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Love in the Stars - PixelMoon

When Lady Twilight Sparkle urges Princess Trixie to actually walk outside the castle walls, she discovers what life really is underneath her pampering.

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In Which Love is Found

Love in the Stars
by PixelMoon


Princess Trixie disliked Twilight very much at the moment.

Lady Twilight was a friend of the princess, and she could be found currently bugging Trixie about a decision.

Since Trixie knew it'll be long before either she or Twilight gave up, sitting on her bed was her way of attempting to ignore the annoying cries.

Twilight had a very reasonable reason to be bugging her majesty, however. Whether she liked it or not, part of being a princess meant you should know how your subjects are doing. So Twilight was just carefully implying that Princess Trixie should spend a day in her city in which the castle was located, Canterlot.

Her buttons were being pushed to the point whereas Trixie was running thin of patience. She had managed to distract herself by reading a novel that went by the name of Our Illusion, which was one of her favorite romance stories.

Twilight's urges grew louder and more powerful, her hooves tapping against the marble floor that wasn't covered by Trixie's rug that was next to her bed.

Tap, tap, tap.

Trixie's ear twitched as she sighed in annoyance and adjusted the golden crown upon her head. Her tail swished back and forth, the faster it got, the more her buttons got pushed.

Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop!

Trixie grunted, and this time she started tapping the book in anger.


Twilight had jumped as high as she could and slammed down on the marble floor, causing Trixie to finally lose her patience.

She slammed the book shut and turned around to face her bodyguard. "Fine! I can't take it anymore! The great and beautiful (and majestic, magical, powerful) Princess Trixie will go into town! Just stop!!"

Lady Twilight smiled cheekily, her head high as she blew on her hoof and rubbed it against her armour.

"Ugh, sweet mother of the moon..." Trixie groaned before she opened her book once more.


Queen Luna sighed at the mountain of paperwork before her. It had to be at least three hooves high, doubling the last recorded height.

She levitated her quill and inkwell in her dark blue magic aura to her desk. The red feathered quill was dipped into the ink and she held the quill in the air for a second to read the first paper.

"The city of Fillydelpha requests for a loan of 3,000 bits!? Are you insane? Decline!" Luna scratched a vedo on the paper and set it in another pile of papers.

She was reaching out for the next paper when a light knock on the door was heard. Before she could say come in, the pony barged in.

The pony who clearly didn't respect anypony else's privacy was identified as Princess Trixie, or as Luna knew her as, the daughter of Queen Luna.

"Trixie, my little dreamer, how many times have I told you to knock and wait for me to say come in? What if I'm doing something private!?" Luna lectured in a stern voice.

Trixie completely ignored what her mother had said and continued walking forward. Luna rolled her eyes at her daughter's ignorance of ponies.

"What is it, Trixie?" Luna dropped the quill on the desk and rested a hoof on her chin.

"Mother, I will be spending the day in Canterlot, by request of Lady Sparkle," Trixie spoke in a confident tone.

Luna furrowed her brow with uncertainty. "I do hope you are joking, dear. There are some ponies who want you gone. They might take this as a chance to do so."

Trixie shook her head. "No, I have made my decision. Besides, I've heard today is a celebration in Equestria! What was it called again? Hm, Twilight?"

Luna's guards opened the door to allow Lady Twilight to come in. "The celebration is Nightmare Night. It's celebrated because~"

"Excuse me, I didn't want to know why, thank you very much," Trixie stated, causing Twilight to blush.

Luna rose an eyebrow, her hoof tapping on her desk while she thought about how much work she could have had done by now.

"Anyway, I ask for your permission to go into Canterlot." Trixie held her head high while awaiting for her mother's answer.

Luna sat in silence while herself and Trixie stared at each other as she thought. Trixie would be experiencing how others live for the first time, so that was a plus.

"Hm, I suppose so. Just make sure you take your escorts with you," Luna agreed.

Trixie rolled her eyes but nodded. "Yes, yes. Thanks, mother!"

