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Princess Trixie is the princess of Equestria. She has every single thing served on a golden platter. Who's to think life wasn't always like this if you were her?

Until one day did her majesty discover what life really is, for that day was the day that Lady Sparkle finally managed to have the princess take a stroll outside of the palace walls.

For what she discovers, is that life underneath all of her pampering isn't always the best. Some have it better than others, Princess Trixie herself one that have better lives.

Like this one peasant, who stands out from the others. She's strong, unique, and if Princess Trixie couldn't help herself, maybe even beautiful.

First story set in the Trixie universe in which Luna rules Equestria and Trixie is her daughter, with Sunburst as her son and Twilight is her friend/bodyguard with Starlight as the love of Trixie's life.

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I loved it1

Thought it was very enchanting and loved the banter between Twilight and Trixie. I thought this was very well written and above all just fun to read.

May The Night Bring More Love.


May the night bring more yays.

already on the popular list!:yay:

It's on the Popular list on my screen lol. I'm on the mature filterd mode though.

Really needs some work in terms of your English--but overall I like it. It's a nice simple story about an naive princess falling in love with a worldly common pony, and as far as I know it doesn't seem to be a ripoff of anything that was posted recently, which means that you have a fair amount of creativity as well. Work on your English, get some good proofreaders who specialize in language, and you should be good to go. I hope we see more from you!


Nice work, at least you didn't go the Cinderella route.

What's wrong with my English?


I thought your english was normal, the descirptions were different, but so are mine I label that under writing style.

Thanks, adorkable

Nice, we need more fairytales mixed with mlp stories

This was just so... well written! I like how Twilight speaks with Trixie as a friend but also a bodyguard. And the cover art seems fitting

Twilight shook her head. "You know I don't really like to bring up my wife, and most certainly not! I was a bodyguard and happened to be married to a princess so I didn't even have time to mess around. That's kinda why I moved over here, y'know."

I wonder who the wife is?

that's what it was,I've been saying it was written enchanting, it feels like a fairytail lol.

Okay, read through the story and will give my opinion based on the fact I haven't read any of the other stories in this particular universe.

It is well written and the dialogue between Twilight and Trixie was excellent.

My biggest issue was that this didn't work very well for a reader unfamiliar with the universe. Trixie you nailed the personality of to the t--and that is actually a problem. She just isn't a likable character in this segment. It felt like it would be better served as several chapters into a story after I have gained some investment with this Trixie. I can deal with her being an exceptionally arrogant individual, but I want to have a reason to root for her. This as a standalone just didn't give me anything to feel that. Perhaps if I was more familiar with the rest of the stories in the universe I would feel more invested in her, but this by itself didn't give me that.

As for what picked at my interest to want to explore the universe some more was the stray comment about Twilight's wife. That sounded like there was some interesting drama there. I might browse around your stories a bit to follow up on that.

Still leaving a like. But leaving the feedback just to let you know how it came across to me as a fresh reader. And I admit, Trixie is not a character I like in show most of the time, she has a few good moments, so I don't hate her. Just can only take so much of her.

Pretty good, love it.

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