helping me with practicing and tryouts" she answered

"Wow thats nice" Apple bloom said.

"Well we better get to class now" sweetie belle said.

Later on outside near the football field a spark of equestrian magic hit a small acorn and it started glowing then a squirrel came over picked it up and bit it but then didn't seem to like it and had thrown it on to the field were it landed on a part of a hot electrical wire where the coating had peeled off. Then later was cheer leading practice and sweetie belle was greatly excited as she wore the blue and yellow cheerleader outfit, white sneakers, and blue ribbon in her hair "Wow this is so amazing" she said.

Then miss Cheerilee (who coached cheerleaders) came out and said "alright everyone lets start warming up with three leader pyramids".

Sweetie belle may have been new at this but she turned out to be quit skilled she was even at the top when they did the full pyramid "wow Sweetie your good at this" complemented Silver spoon.

"Thanks" Sweetie belle replied.

After practice was over sweetie belle then saw something glowing she went over to it and saw an acorn shining like a star and without hesitation she picked it up then she started to feel a buzz going through her body and she dropped as it stopped glowing "ouch" she said then remembered she had to get going.

Then after school when Sweetie got home she saw her sister in her room waiting for her who said "Sweetie belle I heard how you made the squad so I made something for you as a congratulation" she then handed sweetie belle a wrapped present.

When sweetie opened it she was amazed to see a plain green and white cheerleader outfit with a ribbon for her hair and sneakers she then shed a tear and said "Thanks Rarity its beautiful but isn't it a little plain?"

"Well since its a cheerleader outfit made so you can wear it like normal clothing i'd say its alright the color even matches your eyes".

When Sweetie heard that she was amazed Rarity had mad a cheerleader outfit for her that she could wear anywhere, she then went over a hugged her sister as she "oh Rarity you really are the best big sister a girl could ask for".

Rarity hugged her back saying "anything for the best little sister ever now are you going to try the outfit on or are we just going to keep talking".

Sweetie giggled and then went into her big closest to change she then came out wearing the outfit and said "wow it feels nice to".

Rarity then smiled but then something broke the window and came through then when it hit the floor it released some kind of gas which knocked out both Rarity and Sweetie belle then a mysterious figure entered and took Rarities Geo.

One hour later they both woke up and Rarity noticed her Geo was gone and said "what happened to my Geo".

One hour later sweetie belle was siting on the ground leaning back on a tree then she saw a squirrel come over to her and she said "hey".


"What? thats weird I could have sworn I heard someone" she then looked at the squirrel and said "did you see anyone little guy?"

To her surprise the squirrel then answered "no I haven't"

"What a talking squirrel?"

"Wait you can understand me I thought only Fluttershy could".

"Wait have I got the power to talk to animals to" she then saw a bird and tried it "hey" she said to the bird but the bird just made bird sounds and flew away then she thought "hmm maybe i can only talk to squirrels" she then looked at the squirrel and asked "hay can you go get some of your friends?"

The squirrel nodded and then went up the tree then came down with at least seven more squirrels and one of them asked "so why did you bring use down here?"

Sweetie was amazed and said "wow I can talk to squirrels this is awesome". Sweetie belle spent the rest of the day talking to them until sundown then went inside she ate dinner took a shower and went to bed but as she sleep't she was dreaming of fighting crime as a squirrel themed hero and she didn't know that in her sleep she started growing a big long squirrel like tail and her ears were strengthening to. The next morning when she got up she noticed the tail and said "what the?" but then noticed that nothing else on her had changed so she got dressed and hid the tail in her cloths then went down for breakfast.

Rarity then saw her and said "Oh good morning sweetie belle you know its Saturday I was wondering if you and I could do something together".

Sweetie belle thought for a minuet and said "well I suppose we could" then she thought about her tail "as long as i'm not modeling outfits no offence its just I do that for you all the time so lets do something different".

Rarity said "oh I understand we can do something else how about we go shopping for outfits instead".

Sweetie belle thought about it she could find cloths that can better hid her tail and then said "sure that sounds great".

Later on at the mall Rarity said "alright Sweetie why don't we start there" as she pointed to a beauty salon.

Sweetie then asked "why?"

"To get our hair and nails done of course" Rarity answered.

Sweetie thought about it and said "well I suppose I could get my nail done but I think I'll keep my hair the way it is".

Rarity giggled and took her sister by the hand into the salon where they saw Aloe and Lotus working there and Rarity asked "Aloe, Lotus what are you to doing here?"

Aloe then answered "our spa is currently closed for repairs so we started working here".

Then Lotus came over and asked "now what can we do for you?"

Rarity that answered "well my sister here would like to get her nails done and I would like to get my hair done".

"Oh so sweetie belle has finally decided to join you thats great" Aloe said as she then looked at sweetie and motioned for her to follow "right this way Sweetie".

Aloe led sweetie belle over to a chair then asked her to sit down and relax. Sweetie did so as Aloe placed sweeties right hand on a table next to the chair and anther staff member named Soft hair came over to do her left hand and said "lets get started".

Both Aloe and Soft hair started filing sweeties nails down to the right size then they started painting them light green with white flowers after an hour or so they were done sweetie belle looked at her nails and said "wow nice".

Rarity then came over and saw her sister's nails then said "Sweetie belle your nails look great".

Sweetie then blushed a little and said "thanks".

Rarity then said "now why don't we go get some lunch before we continue?"

sweetie belle then said "sure sounds great".

They went to the food court of the mall and choose a simple burger stand but when they got there they saw that Sweetie's boyfriend Button mash was working there and he said "hey sweetie belle"

"Button mash you work here?" Sweetie asked him.

"Ya Its a good job now what can i get for you".

Rarity then said "we will just have two small burgers and sodas".

After they ate they ran into pinkie pie and Fluttershy and Rarity said "Pinkie, Fluttershy good to see you".

Then Pinkie gasped and said "oh no Rarity has your Geo been stolen to?"

Rarity then said "yes but... Wait what? your's have been stolen?"

Fluttershy then said "yes but why is what I wonder when only we can use them".

Then there was a big explosion nearby and tall a man in black and red came through wearing a gold colored metal glove on his right hand as rarity looked closer she saw all seven Geo's on the glove "What he has our Geo's?"

Then the man said "now canterlot fear me Thanos" as he held up his hand and fire a powerful beam from it.

Then the avengers came in and iron man said "hey hes wearing the infinity gauntlet".

Meanwhile during the battle Sweetie belle was hiding in a cloths store and then got an idea she then found a brown shirt, brown fur vest, brown pants, shoes and a mask. Then she cut a hole in the pants for her tail and went out there when she got there she saw that almost all the avengers were down except for scarlet but when she saw Thanos she flipped over and landed on his shoulders, then a high frequency sound came out of her mouth and hundreds of squirrel came in and dog piled Thanos with the gauntlet sticking out scarlet then saw an opening and she amid her hand at it and said "sorry girls" as she fired her magic at the gauntlet destroying both it and the Geo's.

The the squirrels all left and Thanos said "no!!" this isn't over until we meet again" as he disappeared.

Then the other avengers got up and saw Sweetie even if they didn't recognize her iron man went over to scarlet and asked her "what happened here".

She then explained "the girl with the squirrel tail came in and then jumped onto Thanos shoulders then she somehow called in squirrels that piled on him and I saw an opening and used my magic to destroy the gauntlet and Geo's".

Iron man then went over to the girl and said "hey how would you like to join the avengers?"

Sweetie thought about it and said "sure i'd love to"

Spiderman then came over and asked "so whats your hero name"

Sweetie mentally debated then said "just call me Squirrel girl"

Later on at chip industries they found out who she really was and she found out who they are Lyra modified sweeties super attire and micro gave her an upgrade which was retractable claw gloves and gave her a wrist con to "wow thanks everyone this is great".

"Well we had better get to work we still have to find sunburst" Flash said.

sky stinger and vapor trail (cloak and dagger)

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It was dark cold December night in Manehattan and a young woman named vapor trail was coming home from dance class. Her family was quite wealthy and she got nice things but there was one thing she always wanted be could never get a mothers love, her mother was always to busy to spend time with her that was why she ran away to Manehatten to start her dancing carrier, she found a class that can teach her greatly for a fair price and she had a good job in a clothing boutique run by a woman named Coco pommel but what she didn't know is that her life was about to change.

Meanwhile a young man named Sky stinger was on his own as well his family was quite poor and he had a lot of siblings or did have, when he was young his father was killed in a car wreck then three years later his mother died of an illness and his siblings went to foster care. So Sky was left to fend for himself he didn't like it but he had to steal to survive he then spotted a young woman with snow white skin, he thought about stealing her purse to get something to eat because it looked like she had a lot but he couldn't bring himself to do it.