Once the young princess scampered out of the room, Luna picked up the quill and began reading the next paper. She didn't get very far before her eyes practically bulged out of her skull.

"2,000 bits just to build a statue of Lord Fancy in Manehattan?!"


Princess Trixie strutted back to her chambers, Lady Twilight following close behind, eyes scanning for any threats.

Though they were going outside of the castle walls, Trixie had told Twilight that she wanted to wait a bit. So, her guard had no choice but to stay close.

Trixie's doors to her bedroom soon came into sight, and ever so majestically did she patiently walk over. Her personal guards had bowed down.

"At ease, guards," Trixie ensured as her guards slowly rose.

"Of course, your highness," one of the guards - a unicorn mare with a yellow and red fiery mane - said.

Trixie didn't reply, but went in her chambers, Lady Sparkle following close behind. Lieutenant Sunset shot her a sly smile, to which the former rolled her eyes to.

The door shut behind the guard, trapping the two inside the gigantic room. Trixie nestled herself upon her bed, motioning for Twilight to come over.

"We can leave in five minutes. Let me just get some stuff ready," said Trixie once Twilight was in front of her.

"Should I get the escorts?" Twilight asked while already getting up before getting pushed back down by a petty blue hoof.

Trixie gave a sly smile. "You know, I was actually thinking about going without my escorts."

Twilight lifted her head until her eyes met Trixie's. "Princess Trixe. Absolutely... not."

Trixie scoffed. "Pfft! Twilight, please! This is a costume celebration, correct? Nopony will know who I am! I just want to blend in with the commoners! If I am going to go out into the ick, at least let me have fun!"

"You can still have fun," Twilight replied with her eyes focused on Trixie.

Trixie muttered something that went unheard to Twilight. She folded her arms and refused to stare at her. The guard rolled her eyes.

Trixie ignored what she had done and continued the silent treatment. The only thing that was heard was the ticking of Trixie's clock and a very faint sound of music from Canterlot.

The music brought Trixie back from her silence. She gave Twilight puppy eyes with desperate hope. "I'll... I'll even go far enough to do that spell that her highness was never able to master."

Trixie lowered her head in shame of her despair. Twilight, on the other hoof, gave a look of confusion.

"That spell? Wait, what?" She stared at her princess in hopes of a better hint.

"The spell of changes, that cursed, blasted spell," Trixie lay her hoof upon her head, next to her horn. Her eyes closed as she pretended to faint.

Twilight stared at her once more. Her mind went through several different explanations to why Princess Trixie would go far enough to do that spell.

"The... Spell of Reshapens and Designs...? Really?" Lady Twilight asked in a critical tone, almost as if she didn't believe it.

Trixie swollenly nodded. Twilight's eyes widened as her mouth and mind stopped working. Slowly did her eyes start to sparkle brighter and brighter, to the point that her mouth slammed open at full length and formed a smile.

"Oh. My. Goodness! I've always wanted to test that spell! When you couldn't cast it, it made me even more intrigued to do so!" Twilight gushed as she clapped her hooves together.

Trixie grumbled and faked a smile. "Uh... yay?"


"I feel like such a fool," Trixie complained. She had a costume of a majestic vampony on for Nightmare Night, while Twilight was dressed as a zombie pony.

"It'll blend you in with the commoners. What do you think they'll think if they see a random unicorn walk in their celebration with a tiara on that was made out of diamonds and gold?"

Trixie turned her head in the other direction of Twilight. "I suppose you are right."

Twilight stared at what she could see of the princess's saddened face. She gave a short sigh before levitating a crown onto Trixie's head, much to her surprise.

"What on Equus are you doing? I thought it'll make me stand out!" Trixie exclaimed while readjusting the crown into the correct position.

"You can be... Queen Nightshine of the Vamponies. Happy now?" Twilight said.

Trixie nodded. Twilight levitated a spell book from Trixie's bed, which contained the spell in which they were going to use. She turned to the correct page and read the spell's description.

