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It's their first Father's Day at Grandpear's. Will it change the children's view on the holiday, especially AJ's? Grandpear sure hopes so. Then again, he's pretty sure the reason she hates Mother's and Father's Day has a great deal to do with him.

Art: Apple Pear by Phyllismi

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Since we don't know the exact cause of AJ's parents death, AJ can't really blame him specifically for them dying. If it was due to an Apple Delivery to a dangerous place and they knew the risk then it's no ones fault. If you had to blame someone then you would have to really blame Granny Smith. Or at least, she and Grand Pear need to share the blame.

Why does Applejack blame Grand Pear for her parents death? Unless you're implying Pear Butter died of a broken heart, and Bright Macintosh was the same?

I don't like AJ's characterization here. AJ would be a lot more mature, and last time I checked, she welcomed Grand Pear with open hooves. And why is she closer to her parents then her own siblings are? It's not enough to just tell us.
She isn't being stubborn, she's being unreasonable. She heard the story before they went to confront Grand Pear, and she was pretty okay with it after that. And why is she blaming him for it? We don't even know why they're dead, and unless he physically caused or something, she doesn't have a good enough reason to blame him. She might as well blame Granny Smith too.

I'm not going to lie. This feels a tad rushed. Also, when did Grandpear leave the room? Nothing in the text describes him leaving the room during Mac and AJ's argument. :applejackunsure:

Still a bit rushed. Also, yeah, AJ doesn't quite feel in character. It kind of feels as if she's just being angry because the story needs her to be. :applejackunsure:

Comment posted by Emperor Grogar deleted Aug 11th, 2019

While the story as a whole can feel rushed and underdeveloped, it's a good idea with a decent execution that would've been really interesting to see in the series canon.

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