Then someone else came up and stole her purse and she yelled "AAA Help!"

Sky then ran forward and tackled the thief and brought the purse back to the young woman who said "thanks" as he handed it to her "my names Vapor trail".

"I'm Sky stinger".

"Well Sky you look kind of hungry why don't you join me for dinner?"

"But I don't have any money".

Vapor then giggled and said "Don't worry I can pay".

Later on they were at a fast food joint and Vapor bought sky a good sized burger fries and a drink she then asked him about his life and he told her the story "well what about you?" he then asked her.

She then told him her backstory about how her mother was always to busy for her "yaa thats my story so you don't have any family left and your living on the street thats so sad you know what I'll let you stay with me until you can get a job and a place to live".

Sky was amazed to hear that and said "wow thanks I... don't know what to say".

Vapor then giggled.

Later as they left the restaurant they didn't notice but two sparks of equestrian magic came at them one hit sky's cloak and the other hit vapor's small dagger shaped pendent then they ran into a group of street thugs and the leader said "Hey you two why don't you hand use your valuables and no one gets hurt".

Vapor got scared as she held up her hands and light daggers flew at them "what the?" She said.

Sky then noticed his feet weren't touching the ground he was floating "Whats going on?" he asked.

Vapor then got an idea she created a light dagger and threw it at the thugs and they started to run away "wow this is incredible".

Then Sky said "wow I think were getting some kind of super powers this is awesome".

Later on Vapor took Sky to her apartment "wow this is nice" Sky said.


"Hey you know we both have these new abilities why don't we go see what else we can do?"

"Oh okay" they went to the buildings roof and tried some stuff Vapor found that her power came from her dagger pendent and she could create light daggers to throw and fight while Sky discovered that his power was in his cloak and that he could not only fly but teleport as well. "Hey I have an idea come with me" Vapor said as she took Sky by the hand and brought him back to her apartment she then said "why don't you sit down and watch a little television I have an idea to work on" as she sat down at a desk and started drawing ideas when she was done she took the paper over to a sewing machine she had for when she had to take work home with her and started sewing a fedora with a built in mask that goes with sky's cloak and when she was done she gave it to him.

"Wow thanks your pretty good at this".

Vapor blushed when he said that "oh its just something I do but I have something else to work on" she then went back to the desk and started with anther idea, a white body suit with a dagger shape on the front white boats, fingerless gloves and white butterfly mask for her to were, when she had the measurements and such done she got to work at her sewing machine. Three hours later she was done and put the suit on.

Shy then said "wow you look amazing".

Vapor then replied "thanks but maybe we should come up with new hero names call me Dagger".

Sky thought for a minute then said "just call me cloak".

Later on they were going across the roof tops of Manehatten when they saw a bank robbery they when down and stopped the robbers the the bank owner said "wow thank you both you saved my bank".

meanwhile back in canterlot micro chip had found out about them and thought they could be helpful to the team so he told the other avengers he was going there on a business trip to Manehatten as iron man when he got there it didn't take long to find them then ask them if they want the job and then they thought for a minute then nodded. "Well looks like were starting the Manehatten branch now" iron man said.

Later he bought an old building and turned it into a base that looked like a chips industries building.

bon bon (black widow)

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Ten years ago in van hover Bonbon was sitting in her home with her mom Sweet tart when it happened a great earthquake was tearing up the village Sweet tart then said to her nine year old daughter "Bonbon we have to get to the safe room now".

They ran threw the house to a room made of steel with shock absorbers Bonbon made it in but then her mother got pined under a roof beam that had fallen Bonbon tried to got help her but the safe room door closed and locked as it did when someone goes in during an earthquake "MOM!!" She yelled.

One hour after the earthquake ended the door opened and Bonbon ran out to try and find her mother but was devastated to see some men put her in an ambulance then drive away with no siren she was only nine years old but no siren can't be a good thing she then went into what was left of her home then sat on the floor and started crying. After about 30 minutes she got up realizing that if she was on her own she would have to be prepared so she looked through the ruble and found a few things like a box of matches, some cloths, a pocket knife, some food, her mother's pocket watch, and a backpack to carry it all. "Well I better get going" she said as she walked out but first looked at her locket which had a picture of her and her mom inside. As looked at the picture she started to tear up a bit but remembered that her mom would want her to stay strong so she then went out to start her new life.

Later on she ran into the local bully who said "oh if it isn't the little cry baby what have you got there" she then pushed Bonbon down and took her locket then started to walk away. Bonbon saw the bully leaving with her most prized possession and the realized what she had to do to get it back she got up then tackled the bully to the ground and punched her face so hard it turned purple, Bonbon then took back her locket and walked away.

One year later Bonbon was found by a secret agency called shield that realized she had the skill to be a junior agent shadowing anther agent so she was taken in by an agent named black rose who was like an aunt to her sometimes shes sweet other times she can get really angry but she took care of Bonbon well she even sent her to school in canterlot where Bonbon took classes in gymnastics and self defense.

Two years later Bonbon had stated training with black rose "wow this is great" Bonbon said.

"Keep your head in the game Bonbon never give your opponent an opening" black rose said. As the years of training went on Bonbon got better and when black rose retired Bonbon took her place and became Black widow.

(Present day)

Bonbon was at home making candies when her watch started beeping so she answered it and the head of shield (Flash magnus) said "Bonbon this is important I need you to find the avengers and convince them to join shield they could be a strong addition to it".

"What ever you say Magnus" Bonbon replied then went out she knew it wouldn't be hard since she knew that her best friend was scarlet witch so she waited for her roommate to get back.

When Lyra did get back Bonbon explained it to her and she said "wow so your a secret agent?"

"Yes and Flash magnus wants you and the other avengers to join shield so what do you say?" Bonbon asked.

The Lyra said "well i'd have to talk with the others about this but will see".

Later Lyra went back to chip industry's brought Bonbon with her and she told them what she told Lyra and Flash sentry said "really that guy wants us to join shield".

"Well it seems like a great chance to find more people who are gaining super powers and expand the avengers even more" Micro chips said.

"Are you sure about this?" Sweetie belle nervously asked.

Bonbon noticed this and said "Sweetie belle if your nervous about being underage don't be I started working for shield when I was nine".

"Okay... then" Sweetie belle said now confused.

"Flash magnus wants you all to join shield all who want to say I" Bonbon said.

"I" they all said at once.

Later Bonbon took them to shield headquarters where they met Flash magnus who said "welcome glad Bonbon convinced you all to join".

Sweetie belle then said "so what now".

Flash magnus then handed them each a watch and said "here these wrist com's will allow us to keep in touch so that when we need it we can contact you".

"That good but i just remembered I have to go meet up with my girlfriend Rose luck" Sandal wood said.

"yaa and I promised Twilight I would meet up with her for this fire works show happening tonight" Flash sentry said.

"I'm also meeting up with button mash for the same reason" Sweetie belle said.

Then Flash magnus said "alright then you had best be going then".

When they got back flash went to twilight's house and knocked then twilight came out in a long blue dress and Flash was speechless Twilight sparkle then said "face it Flash you hit the jackpot".

Flash sentry then held out his hand and said "my lady".

Twilight sparkle blushed a little and took his hand, they went over to his car, he opened the door for her and she got in. Later at the show Flash sentry put his arm around Twilight sparkle's shoulders and she cuddled up to him Flash then said "Twilight you want to got out some time?"

Twilight looked surprised but then smiled and said "yes I'd love to go out with you".

Button mash (ice man)

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Button mash was sitting in his room playing his video games when he stopped and went to the kitchen for a drink but first he got a peace of ice from the freezer to crunch on, but right before he put it in his mouth a spark of equestrian magic flew over and hit the ice. After he swallowed he said "weird that didn't taste like normal ice must have picked up something in there" He then grabbed a soda and went back to his room.

Later he was outside with his remote controlled helicopter then it burst into flames and he said "really" he then pointed his hand at it and said "not again!" then a cold mist shoot out of his hand and extinguished the flame and froze what was left of the toy "what was that?" he said then got an idea, he put his hand up again and shoot anther mist only colder and froze a tree "wow I wonder what else I can do, meh i'll find out later".

The next day he was at school and met up with Sweetie belle who said "hey Button hows it going?"

He then replied "its going alright how are you?"

"Oh i'm fine, you know I just made the cheerleader squad" Sweetie belle said proudly.

Then Button mash said "oh that explains the cute outfit your wearing" as he looked at her cheerleader outfit that Rarity made for her "congratulations".

Sweetie Belle blushed and said "thanks Button, well we had better get to class".

Button nodded and they went on to there classes. Later on after school Sweetie belle was practicing with the rest of the squad which included Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Dinky Hooves, Peppermint Twist, and Zipporwhill. Then when they stopped Button mash came over and asked "hey Sweetie belle you want to go get a milkshake?"