"Okay, so once you cast it, the spell will last for an hour before wearing off. So, you'll have until midnight before you are Princess Trixie once more."

Trixie nodded in understanding. Twilight closed the book and placed it back on the princess's bed. To make sure the spell was safe, she first cast it upon herself.

Trixie watched as a bright white surrounded her bodyguard. She soon heard a popping sound, and the light slowly faded.

Once the light was completely gone, in the place of Twilight dressed in a zombie costume, was now a dark blue unicorn mare with a messy midnight purple mane that was cut very short. Her eyes had grown dull and lifeless, and her horn appeared to have a crack in it. Trixie gaped in awe at the spell's witchcraft.

"Braiinns!" Twilight groaned as she dragged herself over the the pretend vampire. Trixie rolled her eyes but giggled at her friend.

"Is this how your wife's kingdom did it back in Prance?" Trixie giggled.

Twilight shook her head. "You know I don't really like to bring up my wife, and most certainly not! I was a bodyguard and happened to be married to a princess so I didn't even have time to mess around. That's kinda why I moved over here, y'know."

Trixie shrugged her shoulders, dropping the topic. Twilight levitated a torn cloak for warmth, but also to hide her dagger underneath in case it came to somepony attempting an assassination against the princess.

"Okay, me next! But make sure I'm a beautiful vampony queen, okay?" Trixie stood in front of the disguised Lady Twilight, who then rolled her eyes.

"Sure, Princess Trixie. I'll make you the prettiest pony in Equestria," Twilight said in a fake voice of amazement of being in the presence of her Majesty!

Trixie had decided to ignore the comment and remained still in front of the guard. Twilight took the hint that she wasn't going to respond, so she began the spell.

Her horn sparked with magic as a magma aura surrounded it. Trixie - just like Twilight - was surrounded in a bright white light.

Twilight had shut her eyes due to the light. The spell was taking more out of her this time than before, but only because Princess Trixie wanted to be a beautiful vampony.

Of course Twilight had to accept - she was the princess's best friend, after all.

Soon enough Twilight's horn stopped glowing and the white light disintegrated into thin air. It had revealed the disguised princess behind the light.

Trixie posed for Twilight. "Well, how do I look?" She asked.

The princess now had a pale white coat with blood red contacts in her eyes. Her horn appeared to be a little sharper, and she seemed to have bat wings folded in on her side. Her mane had become a dark purple, and was in big, wavy, curls.

Twilight blew on her horn, pretending smoke was coming off of it. "I've done good, princess. You look like one of the prettiest ponies in Equestria!"

She rose an eyebrow. "But I was prettier before this spell, right?" When Twilight didn't respond Trixie begun to panic. "Right? I mean, I'm the Great and Beautiful (majestic, magical, powerful) Princess Trixie!"

Twilight covered her mouth with her hoof in a lazy attempt to muffle her giggles. Trixie's cheeks turned red in embarssment at herself.

Trixie levitated a black cloak made of the finest silk and imported from Saddle Arabia onto her small frame. "Shall we go, then?"

Twilight nodded and opened the door. She allowed Princess Trixie to strut out of her room first, before following her as soon as she doubled checked underneath her cloak, making sure she had the dagger.


Princess Trixie and her bodyguard Lady Twilight were trotting out of the castle. The guards had eyed them suspiciously, but figured that if they were coming out of the castle and dressed in those getups, the pair was probably just maids taking a break to join the Nightmare Night festival.

The two walked calmly out of castle grounds, past the gardens and maze, and then finally, the castle gate. More guards were posted, but seeing as they had gotten past the castle guards, then they must not be important.

Their spears were raised as a unicorn guard opened the gate for Trixie and Twilight. They paced themselves rather slowly, attempting to not arouse suspicion. And to their luck, the guards paid no heed.

The gate close behind them once the unicorns were out of the castle walls. Trixie sighed and glanced behind her.

