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Grand Pear is expecting to have an average day all by himself today. That all changes when his granddaughter, Apple Bloom comes by to spend some time with her Grand Pear Pear.

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Um, Grand Pear is a pun on the French word for grandfather which is "grand-père." So, shouldn't it be Grand-père Pear? Eh, details. :applejackunsure:

Well his name is called Grand Pear so I simply called him that. As for the title, Apple Bloom did ask if she could call him Grand Pear Pear at the end of the episode and it was spelled that way so I went with that.

I figued Big Mac and AJ would be set in their ways, what with being raised by Annie Smith (I like that name, btw.) However, because Apple Bloom’s the youngest of the three, she’d be more open to Pear custom. Does this mean that Grand Pear is French? If so, then that explains the fleur-de-lis cutie mark on AB’s flank on the cutie pox episode.

That's why I went for Grand Pear and Apple Bloom interacting like this; while I think they'll be open to Pear customs, probably Big Mac in terms of baking since he'll want to help Sugar Belle with her backing or something, Apple Bloom seems like the best option to embody the Pear lineage that was denied from them for so long due to Granny Smith lying to her grandchildren like that.

Actually, she asks if she can call him Grandpere Pear, which is French for Grandfather Pear.

Simple.... yet sweet and satisfying.

My human version of Gran Pear is he looks like William Shatner, and Granny Smith would be like Lee Mariweather sort of, with the white hair and aged face. At times, Gran Pear has his TJ Hooker side. I wrote a great human story of how he reunited with his family. I included John Amos as Burr Oak. Gran Pear likes Granny Smith very much and she likes him too.

Apple Bloom asked "Do you think mom would have passed down the recipe to me, Big Mac, andApplejack."

I think you forgot to space that one out

Aww it's really nice to see Applebloom wanting to hang out with grand pear especially how many years he miss seeing them growing up and I've always wanted to see them to get to know them after all these years sure what he did was really bad and he'll never forget that but it's never too late to amend things and Applejack Big Mac and Applebloom would love to see him and I'm sure Buttercup is happy that his father is with them now ❤ well this was a very nice story keep up the good work

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