Sweetie belle then smiled and said "I'd love to".

Later on they both arrived at sugar cube corner and ordered one strawberry milkshake for two then wall they were waiting for it button said "you know Sweetie belle until I met you I never thought that I would ever have a girlfriend to share a milkshake or anything with".

Sweetie then giggled and said "I never thought I'd have a good boyfriend ever until I met you".

That made button smile then Mrs cake came over and handed them a large milkshake with two straws in it then said "enjoy you two". Then they sucked up the shake while looking into each others eyes lovingly.

After they finished the milkshake button payed for it and they left the building but then there was a loud explosion and they looked to see a giant, robot t-Rex like the one that appeared a few months ago only this time it was shooting flames from almost every part of its body. Then the avengers appeared on the seen (minus Squirrel girl) and started fighting Scarlet tried to use an electric attack again but this time the robot seemed prepared and it didn't work Scarlet then said "what the? Why didn't it work?"

Iron man then said "It must be upgraded from the last one we defeated".

Then Spider man said "then how do we stop it?"

Back with Button mash and Sweetie belle they were trying to find a safe place to be then when Button mash looked to his side he saw that Sweetie belle was gone and said "what Sweetie belle!? I have to find her but how?" he then remembered his powers and said "maybe if I stop that robot I can find her but I'll need to hid my identity so my mom doesn't get upset with me" he then looked to his left and saw a sports store and said "aha thats it he went in the grabbed a hockey mask, pads ,and running shoes then went out.

When he got there he was on top of a nearby roof he then shoot a super cold mist at the robot t-Rex and two minutes later it was completely frozen then it fell over and busted into pieces the avengers looked and saw him on that roof Iron man then flew over to him and asked "um who are you?"

Button mash thought for a minute then said "call me ice man".

Spider man then jumped on to the roof with him and said "Well ice man maybe you should join the team".

Then iron man handed him a card and said "come to this address tomorrow at five pm if you want to join".

The next day when Button had gotten out of school and went to the address on the card then was surprised to see the address was for the chip industries building he then went inside and got to the elevator then inside it he saw a card slot and got an idea he pulled out the card that Iron man gave him and put it in the slot then a robot voice said "welcome new avenger then the elevator went down to the sub basement and when he got there was surprised at the sight of Flash sentry, Lyra heart stings, Sandal wood, Bonbon, Micro chips, and Sweetie belle then he said "wow so you guys are the avengers?"

Micro chips then said "yes but not all of them there are two others but they live in Mane hattan so ya and you must be ice man".

Then Button mash said "ya I am and you want me to join right?"

Then Flash said "yes we do".

Then Bonbon came over gave him a wrist con and said "here we have already told Flash magnus an he sent this for you see you can communicate with us through it and more".

"Wow" Button mash said.

Sweetie belle then came over and hugged him then said "Button this is great you and I can be heroes together now" she then kissed his check then he blushed and smiled.

"Well avengers I can see we will have a lot of work to do to keep this town safe but first" he then pulled out a remote and pushed a button on it then a light blue suit with a snow flake on it and a light blue ninja mask came out of an opening "we made that suit for you to use Button it has everything, if it doesn't fit it will adjust its self and it compacts its self in your wrist con".

Button mash then said "Wow thanks".

then micro said "Okay avengers suit up" they all except Lyra and Micro pushed a switch on there wrist con and there suits appeared on them then Lyra grabbed her pendent and her suit appeared on her and Micro pulled out a metallic brief case then his armor came out and got on him "okay Avengers assemble".

Rumble (Rictor), Scootaloo (Pixie), and Tirek (Juggernaut)

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Rumble was sitting on the couch playing his handheld waiting for his girlfriend who he invited over when he saw a strange light out of the corner of his eye, he then said "what was that" then got up to go look he saw it was some kind of glowing rock "what the?" he said as he picked it up, then it started to glow brighter "ow" rumble dropped it when it stung a little then the rock stopped glowing and he said "that was weird" then when back inside to his game.


Scootaloo was riding her scooter down the street when a spark of equestrian magic flew over and hit a dragonfly that then landed on her hand, then there was a bright flash and she said "what the?" after the flash the dragon fly was gone "what just happened" then her watch beeped and she remembered she needed to met with Rumble.

Back with Rumble he was outside kicking a football around then an earthquake happened then stopped "what was that" he said then stretched out both of his arms above his head and another earthquake happened then stopped when he put his arms down "strange I didn't feel anything" he said then got an idea he put both of his hands in the air and then a minor earthquake happened and a crack opened going to the fence then he put his arms down and said "maybe I should keep this to myself for now".

Over with Scootaloo she had stopped her scooter for a minute then got a weird feeling on her back she wondered what it was until she saw her reflection in a puddle she had grown what looked like dragonfly wings "what the heck were did these come from" then she got an idea she tried to move them and they did she could control them like she could control her arms then she thought "maybe I should keep these hidden for now" she then tucked them under her backpack and continued on to Rumble's house.

When Scootaloo had gotten there she met up with Rumble and he said "hey Scoots hows it going".

Then Scootaloo said "Its going great Rumble by the way did anything weird happen to you recently?"

"Actually yes but if I tell you can you keep it a secret?" Rumble said.

Scootaloo then said "cross my heart and hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye".

Rumble them smiled and said "come with me to the back yard" when they got too the back yard he said "just don't freak out" then raised his arms then the ground started shaking hard.

When Rumble put his arms down and the shaking stopped Scootaloo said "wow so you have new abilities too?"

Rumble then looked confused and asked "wait did something happen to you as well?"

Scootaloo smirked turned around and lifted her backpack then her wings came out and she said "I got these on the way over here not sure how but hey now I can fly" as she jumped into the air and flew around then came down.

Rumble then said "hmm I wonder what we should do now".

Then Scootaloo said "Lets just wait and see what happens" Rumble then nodded in agreement.

The next day at supreme security prison on an island one of there most dangerous prisoners was extremely enraged his name was Tirek and he said "super heroes appearing left and right its crazy at this rate the criminal world will be gone forever something must be done". Then a black mist started coming in threw the walls and surrounding him, he was to angry to notice at first but when he did he felt a lot stronger and he started getting bigger and more buff then he said "well well well this could probably change things" then he charged at the wall and went crashing through it without a scratch on him then the alarm went off as he was easily charging through the walls to his escape he knew that today more prisoners were arriving there so his plan was to take the boat they used to transport prisoners.

When he arrived out by the dock were the boat was there were guards lined up with guns and the warden Hard case said "stop right there Tirek and return to your cell".

Tirek then laughed and said "i'm not Tirek anymore now you can call me Juggernaut" then he went charging at them they tried to shoot but the guns were having no effect on him so they jumped out of the way then Tirek took the boat and got away and one of the guards said "now what?"

The next morning there was a story on the news about it, reporter Cadence said "last night on of the most dangerous criminals had escaped the most secure prison on earth" she then went over to one of the guards and said "sir can you tell us anything?"

He then said "well Tirek isn't like he used to be he's somehow strong enough to crash through those reinforced cinder block walls without getting a scratch and also is somehow bullet proof".

Cadence then said "wow anything else?"

Then he said "yes he said his name is no longer Tirek he called himself Juggernaut".

Then Cadence said "well thank you sir" she then looked at the camera "be on the lookout people this criminal is even more dangerous than when he was arrested".

Meanwhile Scootaloo and Rumble were enjoying some cookies at sugar cube corner but then heard loud screams and Rumble said "what was that?"

Both Scootaloo and rumble went out to see a giant snake robot digging throw the ground and also a giant bird robot attacking from the air and soon the avengers were on the seen fighting both then Scootaloo got an idea and she said "Rumble quick see if you can cause an earthquake big enough to crush the snake robot and i'll take to the skies and make the bird crash".

Rumble then said "okay then" and lifted both his arms and a huge earth quake happened and the snake robot went down and crushed wall Scootaloo took off and got on he birds back then saw a panel opened it and pulled out wires making the bird crash.

When the Avengers saw this they went over to them and iron man asked "hmm you to want to join the avengers?"

Then they both thought about it and said "yes"

Iron man handed them a card and later they met up with them got new suits and were ready to face any threat.

Stygian (Dr Strange), and Chrysalis (Mystique)

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Dr Stygian Strange was in his office thinking about what had happened a few months ago with Micro chips and that inter changeable heart surgery then he said "I wonder if he has any other ideas for better surgery".

