• Published 21st Jan 2019
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Equestrian Marvel - phantom ghost hunter

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Rumble (Rictor), Scootaloo (Pixie), and Tirek (Juggernaut)

Rumble was sitting on the couch playing his handheld waiting for his girlfriend who he invited over when he saw a strange light out of the corner of his eye, he then said "what was that" then got up to go look he saw it was some kind of glowing rock "what the?" he said as he picked it up, then it started to glow brighter "ow" rumble dropped it when it stung a little then the rock stopped glowing and he said "that was weird" then when back inside to his game.


Scootaloo was riding her scooter down the street when a spark of equestrian magic flew over and hit a dragonfly that then landed on her hand, then there was a bright flash and she said "what the?" after the flash the dragon fly was gone "what just happened" then her watch beeped and she remembered she needed to met with Rumble.

Back with Rumble he was outside kicking a football around then an earthquake happened then stopped "what was that" he said then stretched out both of his arms above his head and another earthquake happened then stopped when he put his arms down "strange I didn't feel anything" he said then got an idea he put both of his hands in the air and then a minor earthquake happened and a crack opened going to the fence then he put his arms down and said "maybe I should keep this to myself for now".

Over with Scootaloo she had stopped her scooter for a minute then got a weird feeling on her back she wondered what it was until she saw her reflection in a puddle she had grown what looked like dragonfly wings "what the heck were did these come from" then she got an idea she tried to move them and they did she could control them like she could control her arms then she thought "maybe I should keep these hidden for now" she then tucked them under her backpack and continued on to Rumble's house.

When Scootaloo had gotten there she met up with Rumble and he said "hey Scoots hows it going".

Then Scootaloo said "Its going great Rumble by the way did anything weird happen to you recently?"

"Actually yes but if I tell you can you keep it a secret?" Rumble said.

Scootaloo then said "cross my heart and hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye".

Rumble them smiled and said "come with me to the back yard" when they got too the back yard he said "just don't freak out" then raised his arms then the ground started shaking hard.

When Rumble put his arms down and the shaking stopped Scootaloo said "wow so you have new abilities too?"

Rumble then looked confused and asked "wait did something happen to you as well?"

Scootaloo smirked turned around and lifted her backpack then her wings came out and she said "I got these on the way over here not sure how but hey now I can fly" as she jumped into the air and flew around then came down.

Rumble then said "hmm I wonder what we should do now".

Then Scootaloo said "Lets just wait and see what happens" Rumble then nodded in agreement.

The next day at supreme security prison on an island one of there most dangerous prisoners was extremely enraged his name was Tirek and he said "super heroes appearing left and right its crazy at this rate the criminal world will be gone forever something must be done". Then a black mist started coming in threw the walls and surrounding him, he was to angry to notice at first but when he did he felt a lot stronger and he started getting bigger and more buff then he said "well well well this could probably change things" then he charged at the wall and went crashing through it without a scratch on him then the alarm went off as he was easily charging through the walls to his escape he knew that today more prisoners were arriving there so his plan was to take the boat they used to transport prisoners.

When he arrived out by the dock were the boat was there were guards lined up with guns and the warden Hard case said "stop right there Tirek and return to your cell".

Tirek then laughed and said "i'm not Tirek anymore now you can call me Juggernaut" then he went charging at them they tried to shoot but the guns were having no effect on him so they jumped out of the way then Tirek took the boat and got away and one of the guards said "now what?"

The next morning there was a story on the news about it, reporter Cadence said "last night on of the most dangerous criminals had escaped the most secure prison on earth" she then went over to one of the guards and said "sir can you tell us anything?"

He then said "well Tirek isn't like he used to be he's somehow strong enough to crash through those reinforced cinder block walls without getting a scratch and also is somehow bullet proof".

Cadence then said "wow anything else?"

Then he said "yes he said his name is no longer Tirek he called himself Juggernaut".

Then Cadence said "well thank you sir" she then looked at the camera "be on the lookout people this criminal is even more dangerous than when he was arrested".

Meanwhile Scootaloo and Rumble were enjoying some cookies at sugar cube corner but then heard loud screams and Rumble said "what was that?"

Both Scootaloo and rumble went out to see a giant snake robot digging throw the ground and also a giant bird robot attacking from the air and soon the avengers were on the seen fighting both then Scootaloo got an idea and she said "Rumble quick see if you can cause an earthquake big enough to crush the snake robot and i'll take to the skies and make the bird crash".

Rumble then said "okay then" and lifted both his arms and a huge earth quake happened and the snake robot went down and crushed wall Scootaloo took off and got on he birds back then saw a panel opened it and pulled out wires making the bird crash.

When the Avengers saw this they went over to them and iron man asked "hmm you to want to join the avengers?"

Then they both thought about it and said "yes"

Iron man handed them a card and later they met up with them got new suits and were ready to face any threat.

Author's Note:

Well thats that if you wondering I had planed on doing the thing with Tirek later but some readers wanted to see more villains so I did it sooner.

Well thats it for now Ghost out