Twilight put a hoof on her chin. "It's just one night. Try to enjoy yourself. Besides, Canterlot is beautiful during this time of year."

Trixie nodded and began trotting forward into the busy streets of Canterlot. Well, normally busy. Since it was the one night of the year that Cantelotians celebrated, everypony was gathered in the main street, which was a couple streets away.

The occasional peasant pony trotted through the streets. Some stared at the supposedly rich and elite disguised ponies with sadness, before sighing and carrying on.

Trixie stared with confusion. Why wasn't everypony smiling and having fun? Why did these ponies look poor? She didn't know with all her heart the answers to these questions.

She attempted to shrug it off, but as more and more ponies with rags past by, the more she began to realize a pattern.

The ponies with no saddlebags, bags under their eyes, and an unkempt mane and tail seemed to be common at this hour. Or perhaps they were heading to the festival like Trixie and Twilight. All of them were going in the same direction.

Trixie began to feel like this was a mistake. As she and Twilight walked through the city, her nerves began to build up. Where was the fun, relaxing atmosphere she felt at the castle, surrounded by several ponies whom loved her? Where was the spa for ponies to relieve stress as she did?

Trixie suddenly snapped back and stopped walking. Twilight was staring at her with a look of concern. "Princess Trixie! Are you alright? I kept saying your name but you wouldn't respond!"

Trixie shook her head. "I am perfectly fine. I was just... thinking about things." The unicorn turned her head in the opposite direction. Microscopic lights were far in the distance. Sweet mother of the moon, did she really want to head back to those lights and the comfort of her room.

"Let's see, it seems Main Street it about five minutes from here," Twilight stated, making Trixie turn her head back towards her. "I'm gonna go get a snack. Please stay here and don't move."

Twilight walked off, allowing Trixie to sink back into her thoughts.

Is life really not as she thought it was? Were her fairytales wrong? Where was her prince in shining armor? In the stories villages were sweet and innocent, and most definitely didn't have ponies in rags! What piece of the puzzle was she missing?

A poke to her side had brought her back from her thoughts once more. An angry pony was standing next to her.

"Hey you! Give me that cloak! It's worth millions of bits! Now hand it over like a sweet little girl, or else!"

Trixie stared in shock. Nopony had ever talked to her that way. She was beyond mad, frightened, and had completely lost her confidence.

"I... uh..." Trixie backed up a step, but only to find a statue of herself behind her.

The pony had advanced on her, and a second before he pounced upon Trixie, an unexpected light pinkish purple unicorn in the most ripped rags she had ever seen, the most unkempt mane suddenly appeared. To be blunt, this pony was practically the meaning of the word poor.

"Hey! Back off, you witch! Leave the fine mare alone!" She yelled with no fear in her voice. The robber growled in anger and annoyance.

"Get out of my way, punk! Or else I'll make you pay for it along with this other pony!" He shouted.

A crowd had begun to form around Trixie and the mystery mare. Where was Twilight when she needed her the most!

But then, Trixie suddenly didn't need her bodyguard. The peasant pony's horn roared to life, magic crackling as she begun to cast spell after spell on the robber.

He managed to dodge most of them, until a particularly big beam of magic shot him in the face. The pony fell onto a market stand behind him, crushing it and covering everything within five inches with food.

Thankfully, Princess Trixie and the unknown pony were left unhit. The pink unicorn slowly trotted towards the robber with a stern stare and slammed her hoof down. The pony flinched and attempted to make himself as small as possible.

"I expect you to turn yourself into the police. How dare you attempt you hurt this beautiful mare!?" She lectured.

The robber quickly nodded and ran away from the unicorns. Trixie turned to her lifesaver with awe.

"You - you just saved my life! Thank you so much! However may I pay you?" Trixie exclaimed.

The unicorn shook her head. "No need to pay, your kindness is payment enough," she said sweetly with a smile.

"Prin- er, I mean, Trixie! Are you okay? I heard you scream from the ice cream stand!" Twilight suddenly came running through the crowd of ponies and up to her Majesty.