Then he looked at the clock and saw his shift was over so he got his things and went out, but when he got to his house he didn't notice a large spark of equestrian magic come in and bounce off of his three most prized possessions, a red cloak on a rack that belonged to his father, a gold medallion in a display case that belonged to his mother ,and a silver two fingered ring on a shelf that belonged to his grandfather then the spark hit him in the back. He then turned around and said "What was that? Meh maybe it was nothing". The next day he was off from work sitting at home reading when suddenly the book he was reading started floating "what the?" then the book stopped and came down "that was strange he then noticed glowing rings floating around his wrists before they disappeared he them looked at his cup of coffee over on the table then said "hmm I wonder" he held up his hand and focused then the rings appeared on his left wrist and the cup started to float up and over to him, he grabbed the cup and drank it then looked up to see three items glowing these were the thing the spark of magic bounced off of before it hit Stygian "what in the world why are those things glowing" he went over to them and then his fathers red cloak started flying to him "he was amazed to see this" he then grabbed the cloak and threw it onto his shoulders then he took the medallion out of its case and put it on then suddenly his mind was filled with knowledge of his powers and he felt his powers getting stronger then he picked up the ring put it on his right hand and suddenly knew what it could do he held up his right hand and made a circle motion with his other hand then a portal appeared then closed "I wonder what will happen next"

The next day we follow a fugitive named Chrysalis as she was hiding in an old abandon tool shed she then said "the cops are right on my tail I need to throw them off my trail but how" then a dark mist came in threw the crash of the shed and surrounded Chrysalis then her cloths disintegrated off of her as her dark skin turned blue, her green hair turned black, and her eyes turned red. she then felt some kind of power flowing threw her and she transformed herself to look like a young woman with gray skin, blond hair, and wall eyes. Then clothes appeared which included a blue collared shirt with a yellow tie, a light green skirt, long socks, and green heels with straps. Then she said in a different voice "This could work nicely".

Then a cop kicked the door down and saw her then asked "ma'am what are you doing here?"

She then said "I was walking threw the woods when I saw a fugitive I recognized from want posters so I came in to this shed to hid from her".

Then the cop asked "well did you see which way she went?"

"Yes I saw her going west".

"Oh no thats were the docks are she might stowaway on a ship and get away! thanks for your help ma'am but you should head home now".

"yes thank you".

She then started walking east and laughed but later she ran into a big red man with a metal helmet that covered most of his face and had horns on it he then said "what are you doing here these woods can be dangerous?"

She then grinned and said "escaping the cops" as she changed back into her normal form.

Then the man said "oh so your one of us I was once known as Tirek but after I got my power and escaped prison I became Juggernaut so who are you".

She then said "I was once known as Chrysalis but now you can call me Mystique".

"Well if you want I know a guy who's looking for more super villains to add to his army of evil I can take you to him and he does pay nicely".

She thought for a minute then said "take me to him".

Meanwhile the cops had arrived at the docks but three ships were leaving as they arrived and one cop said "great she must have gotten away".

The next day on the news reporter Cadence was talking about it "last night a fugitive named Chrysalis had escaped the police chase rumors say she managed to stowaway on one of three ships leaving the dock just as the cops arrived police are currently trying to get in touch with all three ships to warn them about her and now the weather raining".

That night Twilight sparkle was walking threw town to get home when suddenly a strange man came over to her and pulled out a knife as he said "hey lady give me your purse and no one gets hurt".

Twilight then backed up but then more men came out of a nearby ally and cornered her she was scared and muttered in a very quiet voice "help".

Then out of no where a spider web shoot down and pulled one of the thugs into the air, then spiderman dropped down and punched another one then he fought the rest of them and after they were all beaten he jumped into the air, Twilight looked around before spiderman lowered done on a web and said "are you alright ma'am?"

Twilight then said "Yes but please let me show you my thanks".

"what do you mean?" spiderman asked.

Twilight them pulled back the mouth part of his mask and said "this" then she kissed him full on the lips when they broke the kiss she said "well i'd better get home now".

Spiderman was shocked but then smiled and swung away.

Wallflower blush (invisible woman) and Juniper montage (storm)

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Wallflower was working in her garden planting some roses then looked down a her crystal pendent this pendent was a gift from her new friend Rarity who gave it to her after she agreed to modal some dresses for her "hmm I had better get back to work" when she looked away a spark of equestrian magic flew over to her and hit her pendent and some of the magic slipped into her body. She then got up and said "finished" then her phone beeped she looked to see emoji's and said "shoe, robot, lightning bolt, scared face, oh darn it Juniper why can't you just write like a normal person".

(Earlier that day).

Juniper montage was working at the theater then looked at her crystal pendent like with Wallflower Rarity had Juniper try on some dresses too then gave her the pendent then later she got off work and went home but it looked like it was going to rain so she started walking faster then a spark of equestrian magic came over and hit her pendent and some magic from it slipped into her body as well. While she was walking home the ground shook for a second then it happened again and again like giant foot steps, she then looked to see a giant robot, she then screamed and ran away while she was running she pulled out her phone and sent a message to her new best friend Wallflower blush to inform her if she didn't already know then said "I hope Wallflower can read emoji's there no time to write it down".

Later on back with Wallflower she was still trying to figure out what the massage Juniper sent her actually meant then felt as well as heard a giant foot step then turned around to see a giant robot then looked at the message and said "oh thats what it means" Then she screamed as a giant foot was about to step on her but then when her hand went up a force field appeared around her and she said "what, how did I do that?" then looked and saw her pendent glowing then said "hmm I wonder" then she made her force field bigger and pushed the robot off of it feet "wow".

Then Wallflower looked over to see her best friend Juniper montage staring at her then she put down her shield and Juniper went over and hugged her then asked "Wallflower how did you do that?"

Then Wallflower said "I don't know it just happened when that robot almost stepped on me then I could make it bigger".

Then the robot got back up and Juniper said "Oh great!" as her eyes turned white and she started floating and lightning hit the robot from every direction while rain was poring down on it the robot's brain then shorted out and Juniper went back to normal and said "what happened?"

Then Wallflower said "You started floating and you could control the weather".

Juniper looked but her friend was nowhere to be seen she then said "um Wallflower where are you?"

Then Wallflower appeared out of nowhere and said "i'm right here why?"

Junior looked stunned and said "Wallflower I think you've gained the power to turn invisible as well as create force fields".

Wallflower then said "so what do we do now?"

What they didn't know was a certain flying avenger saw the whole thing and pixie then said "wow I think I should go tell the other avengers".

Later at the avengers headquarters Scootaloo had explained to the other avengers what had happened and Micro chips said "well maybe we should go see them and ask them if they want to join the team".

"I agree but we might want to go in uniform if you know what I mean" flash said as he pushed a button on his watch and got his Spider man suit on.

Then Bonbon said "yes we know" as she did the same and her Black widow suit appeared on her.

Sweetie belle then said "of course" as she got her Squirrel girl suit on.

The others all did the same as they got there super suits on and left headquarters to find them and when they did Wallflower blush asked "The avengers what do you guys want?"

Then Iron man said "well one of our team members said she saw you two have unique powers and we would like you both too join the avengers what do you say?"

Both of them looked unsure and Juniper montage said "I don't know I would need time to think about it".

"So would I" Wallflower said.

Then Spider man said "thats okay take all the time that you need were in no hurry to expanded the avengers".

Then Iron man said "when you make up your mind call the number on this card" as he handed them the card.

Later on Sandal wood met up with his girl friend Rose luck who said "Sandal wood Its great to see you again".

Sandal wood then said "you to Rose luck you ready for our date?"

Then Rose luck said "I just need to change" as she went up stairs. Then five minutes later she came back down wearing a rose red dress, high heels with roses tide to them and a single rose in her hair.

When sandal saw her in this outfit he was amazed and said "wow Rose your beautiful normally but now your... wow".

Rose luck smiled and Blushed when she heard that and said "thanks".

"Well we had better get going we have a reservation at our old stomping grounds".

Rose luck then said "oh you mean that Mexican place".

Then sandal said "actually its a new place called our old stomping grounds".

After dinner they said in the park under the full moonlight and Rose luck said "wow Sandal this night was amazing".

Then Sandal said "I'm glad you think so"as they both leaned in closer to one another then they kissed full on the lips.

When they broke the kiss Rose luck said "wow we had better get to our homes".

Sunburst (Dr octopus) returns and sugar coat (shadow cat)

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After Sunburst had escaped the hospital he ran and found himself at the pier as he looked out at the water he said "Oh my Starlight" not knowing that she was just in a coma he thought she was dead then heard a voice speak to him in his head and then he said "that voice why am I hearing..." then gasped as relation hit him "my control chip its gone!!" then sighed "Twilight was right I miscalculated" Then he turned around with a mad face "I couldn't have miscalculated it was working wasn't it now what do I do" then the voice spoke again "build anther one? But to do that I would need money" the voice spoke once more "what steal it? No I'm not a thief" the voice spoke one more time "your right the true crime would be not to Finnish what we started".

