• Published 21st Jan 2019
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Equestrian Marvel - phantom ghost hunter

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sweetie belle (squirrel girl)

It was a normal day but summer was over and the cmc were going back to school but now they were seniors at canterlot high and sweetie belle had even signed up for cheer leading.

"Wow your really going to be a cheerleader?" Scootaloo asked her.

"Well now that Diamond tiara is our friend shes been helping me with practicing and tryouts" she answered

"Wow thats nice" Apple bloom said.

"Well we better get to class now" sweetie belle said.

Later on outside near the football field a spark of equestrian magic hit a small acorn and it started glowing then a squirrel came over picked it up and bit it but then didn't seem to like it and had thrown it on to the field were it landed on a part of a hot electrical wire where the coating had peeled off. Then later was cheer leading practice and sweetie belle was greatly excited as she wore the blue and yellow cheerleader outfit, white sneakers, and blue ribbon in her hair "Wow this is so amazing" she said.

Then miss Cheerilee (who coached cheerleaders) came out and said "alright everyone lets start warming up with three leader pyramids".

Sweetie belle may have been new at this but she turned out to be quit skilled she was even at the top when they did the full pyramid "wow Sweetie your good at this" complemented Silver spoon.

"Thanks" Sweetie belle replied.

After practice was over sweetie belle then saw something glowing she went over to it and saw an acorn shining like a star and without hesitation she picked it up then she started to feel a buzz going through her body and she dropped as it stopped glowing "ouch" she said then remembered she had to get going.

Then after school when Sweetie got home she saw her sister in her room waiting for her who said "Sweetie belle I heard how you made the squad so I made something for you as a congratulation" she then handed sweetie belle a wrapped present.

When sweetie opened it she was amazed to see a plain green and white cheerleader outfit with a ribbon for her hair and sneakers she then shed a tear and said "Thanks Rarity its beautiful but isn't it a little plain?"

"Well since its a cheerleader outfit made so you can wear it like normal clothing i'd say its alright the color even matches your eyes".

When Sweetie heard that she was amazed Rarity had mad a cheerleader outfit for her that she could wear anywhere, she then went over a hugged her sister as she "oh Rarity you really are the best big sister a girl could ask for".

Rarity hugged her back saying "anything for the best little sister ever now are you going to try the outfit on or are we just going to keep talking".

Sweetie giggled and then went into her big closest to change she then came out wearing the outfit and said "wow it feels nice to".

Rarity then smiled but then something broke the window and came through then when it hit the floor it released some kind of gas which knocked out both Rarity and Sweetie belle then a mysterious figure entered and took Rarities Geo.

One hour later they both woke up and Rarity noticed her Geo was gone and said "what happened to my Geo".

One hour later sweetie belle was siting on the ground leaning back on a tree then she saw a squirrel come over to her and she said "hey".


"What? thats weird I could have sworn I heard someone" she then looked at the squirrel and said "did you see anyone little guy?"

To her surprise the squirrel then answered "no I haven't"

"What a talking squirrel?"

"Wait you can understand me I thought only Fluttershy could".

"Wait have I got the power to talk to animals to" she then saw a bird and tried it "hey" she said to the bird but the bird just made bird sounds and flew away then she thought "hmm maybe i can only talk to squirrels" she then looked at the squirrel and asked "hay can you go get some of your friends?"

The squirrel nodded and then went up the tree then came down with at least seven more squirrels and one of them asked "so why did you bring use down here?"

Sweetie was amazed and said "wow I can talk to squirrels this is awesome". Sweetie belle spent the rest of the day talking to them until sundown then went inside she ate dinner took a shower and went to bed but as she sleep't she was dreaming of fighting crime as a squirrel themed hero and she didn't know that in her sleep she started growing a big long squirrel like tail and her ears were strengthening to. The next morning when she got up she noticed the tail and said "what the?" but then noticed that nothing else on her had changed so she got dressed and hid the tail in her cloths then went down for breakfast.

Rarity then saw her and said "Oh good morning sweetie belle you know its Saturday I was wondering if you and I could do something together".

Sweetie belle thought for a minuet and said "well I suppose we could" then she thought about her tail "as long as i'm not modeling outfits no offence its just I do that for you all the time so lets do something different".

Rarity said "oh I understand we can do something else how about we go shopping for outfits instead".

