• Published 4th Mar 2018
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Fizzlepop's Wish - milesprower06

Hearth's Warming has come to Ponyville once again, and Fizzlepop Berrytwist has been asked to put on a fireworks show. You never know who might show up.

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After standing dumbfounded at the top of the stairs for a few moments, Major Fizzlepop invited Grubber up to the second floor balcony, and left him there momentarily, while she went and got him some food, something he clearly needed when she heard his stomach rumble from a flight of stairs away.

So here he sat on the balcony, looking up at the starry night sky, wondering what was going to come next. He had a feeling there was quite a lot to say between the two of them; what they had been through the past several months. But when he heard the balcony door open, and the smell hit his nostrils, he figured thoughts could wait for a second or two as he turned to see his former commander walk up with a plate, on which rested a moist slice of sponge cake, fresh from the oven.

"Here ya go. I remember it was your favorite." She said, setting the plate down on the balcony and sliding it towards him before taking a seat.

"Thanks. So... I'm guessing it's not Tempest anymore?" He asked before taking his first bite. It was the most delicious bite of cake he had ever had.

"Mmhmm," She began, shaking her head in answer. "Fizzlepop Berrytwist was my given name. Didn't seem very intimidating back... Back when we first met."

"So... The Storm King finally fixed your horn, huh? Before everything went belly up?" Grubber asked, his mouth full of cake this time.

Fizzlepop shifted a bit in her seat before answering.

"No. No, Grubber. He... He lied to me. He used me. As soon as he had that staff empowered by the magic of the Alicorns, I was useless to him."

"Huh," Grubber began, realizing that he wouldn't really expect anything else from his former boss. "I wish I could say I was surprised. Only reason I was in my position was because he figured me to be too much of a coward to ever betray him. So how'd you end up getting it back? Some powerful pony magic?"

Fizzlepop shook her head.

"The hippogriffs. Queen Novo used her pearl to restore it. After the battle for Canterlot was over, Princess Twilight saved me from whatever Celestia had in mind for my punishment, not only did she open my eyes to the magic of friendship, but she gave me a purpose, something to strive for. With Rainbow's help, I've put together a volunteer militia for this region. A few months after that, my thoughts turned to what had happened to Hippogriffia because of my deception. I took an expedition to help them rebuild. I wanted to make amends for the wrongs I committed. Novo had serious doubts about me, but after I did something rather foolhardy to stop a raiding party of storm creatures, she realized that I had truly changed."

"Well, I'm happy that you finally got what you were looking for. I'm... I'm also sorry about that manticore earlier today. I accidentally wandered into its cave in search of food."

"It's alright. That's what we're here for, and nopony got hurt." She reassured the apologizing hedgehog.

"So you really like it here?" Grubber asked her, finishing off the slice of cake. She immediately nodded.

"Absolutely. For the first time, in a very, very long time, I feel like I'm where I belong."

"You're pretty lucky. To be valued and appreciated, especially after what we did. Wish I could know what that's like." The hedgehog lamented.

"Well... Would you like to find out?" She asked him as he finished picking up the last of the crumbs.

"R-Really? You want me to stay?" Grubber asked.

"I told myself that Twilight was the first one to show me friendship in years, but I was wrong; it was you, Grubber. You were the best thing in my year with the Storm King. We didn't exactly do the right things, but we were there for each other, and if we take anything away from that experience, it should be that. We could always use the help around here, and I could definitely use another friend. So what do you say?"

Grubber sat there in front of the empty plate, taking in her words. 'Wow, she's really changed, and definitely for the better, I think.'

Grubber stood up, and nodded.

"I'd like that. Love it, honestly. No more wandering around looking for my next meal. I want to see what it's like to belong somewhere. Here. With you."

Fizzlepop smiled, took a couple steps forward, and pulled him into a hug. While his stubby arms could barely fit around the front of her barrel, he nonetheless accepted the loving embrace. Then, he felt her shudder and heard her sniffle as she struggled to keep tears back.

"Is everything okay?" He asked her.

"Yeah," She told him, sniffling again. "I'm just really glad you're here."

She gave him one last gentle squeeze, then released him from the embrace, smiling down at him as a snowfall of light flurries began to descend on the Ponyville night.

"Happy Hearth's Warming, Grubber."

Author's Note:

Thanks for reading this latest installment, everyone!

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Awesome. Happy end for all involved. :twilightsmile:

Is there going to be a next installment with Grubber learning to be Fizzle's Number 1 assistant (or some equivalent) from Spike? Or something to that effect? It'd actually be kind of fun to see a Grubber story. I haven't seen many of them around.

As always, no concrete plans. But if you've any ideas, shoot me a PM

Spikes gets Grubber into OnO :rainbowlaugh:

God, Im loving this series. Keep up the good work!

Currently brainstorming part 4 - no promises!

I don't see how Ponyville is any better given most ponies from Ponyville and beyond showed up for that event. Hehe. But I'll take it, given the AU.

I really like to think Tempest did appreciate having Grubber around to some degree. Cute little reunion here, it just wouldn't feel the same without her little assistant around to hype up the crowds at how awesome she is. ;3

Aww, what a nice bit of Slice of Life with a Dash of action. Thanks for creating and sharing.

I’m wondering could someone do a story where tempest returns to her old village to make amends with her parents and childhood friends but she doesn’t know if they want her back? Also do a story of tempest being tickling by parents and childhood friends

I figured, it’s just something that always jumps out at me when I see it, is all. Awesome story though, man, I’m loving it all so far! :pinkiehappy:

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