(Present time)

The avengers were all getting ready for there plans Flash was going to see a movie with his new girlfriend Twilight a movie called How to train your Wyvern, on the way to her house he saw someone getting mugged and made a quick stop to help them then went back on track. When he got to her house and knocked then Twilight's mom came to the door then said "oh you must be Flash my daughter said you were taking her to the movies tonight" she then called up the stairs "Twilight your date is here".

Then Twilight came down in a little black dress, stockings, black heels and had her hair in its normal ponytail then said said "mom really?"

"Oh Twilight don't be so shy."

Then Flash cleared his throat and then said "um Twilight the movie starts in an hour so we should probably get going".

Then Twilight blushed and said "oh ya good idea"

Later after the movie Flash said "You know the way that movie went It was amazing to see how everyone on berk changed there minds after hiccup and no teeth stopped that colossal Wyvern".

"I know, its Incredible they even changed the mind of his father storm wind".

Then a loud noise was heard and they looked to see Sunburst robing a bank Flash then said "Twilight we need to get out of here" as he took her by the hand and ran.

Twilight blushed when he grabbed her hand but ran with him as best she could. Flash got her home safely and told her goodnight then she said "goodnight Flash" and kissed him.

Five minutes later Flash ran into an ally and got on his spider suit then jumped into the air and started to web swing were Sunburst was but he was gone he then thought "I wonder what Sunburst was doing robing a bank".

One day later Flash was talking with the other avengers about what had happened and Micro said "I told Sunburst he needed to properly shield that computer chip but no he was to busy to do so".

Lyra then said "what are we gonna do then?"

Then Micro said "we wait then stop him when he strikes next".

Later at night Sugar coat was sleeping when a spark of equestrian magic flew into her room bounced off of her mirror and hit her then her body started glowing for a minute then stopped, the next morning she woke up in the basement of her house and panicked then her parents came down and saw her then her mother asked "Sugar what are you doing down here".

Sugar coat then said "I don't know I fell asleep in my bed last night then wake up in the basement".

Her mother then said "maybe your sleep walking"

Then her father said "I don't think so" as he pointed to the blanket somehow stuck in the ceiling.

Later that day Sugar coat was walking threw town then decided to get a milkshake at sugar cube corner she ordered her regular vanilla milkshake then her friend sour sweet came over and said "hey sugar coat hows it going?"

Sugar coat then answered "Its fine just enjoying a milkshake".

Sour then said "well i'm gonna have a Sunday see ya".

One hour later she was walking home when she was pulled into an ally by a group of thugs she looked and saw they had her backed into a corner and she was scared then she fell through the wall of the building "what the?" she said then got an idea she walked over to anther wall and touched it then her hand went through it she then started running through walls and went home but didn't tell her parents about what had happened but she got an idea she went upstairs to her room and sat at her sewing machine and made a suit with a black mask, black and yellow suit and boots she then said "now I can help the town as shadow cat".

Later she was on a rooftop looking around and saw the same thugs from before robing an ATM she went down and said "hey whats going on".

The thugs looked and saw her then one of them said "hey beat it this don't concern you".

She then said "cats go when they feel like it not when there told" and punched one of them.

They tried to shoot her but there bullets just passed right through her body she then started fighting with back flips and turns and kicked one of them in the face "ow" one thug said.

Next thing the thugs knew they were tide to a post outside and the girl placed note on one of them then left right when the police arrived and officer Shinning saw the note and read it aloud "I captured the thieves for you your welcome signed the shadow cat, shadow cat? anther hero?"

While the cops were arresting the thugs shadow cat was watching on a nearby rooftop and said "this is gonna be big".

Trouble shoes (sand man) and Soarin (quick silver)

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Over in a field near a super tech lab a fugitive was running from the cops his name was Trouble shoes but he was Innocent, he was framed for steeling cars, he then climbed over a fence and then fell into a hole "what the?" he said.


In the nearby lab they were running tests and someone said "sir I've detected a change in the mass of the test hole".

He the replied "probably just a bird It will fly out when we fire up the machine".

Back with Trouble shoes he saw a strange claw looking thing appear and go into the hole then start spinning he tried to jump out but it was spinning to fast as this was happening a spark of equestrian magic hit the claw and started coming off onto trouble shoes then he looked at his hand and saw it was turning to sand the he yelled "NOOO!" When the police got there he was gone.

Later at the public sport field Soarin was running around kicking a ball when a spark of equestrian magic hit his feet then he noticed he was running faster then stopped and saw he was in mane hatten "what the" he said then turned around and ran back but he found he was back in less than a second "strange I wonder" then a thought came to him "Wait do I have super powers? That is awesome". He then ran home and looked in his closet and grabbed a silver hoodie and ski mask put them on and ran out then when he got to town he saw an out of control crane then smash into a nearby building where his girlfriend Rainbow dash along with her friends were then saw two of them hanging from the edge Twilight sparkle and his girlfriend Rainbow dash only this close to falling from fifty stories high then the edge they were holding onto broke off and they started falling then soarin got an idea he then started running up the wall and caught Rainbow right as spider man got there and caught Twilight.

The next thing rainbow knew she was in the arms of a young man in silver and she asked "um who are you" as he put her down.

He thought for a nano second then said "names quick silver fastest hero you will meet" then ran off at the speed of sound.

When Rainbow saw this she was reminded of the speed she lost once and was saddened by it but only for a minute when spider man came over with Twilight having seen the whole thing he asked rainbow "who was that?"

Rainbow then said "he told me his name was quick silver".

Spider man then said "I have to tell the others about this".

Then Iron man came down and said "Okay spider man I've shut down the crane".

Spider man then said "Iron man did you see that guy with super speed?"

Iron man then said "What? no I didn't but if there is a guy with that kind of power we need to find him he could be a great addition to the team".

Spider man then asked "so how do we find him?"

Iran man then said "I don't know yet but we will".

Later back at the hole were Trouble shoes disappeared the sand started moving and took the shape of trouble shoes he then looked at him self and then got up and started walking away when color returned to him making him look normal over with the avengers they had found Quick silver and asked him if he wanted to join the team and he said "sounds good deal"

Iron man then gave him a card and told him to go to chip industries then later when he got there he talked to the lady at the desk and showed her the card she then said "go to the elevator and use the card in the slot".

He did so and arrived at the avengers head quarters the everyone saw soarin there and Lyra said "Soarin your quick silver?"

He then said "yes i am".

Then micro chips came over and said "well good to have you on the team he" as he handed him a watch "this will allow you to communicate with us and also make you super suit changes quicker just put it on and press the button on the side"

Soarin did so and then a suit with a blue torso silver sleeves and legs and a silver lightning bolt on the torso appeared on him with silver boats and a silver mask "nice" he said.

Then Flash came over and said "welcome to the team Quick silver".

Later there was trouble going on as a fugitive was running from the cops then got into the back of a truck full of sand then a giant sand monster came out and flew away in the wind Meanwhile sugar coat was walking through town and saw jewelry story being robbed then said "great" then ran into an allay and changed into shadow cat then cam out and when to the store and said "hey you guy really robbing the place?"

The robbers then tried to shoot her but the bullets went right though her and then she fought them and tied them to a pole outside then spider man appeared and said "well done"

Then shadow cat said "no problem after all I'm your friendly neighborhood shadow cat" as she ran through a wall.

Spider man then said "she's pretty good at... Wait friendly neighborhood shadow cat... thats my thing ugh just forget it"

Later the cops arrived and picked up the robbers and at the base Flash told the other avengers about shadow cat and Lyra said "maybe we should find her ask her to join the team".

Then Sweetie belle said "ya that sounds like a good idea".

Sandal wood then said "ya but lets save that for another time".

Then Scootaloo said "agreed".

Apple bloom (Captain Marvel), Cozy glow (Typhoid Mary) and Sunburst's (Dr octopus) plan in action

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Apple bloom was in her backyard she had just finished her chores and was relaxing in a hammock then she fell asleep but while she was sleeping a huge chuck of equestria magic hit her and her body absorbed it all. She then fell out of the hammock and woke up "what the? That was weird and whats this strange felling I have". She brushed it off as nothing then went inside the house.

Meanwhile at a juvenile facility a young girl the same age as Apple bloom was in raged by were she was her name was Cozy glow and she said "when I get out of here it will not be pretty" then said in a different voice "oh but why would we want to hurt anyone?" Then the other voice said "because no one stepped in for us and I am going to really hurt that shining armor man who put us here". Then a black mist came in though the cracks and her mind twisted more and then she shot fire at the wall then pulled bricks out with her mind and walked right out.

Then the woman in charge said "Cozy what are you doing?"

She then said "I'm pardoning myself bye and I'm not Cozy anymore now I am Typhoid Mary".

"This is not good".