Sweetie belle thought about it she could find cloths that can better hid her tail and then said "sure that sounds great".

Later on at the mall Rarity said "alright Sweetie why don't we start there" as she pointed to a beauty salon.

Sweetie then asked "why?"

"To get our hair and nails done of course" Rarity answered.

Sweetie thought about it and said "well I suppose I could get my nail done but I think I'll keep my hair the way it is".

Rarity giggled and took her sister by the hand into the salon where they saw Aloe and Lotus working there and Rarity asked "Aloe, Lotus what are you to doing here?"

Aloe then answered "our spa is currently closed for repairs so we started working here".

Then Lotus came over and asked "now what can we do for you?"

Rarity that answered "well my sister here would like to get her nails done and I would like to get my hair done".

"Oh so sweetie belle has finally decided to join you thats great" Aloe said as she then looked at sweetie and motioned for her to follow "right this way Sweetie".

Aloe led sweetie belle over to a chair then asked her to sit down and relax. Sweetie did so as Aloe placed sweeties right hand on a table next to the chair and anther staff member named Soft hair came over to do her left hand and said "lets get started".

Both Aloe and Soft hair started filing sweeties nails down to the right size then they started painting them light green with white flowers after an hour or so they were done sweetie belle looked at her nails and said "wow nice".

Rarity then came over and saw her sister's nails then said "Sweetie belle your nails look great".

Sweetie then blushed a little and said "thanks".

Rarity then said "now why don't we go get some lunch before we continue?"

sweetie belle then said "sure sounds great".

They went to the food court of the mall and choose a simple burger stand but when they got there they saw that Sweetie's boyfriend Button mash was working there and he said "hey sweetie belle"

"Button mash you work here?" Sweetie asked him.

"Ya Its a good job now what can i get for you".

Rarity then said "we will just have two small burgers and sodas".

After they ate they ran into pinkie pie and Fluttershy and Rarity said "Pinkie, Fluttershy good to see you".

Then Pinkie gasped and said "oh no Rarity has your Geo been stolen to?"

Rarity then said "yes but... Wait what? your's have been stolen?"

Fluttershy then said "yes but why is what I wonder when only we can use them".

Then there was a big explosion nearby and tall a man in black and red came through wearing a gold colored metal glove on his right hand as rarity looked closer she saw all seven Geo's on the glove "What he has our Geo's?"

Then the man said "now canterlot fear me Thanos" as he held up his hand and fire a powerful beam from it.

Then the avengers came in and iron man said "hey hes wearing the infinity gauntlet".

Meanwhile during the battle Sweetie belle was hiding in a cloths store and then got an idea she then found a brown shirt, brown fur vest, brown pants, shoes and a mask. Then she cut a hole in the pants for her tail and went out there when she got there she saw that almost all the avengers were down except for scarlet but when she saw Thanos she flipped over and landed on his shoulders, then a high frequency sound came out of her mouth and hundreds of squirrel came in and dog piled Thanos with the gauntlet sticking out scarlet then saw an opening and she amid her hand at it and said "sorry girls" as she fired her magic at the gauntlet destroying both it and the Geo's.

The the squirrels all left and Thanos said "no!!" this isn't over until we meet again" as he disappeared.

Then the other avengers got up and saw Sweetie even if they didn't recognize her iron man went over to scarlet and asked her "what happened here".

She then explained "the girl with the squirrel tail came in and then jumped onto Thanos shoulders then she somehow called in squirrels that piled on him and I saw an opening and used my magic to destroy the gauntlet and Geo's".

Iron man then went over to the girl and said "hey how would you like to join the avengers?"

Sweetie thought about it and said "sure i'd love to"

Spiderman then came over and asked "so whats your hero name"

Sweetie mentally debated then said "just call me Squirrel girl"

Later on at chip industries they found out who she really was and she found out who they are Lyra modified sweeties super attire and micro gave her an upgrade which was retractable claw gloves and gave her a wrist con to "wow thanks everyone this is great".

"Well we had better get to work we still have to find sunburst" Flash said.

Author's Note:

Wow that was probably my longest chapter yet but if your wondering about the squirrel thing look up marvel squirrel girl she is not just a gag character she has defeated both dead pool and Thanos, now i do plan to give powers to the other cmc but I have to figure out which ones first. well thats it for now.