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Twilight Sparkle was just a regular unicorn with an ordinary life. Until one day she unlocks a seal containing very special cards that belonged to the legenary alicorns, Celestia and Luna, and the cards are now loose all over Equestria. Now it's up to her and her friends to find these cards before something terrible happens. However, she will have to team up with other ponies who are also searching for these cards and fight those who want these cards for selfish reasons

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Good story I like cardcaptors

The jump and the sword

Cardcaptors! :pinkiehappy:

This was my sh*t wen I was a kid!

i have not watch this one in ages, now I have to rewatch it thanks,

Is this a good thanks or a bad thanks?

kind of both I have other show on my list so I have to add it to it and move it near the top,

Ok. Just know that while I am using the cards from the anime, I did change up the rules a bit for my story. You'll find out next chapter.

I think starlight should be that of magic, sunset be one of the other, and shiny armor be bravery, which put into question why spike could not smell the blood line with twilight or how ever it works, and it end up that twilight is adoted

The fight

Moon dancer
And shining armor so to have a male cardcaptor like Li

That's something you'll find out later on. But I can tell you right now that Twilight is not adopted; I would never use that cliche in a story.

Thank you for your suggestion

Cardcaptor Skaura!! Or rather Cardcaptor Sparkle!!!

Thanks. I take it you really liked this chapter.

Yes, but it's not just her who's a Cardcaptor.

Yes I did .
And thank you for the reply you just saved me from a moment of negative thoughts

Like to now of who it was about, hint

He's on mlp, he's little, he has white fur, he's pure evil and almost everyone on this fandom wants to hurt him

I was talking about Angel Bunny

Oh, him. Well, I can tell you for certain that he won't be with Fluttershy when I introduce her; and even if I do it will be a one time thing.

I just started watching cardcaptor and I loved the animation of it crossing over with derpy as Sakura. Then I did a google search and found this! When will it continue?!

When I have time to update it again.

Glad to see it’s not dead :3 I’ll give it a read of what’s available and give my thoughts

Thank you. That is much appreciated.

You’re most welcome! From what I’ve read so far (first chapter) your structure is offputting when you place the action and character name before what is being said so I’d try to fix that as I tended to get confused a few times.

Are more chapters coming

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