Back with Apple bloom she was reading a book that she got from her boyfriend Pipsqueak when she noticed she was floating "what the?!" then she fell to the floor "ow whats going on?" then she thought "I wonder" she then jumped into the air and started flying "wow this is incredible I'm flying" then she remembered all the heroes that have been appearing then thought "of course now I have super powers too maybe I can help people like them". She then went upstairs to her room were her sewing machine was Rarity gave it to her when she bought a new one she then got some material from her closet and got started on a super suit. When she finished an hour later she looked over it a short blue sleeve top with a white M on the chest a blue skirt with white leggings, blue heels, and a blue butterfly mask she then said "now I can protect the city as Captain Marvel" as she put on the suit and tide her hair into a pony tail then flew out her window and into the city. When she arrived she saw a large red man robing a bank she then flew down held up her hand and "stop right there" then a power beam shot from her hand and hit him "what the?" she said.

The man then turned around and said "nice try but it will take more than that to stop me the unstoppable Juggernaut". Captain marvel then lured him to a wall when he crashed right threw it then she got an idea she then lured him into a construction sight where she trapped him under some falling support beams but he broke free and said "you've got spirit I'll give you that but for now I be leaving" as he disappeared in a black cloud of smoke.

Then the Avengers showed up and saw her Iron man then said "what happened here?"

Captain marvel then explained everything and Spider man said "well looks like you handled things pretty well".

Scarlet witch then said "and you kept property damage to a minimum".

Captain marvel looked around then said "I'd hate to see the maximum property damage".

Then Quick silver said "so do you want to join the Avengers".

Captain marvel thought for a minute then said "sure sounds like fun".

Iron man then gave her a card and said "just meet us at this address then".

Later Apple bloom told her parents she was going out to a club and Buttercup said "okay don't stay out to late".

Apple bloom went to the address on the card and so on made her way to the room where she saw her friends Scootaloo and Sweetie belle then said "Scootaloo your Pixie, and Sweetie belle your Squirrel girl".

Sweetie belle then said "yes and thats not all Button mash he's Ice man and Rumble is Rictor but I'm amazed that now you have super powers as well".

Scootaloo then said "Isn't this great now we can be super heroes together and maybe Pipsqueak will get super powers to".

Micro chips then walked over and said "lets get to the point, here in the Avengers we protect people who need it weather its fighting a super villain or something else we fight to protect do you accept?"

Apple bloom thought then said "yes I accept".

Micro then said "then welcome to the Avengers here" as he handed her a watch "this is a wrist con with it we can keep in touch".

Then an alarm went off and Flash said "The alarm something must be going on turn on the monitors".

Micro did so and It revealed Sunburst robbing anther bank and Sugar coat said "well Sunburst is at it again".

Flash then said "I'll stop him" as he left the room in the elevator he got his suit on then on the roof he jumped and started swinging when he got to the bank he found Sunburst was about to leave and said "hold it right there Sunburst you are under arrest".

Sunburst then said "I'm not going anywhere with you and the name is Dr octopus if you think other wise well..." he looked over and saw Twilight running away then grabbed her with one of his tentacles "Stay back or she gets it".

Spider man said "put her down now!" Sunburst then threw a smoke bomb and disappeared with Twilight Spider man then said "Twilight I will find you". Later that night everyone was at home but Spider man when there was a break in at rich corp Spider man went to see Dr octopus stealing tritium but before he got away spider man threw a tracker on him then said "your not getting away this time".

Later that night he went to an old warehouse at the pier then went in and saw Twilight chained to a post and went over to her and got her attention and she said "Spider man".

Spider man then said "Listen once your free in need you to..."

Then Dr octopus grabbed him after he had started the new machine and said "I knew you would come here looks like I'll have to Finnish you off" as he ejected a blade from one of tentacles and tried to stab him but Spider man quickly grabbed a big cable with his webbing and put it between them and shocked Dr octopus.

Spider Man then went and pulled out the cable but the orb was still going "great now what?" then Twilight started screaming as the orb started pulling metal things into it even the chains holding her. Spider man then got her in a web and removed the chains then went over to Dr octopus and said "Sunburst you have to stop that thing".

Sunburst then said "but its my life's work I can't destroy it I won't destroy it" as one of his tentacles grabbed him by the neck.

Spider man then took off his mask and said "Sunburst your a good person but these things are making you something your not don't listen to them".

Sunburst then Thought about it then said "let him go Listen to me now!"

Then the Tentacle let go and Flash said "so how do we stop it?"

Sunburst then said "we can't its self sustaining it can't be stopped unless... The water drown it" Flash turned around but one of Sunbursts tentacles grabbed his shoulder and sunburst said "I'll do it". Then he went over to do it.

Twilight was over but a wall that stated to fall on her and she screamed but Flash went over and held it up and she saw Spider man without his mask and said "um hey".

Flash then said "hey... this is really heavy".

Over with Sunburst he pulled in the supports holding up the machine and orb as he said "I will not die a monster no!" as he dragged it under.

Flash had just gotten the wall out of the way and had Twilight in his arms then jumped over to safety as the orb, Sunburst and the whole warehouse sank into the water Later Twilight and Flash were talking it out and Flash said "you know it will hard being with me since i'm Spiderman There will be many challenges".

Twilight then said "I know there will be challenges but I want to face them with you tonight I realized something".

Flash then said "what is it".

Twilight leaned in and said "I love you" and then they kissed full on the lips.

When they pulled away Flash said "I love you to Twilight".

(to be continued)

Pipsqueak (Wolverine), Caballeron (Silver samurai), and Timber (Venom)

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Pipsqueak was lying in his bed when a large chunk of equestrian magic flew in and bounced off something of his, a small peace of adamantium one of the two hardest metals on earth Pipsqueak was lucky when he found it. The spark then of magic flew over and hit him but he didn't notice he then got up and remembered something "I was suppose to meet up with Apple bloom at sugar cube corner" he felt weird but couldn't figure out why so he brushed it off as nothing.

Later at sugar cube corner Pip meet up with Apple bloom who said "Good to see you Pip" and she kissed his cheek.

They had milkshakes and left Later that day Pip was walking home when he got anther strange feeling but couldn't place it still then tripped and got a big cut on his arm but right when he looked he saw it heal instantly "what the?" he said then felt his bones strengthen and something moving at his fists then three metal blades came out on both fists and he said "wow this is weird" then he made the blades go back in and went home.

Meanwhile a man with a sword was traversing the jungle and thinking "I might never be able to retire at this rate all because of Daring do". His name was Caballeron but he was so focused on his thoughts he didn't notice a black mist surround him until it was over then he felt some kind of energy surging threw his body and on his sword then said "strange I feel stronger" then walked over to a giant tree and sliced his sword right through the trunk and the tree fell "this could be useful".

Over With Timber he was walking down a dirt road and said "I lost my girl all because of Flash he will pay" then he stepped on a spider then in black mud when a black mist surrounded him and the mud climbed up his body he looked then saw a suit appear on him then on his face and formed a giant snout with sharp teeth and he roared then said "this could be useful" then jumped away.

Back with Pipsqueak he was walking down the road when suddenly there was a break in at a nearby jewelry store he looked and saw armed thugs taking jewels then he got close to it and got an idea he looked and saw a clothing store nearby then went over to it and found a mask then went back to the store where he sliced there guns and then knocked them out and left. Later Iron man appeared and said "wow what happened here?" Then he used his suit to hack into the security cams and found a masked guy had stopped them "hmm I need to find him he could be helpful to the team".

Later with Sweetie belle she and Button mash were at sugar cube corner sharing a milkshake and looking at each other then when they finished Sweetie belle said "well Button that was a nice time we had".

Button then said "I agree".

Back with Micro he found out that the masked guy was Apple blooms boyfriend pipsqueak "wow I need to get him here" then sent a message to his house.

The next day at Pipsqueak's house he had got the message and said "Micro chips wants to offer me a job? okay then I'm going to see what he wants".

When Pipsqueak had arrived he showed the lady at the desk the invite and she said "just use that invite inside the elevator run it threw the scanner and it will take you to Mr chips".

Pipsqueak then said "okay thank you" then went to the elevator and did what the lady told him and the elevator went down to the basement then when Pipsqueak saw who was there he was amazed it was not just Micro chip but the CMC, Rumble, Button mash, Flash sentry and many more were there as well he then said "wow whats going on here".

Then Apple bloom came up to him and said "well Pip you are being asked to join the avengers".

Then Pip said "what?! the avengers you guys are the avengers?!"

The Rumble said "yes isn't it awesome?"

Micro then said "so Pip what is your answer will you join the avengers?"

Pip thought for a minute then said "yes I will join".

Micro then said "thats great luckily I already made a suit for you" as he pushed a button and the wall opened revealing a suit that was yellow and black with a mask.

