• Published 4th Mar 2018
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Fizzlepop's Wish - milesprower06

Hearth's Warming has come to Ponyville once again, and Fizzlepop Berrytwist has been asked to put on a fireworks show. You never know who might show up.

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The Fires of Friendship

When Fizzlepop returned to the castle around high noon with Thunderlane and Rainbow Dash, she noticed that the morning activity had only increased, as ponies continued to slowly congregate in the castle foyer for the festivities. According to the castle itinerary, Pinkie and Spike were about to be serving a lunch buffet in the dining hall, which would explain the line that was nearly coming out to the foyer proper.

Fizzlepop was barely in the door before Twilight spotted her and came trotting towards her.

"There you are, Major. Nothing serious, I hope."

"Thanks to Fluttershy, no. Just a wayward manticore who wandered out of the forest."

"I'm glad to hear you got it taken care of so quickly. Anyways, there are some guests who have come a long way to see you." Twilight said, nodding to the top of the staircase. Fizzlepop's smile widened as she met eyes with the waving figures of Spring Rain, Glitter Drops, Princess Skystar, and Captain Skyranger. She waved back, trotting up the stairs to meet the quartet.

"Nopony told me you were coming," Fizzlepop began, coming in to embrace her two fillyhood friends.

"No place like the capital of the Kingdom of Friendship to celebrate Hearth's Warming." Glitter Drops replied.

"Skystar, I can't believe you came all this way." Fizzlepop greeted, moving over to hug the hippogriff, who gleefully returned the embrace.

"I've been waiting for an opportunity to come up here to visit. Now I can see what one of Equestria's biggest holidays is all about." Skystar replied.

"Captain Skyranger, pleased to see you again." Fizzlepop smiled at the armored hippogriff, no doubt here as Skystar's required escort.

"Always a pleasure, Major Berrytwist." Skyranger replied cordially.

"Well, you four must be hungry. What do you say we get in this line and find out how good this brunch is going to be?"

The four guests eagerly agreed, and together, they descended the stairs to quickly get in line behind the dozens of others who were waiting to be ushered into the dining hall.

"Attention, guests and residents of Ponyville," Mayor Mare began from the balcony of the castle as the sun finished dipping below the horizon. "I am pleased to announce that we have a record-setting attendance for this year's Hearth's Warming festivities. I would like to profusely thank Princess Twilight Sparkle for her hospitality and for her part in making this one of the most successful celebrations I can remember."

There were stomping hooves of applause down in front of the castle as most of the attendees gathered around small torches and fires for warmth.

"And now, without further ado, may I present, for your entertainment tonight, Ponyville's Captain of the Guard, Major Fizzlepop Berrytwist!"

There was another round of applause as Mayor Mare stepped back, looking back to the door as Fizzlepop stepped up to the balcony, looking out to the several hundred ponies that had gathered in town today.

"Good evening, Ponyville, and thank you. Every year, ponies all over Equestria come together to celebrate the founding of our nation, a tale we all know by heart, of how the three separate tribes put aside their differences and united after so many had been lost to the great Windigo Storm. Before I begin tonight's show, I thought I'd share what Ponyville, capital of the Kingdom of Friendship, means to me, and what it has done for me."

Fizzlepop paused for just a moment, taking a breath.

"I celebrated my last Hearth's Warming when I was nine years old, because I spent most of my life outside of our nation's borders. I had closed my heart and mind to friendship, coming to believe that it was everyone for themselves in this world. It wasn't until I had returned, when that all changed; when Princess Twilight showed me mercy from a fate I deserved all too much, opened my eyes, and sparked the Fires of Friendship in my heart again. I would like to dedicate this display to her, to the Council of Friendship, and to all of you, who have given me the warmest welcome to my new home. It is an extraordinary honor to serve as your Captain of the Guard. Happy Hearth's Warming."

With that, Fizzlepop's horn glowed with an intense blue light, and the tip shot off the first pyrotechnic spell of the evening, rocketing up to just above the top of the castle's tallest tower, and exploded in a majestic display of blue fire. There were ooh's and ahh's from the crowd below as more spells shot off from her horn. The simple ones weren't incredibly taxing, but soon she included pyro spells that dipped down to the crowds before rocketing up to the sky, bringing even more excited squeals from the younger ponies in the crowd.

Grubber was awestruck, along with all of the other spectators, at Fizzlepop's pyrotechnics display. The first five minutes were rather simple, and then it got even more interesting as her displays were then joined by musical accompaniment. The unicorn Rarity was introduced, who lead the quintet group The Ponytones who sung all the classical Hearth's Warming carols, which the crowd was encouraged to join. Their voices easily overtook the sound of the fantastic explosions going off above.

'So this is friendship, kinship... Life without the Storm King...'

The last song of the night, was one where the entire crowd sang along with the quintet, a song called The Heart Carol. The sound of the entire town singing together was overwhelming as it was carried up into the night sky. It could probably be heard for miles around, even above Fizzlepop's fireworks. There were loud cheers all around as her final spell exploded out to form a blazing heart above the castle, the Fires of Friendship that was central to the Hearth's Warming Tale. After giving a bow, Fizzlepop turned and headed inside, and the crowds finally began to disperse to their homes and inns.

Major Fizzlepop took a deep breath after the doors closed and the applause was muffled by the walls. She headed down the hall to the second floor of the foyer, where she could see the light late-night activity taking place; ponies sharing cups of hot chocolate or swapping gifts in front of the Hearth's Warming trees that had been set up. As she turned the corner to the stairs, she saw Twilight climb them to meet her at the top.

"Great show, Fizzlepop! That was amazing!" She congratulated. Fizzlepop smiled back, and gave a bow.

"I'm glad they all enjoyed it. Guess the nerves didn't get to me after all."

"It got the attention of one more special guest who wants to see you." The Princess told her, pointing a hoof down to the bottom of the stairs, where a familiar gray hedgehog stood, and meekly smiled and waved to her.

"G... Grubber?"