Pip then said "Awesome".

Later at night Timber Spruce was attacking rich corp and when Filthy rich saw him he said "who are you".

Then Timber said "I am Venom" then left.

The that night the police and press were there and Cadence said "I am standing here at rich corp tower were last night it was attacked by a strange creator according to eye witnesses the creator that attacked had a slight resemblance to spider man but bigger and shadowy looking I'm going to speak with Mr rich to see if he can tell us anything" she then walked over to him and asked "Mr rich is there anything you would like to say to the news?"

Mr Rich then said "All I know is the creator called its self Venom".

Cadence then said "Wow that sounds scary but I'm sure the avengers will take care of it" she then turned to the camera "well folks what does this new monster want and why maybe we will find out later but for now I'm reporter Cadence signing out".

Over with Caballeron he was working on an armor and created a samurai armor then said "Now I will be unstoppable good thing I took combat training for years and sword fighting as well but not even Daring do will be able to stop me now".

Bulk biceps (Hulk) Grogar (Magneto) and Feather weight (Kid arachnid)

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In a lab on the far side of town they were experimenting with gamma rays but there was a power surge and the machine shut down then the head scientist said "you know this experiment has become to dangerous so I'm canceling all work on it".

Then a spark of equestrian magic flew into the building and went into the machine then the machine sparked back to life and shoot one blast that bounced around before going outside the building and the machine exploded. Meanwhile Bulk biceps was walking outside the building when a green flash shoot out and there was an explosion. Bulk then said "what the?" Then the green flash hit him in the back and he fell forward.


In a far off city a crime boss named Grogar was sitting around thinking in rage as he watched the news about all the super heroes popping up then said "At this rate the crime underworld will be no more" as he clenched his fist. Then a black mist surrounded him and he felt something surging inside him when it was done he got up, turned around and held up his hand the metal chair he was sitting in then started floating he then said "well this could aid me in things".

The next day Bulk was at the gym working out when his trainer told him "keep it going Bulk" as he put even more weight on him Bulk was starting to get mad but his trainer just put even more there and it was to much even for Bulk he then got mad and his body turned green then got bigger and stronger and his hair turned black.

Bulk then roared and everyone ran out screaming he then said "HULK SMASH!!!!" as he jumped threw the ceiling.

Back at the avengers base the alarm went off and they saw him on screen casing mass destruction and Flash said "wow what is that thing?"

Micro then said "computer give us a scan on that thing".

After two minutes the computer said "scan complete it is composed of equestrian magic and gamma rays and scans show it is really angry".

Sandal wood then said "equestrian magic and gamma rays how did that happen?"

Button mash then said "um shouldn't we go stop that thing?"

Sweetie belle then said "Button's got a point you know".

Micro then said "Right lets go".

They suited up and went into town to fight it Black widow said "wow why is it so mad?"

Then Spider man tried to tie it up in webs but it easily broke free, Iron man then tried blasting it to weaken it but it didn't work hawk eye then said "what now?"

Black widow then went up to it and hugged it then it started to calm down and transformed back Scarlet witch then said "wait is that Bulk biceps? what happened?"

Bulk then said "I was at the gym then I got mad and this happened".

Iron man then said "why don't you come with us to the lab we can help you figure this out".

Later they gave him a scan and found that he only becomes that form when angry.

The next day at School Feather weight was In class doing his thing then the bell rang and everyone left but Feather weight went out and leaned on the wall then a large spark of equestrian magic flew over and hit a spider on the wall which then crawled over and bit feather weight "ouch" Feather weight said as he looked and saw the spider then flicked it away.

Later feather weight was walking home when anther robot dinosaur attacked then Spider man got him and pulled him up onto a roof top and asked "are you alright?" Feather weight then nodded yes then both of there spider sense's went up and then Spider man said "wow your like me but we can talk about that later right now me and the other Avengers have work to do".

They took out the robot dinosaur Spider man told them about the kid so they went up to Feather weight and Iron man asked him "so you have the same power as Spider man?"

Feather weight then said "so far the only one I know of is spider sense".

Iron man then handed him a card and said "meet as here we can help you".

Feather weight then said "okay then".

One week later in the city there were reports of a man with magnetic abilities who called himself Magneto he had robbed many stores and banks. Not even the police had any idea how to stop him as he was able to take there guns and crush them with ease. Then one day when he got back to his base he found there were strange people there one was a woman with dark colored skin, anther was a very large man with huge muscles and a helmet, there was also a young lady wearing a leather jacket, a guy who looked like a large black Spider man a guy in samurai armor and finally there was large man surrounded by a black mist. Magneto then said "who are you and what are you all doing here?"

The man with the black mist then said "we are the league of evil I am Thanos this is Mystique, Juggernaut, Typhoid Mary, Venom and Silver Samurai and we want you in our group".

Magneto then said "what's in it for me?"

Thanos then said "when we rob places you get to keep what you steal".

Magneto thought for a minute then said "deal".

Back in Canterlot Feather weight had learned about the Avengers and his powers turns out he can to more than Spider man he can go invisible and has an eclectic ability but since there was already a Spider man he went by the name Kid Arachnid. Spider man then said "wow kid your doing pretty good so far".

Feather weight then said "thanks"

Sonata dusk (boom boom) and Aria blaze (ghost)

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Sonata dusk was laying down in her apartment alone and then she remembered the event with her sisters two weeks ago (flashback) Adagio Aria and Sonata were in the apartment when Adagio said "girls I've been meaning to tell you something".

Sonata then asked "what is it?"

Adagio then answered "I'm going out on my own and I'm not coming back".

Aria then said "what? why?"

Adagio then said "Well you see I think were holding each other back if we stay together so ya well I've got to get going bye" she then picked up her bag and went out the door.

One hour later Aria said "you know what Sonata she's right we are holding each other back I think maybe it would be better if we all started over on our own" she then started packing a bag.

Sonata then sighed knowing she couldn't stop her so she then picked up a locket out of a dresser drawer and handed it too her then said "here take this to remember us by".

Aria took the locket then opened it and gasped as she saw a picture of them at a carnival the last time they were happy together after they lost there magic, Aria then put it around her neck then said "thank you bye" as she walked out the door (end flashback).

Sonata was thinking and decided to go out for a walk to clear her head she got up put on her shoes and went out the door as she was walking she was thinking about what she was going to do next but she didn't notice when a spark of equestrian magic that flew out of a chemical lab and hit her in the back she felt something but brushed it off as nothing but when she got home she found a letter in the mail box she picked it up went inside and opened it was a bill saying the rent was overdue she then said "oh no now what will I do" then she felt something on her hands she looked and found them glowing yellow "what the" she said then put her thumb and index fingers together then slowly separated them as a ball of energy appeared then she flicked her hand and it flew out a window then created a small explosion outside she then said "wow I wonder" as she tried again and it worked. Then she got an idea as she thought about all the heroes that have been appearing and thought maybe she could become one as well and got excited as she got to work on a super suit as she had been learning to sew from Rarity she mad a red suit with a black vest, black belt, mask, and boots as luck would have it she was also skilled in acrobatics she then said "lets see what I can do from now on I am Boom boom".

Meanwhile on the other side of town Aria blaze was entering her new temporary job as a janitor at a tech lab then something happened when she started thinking about how her life had come to this it was all the Rainbooms fault if they hadn't interfered she wouldn't be sweeping floors she entered a room were scientists where panicking about a machine over loading power then the machine sparked and was about to explode but right when it did a black mist surrounded Aria and the building collapsed later the fire department and several ambulances arrived there however aria had run off after she found she had survived but she found she could not touch anything everything she touched would pass right through her she was also in pain but she then ran into a group of strange people and the one in the middle said "you seem to be hurting but I can help you with that".

Aria then said "Okay but who are you?"

He then said "I am Thanos and we are the league of evil if you join us I will not only help you with the pain you enduring but you will gain what you always wanted".

Aria thought for a minute then said "I except and call me ghost".

Back with Sonata she was walking though town a robot raptor appeared she then ran into an ally and changed into her super suit then ran back out and threw a plasma orb at the robots mouth witch made it explode right as the Avengers showed up and saw her Iron man said "wow" as he flew down to her then asked "who are you?"

She then said "I'm Boom boom" as she threw anther plasma orb and it exploded.

Iron man then asked "how would you like to join the Avengers?" as he handed her a business card.

She then said "I'd love to" later she went to stark tower and took the elevator to the secret room where she met the other Avengers and they welcomed her to the team.

Flash then said "oh I just remembered I need to meet with Twilight in an hour".

Micro then said "well then you had better get going".

Flash later arrived at Twilight's house where he knocked and she answered wearing her little black dress she then said "so Flash I hope you have something big planned".

Flash then said "Oh I do don't you know the carnival is back in town and I got plenty of money to spend there".

Then they got into his car and he drove them to the carnival when they arrived there first stop was the ferris wheel then the tunnel of love then later they relaxed with some cotton candy and drink and flash gave Twilight a stuffed panda he won in a ring toss. After wards Flash took Twilight home and she said "wow I had a great time goodnight Flash" as she kissed him on the cheek then when inside changed cloths and laid down on her bed thinking about Flash then eventually fell asleep.

Big mac (captain america), Blue blood (volture), and Filthy rich (green goblin)

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At sweet apple acers Big mac was collecting apples when a spark of equestrian magic flew over and hit him in the back but he didn't notice he then said "well I better get these apples to the barn" then another spark flew into his room and hit a small piece of vibranium a rare metal he had and was lucky to find then the vibranium started to grow and shape into a shield.

Later at dinner Buttercup dropped a plate but Big mac got it before it hit the floor and Buttercup said "thanks Big mac".

"Um... your welcome". After dinner Big mac went to his room and found a shield were his vibranium shard was "what the, that's strange". Then he felt something flowing through him as he picked up the shield "hmm I wonder".

At a scrap yard that the giant robot dinosaurs that attacked the town were a man with white skin and blond hair was scraping them for parts with a crew and they were making weapons out of them the man then said "with these we will make millions and these wings and super body armor I'm working on will help me Blueblood with becoming the villain known only as the vulture". The armor was black and the wings were big with rockets and turbines the helmet piece of the armor had a visor with digital display and the armor could call the wings to come and attach to it.

Back with Big mac he was working in the field but when he picked up an apple he crushed it with his on hand by accident "what the? What's going on?" later on in his room he thought about all the heroes who have been appearing lately and realized he has powers too and got an idea he picked up the shield which now had a star on it then when into his closet and came out with a blue jumpsuit and mask then put them on and said "now as Captain America I will protect the country he then jumped out the window and ran to town at night.

At Rich corp Filthy rich was having problems with financing if he didn't get have a successful test run of there newest creation soon the company will go under so he tested it himself a performance enhancer so he entered the room and hit a button that caused a green vapor to fill the room but then a black mist appeared in there as well and twisted his mind then the vapor cleared out of the room and he then went to the lab and stole many things including a prototype glider a body armor and many other things he then said "now the super villain green goblin is out there".

Later on at night there was a brake in at a jewelry store but then captain America came in and nocked them out then Iron man came in and said "wow did you defeat all these thugs?"

Captain America then nodded and said "yes I did".

Then Iron man said "well how would you like to join the avengers?" As he handed him a card.

Captain then said "Sounds great".

Later with goblin he was flying threw the air on the glider he stole when he ran into a group a villain's and one of them said "you know you are evil how would you like to join the league of evil?"

Goblin then said "sure".

The next day with Juniper and Wallflower they were thinking about the offer to join the avengers then decided to take the offer they went to chip industries and the lady at the counter told them to take the elevator they did so and went to the secret room were they met the avengers and micro chips then said "so you decided to join?"

Wallflower then said "yes we have".

Then Lyra said "so what are your hero names?"

The two thought for a minute then Juniper said "call me storm".

Then Wallflower said "and I'm the invisible woman".

Then the elevator opened again and big mac came in he told them about it and then Big macs suit was upgraded and he was given a wrist con while lyra designed suits for Juniper and wallflower in the end Wallflower had a blue suit with the avengers symbol on it and a mask while Juniper had a suit that was more like a coat with short sleeves and was black with a mask then they were both given wrist cons but then an alarm went off and Flash looked at the screen and said "there's some guys robing a bank with some petty high Tec weapons".

Iron man then said "Juniper why don't you go check this one".

Then juniper said "I'm on it" then she went to the elevator and flew to the place by having the wind carry her when she go there she saw there were five of them and they had some kind of laser gun with three beams and an anti gravity gun she then tried to stop them but two of them got away with those high Tec weapons she called Iron man and said "Iron man come in this is Storm I got three of them both two of them got away with the high Tec weapons".

Iron man then said "don't worry will find them you best get back to headquarters and don't worry the police are in route to pic up those guys".

Then Storm said "alright then I'm on it" then went back.

Back at headquarters Wallflower said "now what?"

Flash then said "we wait for the next crime to happen".

Then Sandalwood said "ya its how we do things here we kill time by working on upgrades for our suits or play pin ball" as he pointed to the machine in the corner.

Then Lyra came over and said "ya you get use to it".

The Special

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Micro chips was working in the lab when Spider man walked in and said "So new armor".

Micro then replied "pretty much".

Then suddenly there was a bright Flash in the corner of the room and from it appeared a red guy on a strange chair spider man then said "hey who are you".

He then replied "I am Sprout the conqueror".

Micro then said "why are you here?"

Sprout then said "I don't need to explain myself but I will destroy you".

Spider man then said "not in your life" as Micro got his armor on and more of the avengers appeared.

Sprout then said "you want to fight me then so be it" as he pulled out some kind of blaster and then shot at them.

They were avoiding it well but while they were distracting him iron man went to Sprout's chair and found it hack it then sprout noticed and walked over to it but before he got there iron man cracked it and the sprout and his chair disappeared Scarlet then asked "what was that? where did he come from?"

Iron man then said "actually its when did he come from when I hacked into his chair i discovered its a time machine".

Spider man then said "what really".

"yes and I don't think that's the last we will see him".

Then there was a loud boom from outside they looked and found giant ships attacking all over the place Hawk eye then said "looks like we've got work to do"

Then a hologram of sprout appeared and said "you all will fall only destroying the magic in the past will save the future" then disappeared.

Iron man then opened a com link and said "calling all avengers big threat I will locate the source all other avengers must fight off the threat and protect the people".

Then they got to work robots were being placed on the ground and attacking everyone Spider man was tying up there legs while hawk eye was shot explosive arrows at weak points. Meanwhile Squirrel girl was helping people get to safety while Scarlet witch was doing the same, Captain marvel was crashing throw ships but there were so many of them and more just kept coming, Pixie then said "we can't keep this up for long".

Back with Iron man he said "nothing all my tech and I've got nothing where on earth are you! Wait earth maybe hes not on earth give me all scans of space in the past hour" then a large mother ship appeared on screen he then opened the com link and said "Avengers I need Spider man, Captain marvel, Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Ice man, and hawk eye to report back to headquarters" and they did so.

Once back Spider man said "so did you find Sprout".

Iron man then said "more than likely he's on the giant mother ship in the ozone lair luckily I'm prepared for this" as he reviled space suits and a space ship.

Scarlet then said "well lets go".

They suited up and got on the ship then took off then in space they saw the ship Spider man then said "how will we get in".

Then Captain marvel said "I'll handle that" as she got out of the ship and crashed threw the side of it then they got in but then got separated by a force field "will just have to split up all go look for sprout you guy find what make his time machine work".

Later they found a room with what looked like a large energy source and Hawk eye said "this must be his time machine its big".

Hulk then said "I don't care how big it is its getting smashed" then jumped but got knocked off" Scarlet then said "now what".

Then Iron man said "I'll try to hack it".

Then sprout walked in and said "you will not succeed".

Back with captain marvel she found a strange room then saw someone in some kind of machine and said "um are you alright"?

Then a voice behind her said "I can ashore you princess Pip petals is not alright".

Back with the others they were fighting Sprout and trying to keep him off of iron man but the iron man said "system hacked now reprogramming".

Sprout then said "what are you doing".

Iron man then said "first I'm sending all your toys on earth back to there own time".

On earth the ships and robots then disappeared Sprout then said "no you don't" but hulk punched him into a wall.

Hulk then said "why didn't I just do that sooner"?

Then Iron man said "now time machine will jump in 5, 4, 3..."

Captain marvel then appeared and said "stop we can't destroy the time machine or jump it or whatever we had planed".

Scarlet then said "why not?"

Then Captain marvel said "because if you do the princess Pip petals will die".

Ice man then said "who is princess Pip Petals?"

"she's the woman Sprout loves when sprout future got wiped out she got caught in it there keeping her alive but barely" Captain marvel then walked over to Sprout "Sprout it doesn't have to be this way we can find a way to save Pip Pedals".

Sprout then said "you are the problem not the solution".

Iron man then stunned him and said "we'll find a way".

Later Sprout was in a holding cell and said "you have ruined everything and mark my words I will get you".

Back at chip industries Lyra said "man that was crazy".

Then Apple boom said "I know right".

Sweetie belle then said "I'm just glad its over for now".

Then Flash said "until something else happens".

Sandal wood then said "of course".

Button mash then said "but until that happens lets relax for a bit".

Micro then said "well its like they say a heroes work is never is never done".