"Oh, um, I'm okay, uh... Midnight Blue! This sweet mare saved me." Trixie fixed her gaze on the pony next to her.

"Um, hi. I'm Starlight Glimmer," she greeted. "Anyways, it was nice meeting you two, but I should be leaving. Bye!"

Starlight suddenly scampered off into the crowd that was beginning to leave. Twilight glanced at Trixie with a sly grin on her face while raising an eyebrow.

"Midnight Blue? Is that my new name while I'm disguised? How unique and totally not based off of my color scheme."

Princess Trixie rolled her eyes. "As if you could do better." She rose an eyebrow at the sudden odd behavior of Starlight. "Starlight was acting odd. She didn't act like that until you showed up."

Twilight put a hoof up to her chin before shrugging. "Hm, whatever it is, she doesn't seem like the type to hurt somepony. Especially after that show she started." She glanced off in the distance. "Hey, there's Main Street! Let's go, princess!"

Trixie nodded and started trotting next to her guard. They headed off in the direction of the frill shouts of the ponies of Canterlot in the Nightmare Night festival.


Trixie slowed her trot down to a walk as she approached Main Street. Twilight, being used to guarding the princess, protectively walked next to her.

The music had gotten pretty loud and Trixie felt like her ears would explode. "For Luna's sake! Could somepony turn it down?!" Her cries went unheard, however.

Ponies in costumes of all sorts were dancing around. Some stood in the moonlight with others, and were inching closer and closer. A few ponies in rags were here and there, though mostly elites filled the tremendous street. The celebration seemed to be one of the favored ones in Canterlot.

Princess Trixie gave a look of dread at the several ponies crowding the street. Twilight was about to head off to have some fun when she noticed the princess.

She gave a look of concern and trotted back. "Prin- Trixie, are you okay?"

Trixie glanced up at Twilight. "Of course! It's just so, filled."

"Just pretend it's a Masquerade Ball. Several ponies in one area, how do you roll?" Twilight said. Trixie perked her ears up and gave a new look of confidence.

"I go in there and spread my wings, that's what!" Trixie trotted gracefully through the several ponies, dodging everypony with ease and years of experience.

Twilight gave smile before sneaking off to keep an eye on Trixie. She trotted over to a table, where a waiter then came over to take her order.

Meanwhile, Trixie was enjoying the talk of ponies. Nopony knew she was a princess, and for the first time in her life, she didn't have to wear a mask. Well, technically speaking, she was dressed as a vampony.

But that wasn't the point. Princess Trixie felt, well, like a commoner. She was having fun, she didn't have to worry about anything, she was actually enjoying herself.

Trixie then understood why Lady Twilight wanted her to leave the castle for a day. Being all dolled up in a castle didn't get her nowhere. With this new place in her mind, she could visit Canterlot every once in a while. She could do other things than just sit in a spa all day, even though it made her feel like a rarity.

Trixie was walking through the ponies and enjoying the music when suddenly a pony ran into her. She tripped onto somepony's costume dress that happened to be dragging behind her.

She screeched out a quiet scream off of instinct, trying not to attract too much attention. Suddenly, she felt the embrace of a pony.

It was warm. Trixie didn't know whether or not it was a stallion or mare, though. She opened an eye that somehow shut during her fall to see the color of her saver's coat.

It was a pinkish purple. Trixie furrowed her brow, now feeling ragged clothes against her costume. Ever so carefully, Trixie glanced up at the face of the pony who saved her.

The pony was a unicorn mare, with blue eyes, and a mane that consisted the colors of purples and turquoise. Starlight smilied at Trixie, who smiled back.

"We have got to stop running into each to other, miss...?" Starlight stated with a chuckle.

"Um... Rarity. Miss Rarity is what you can call me," Trixie said.

Starlight nodded in response. "Well, Miss Rarity, would you like to have a dance? Everypony else is dancing to the music, so why not?"

Trixie blushed a bit. This pony was a proper lady, despite being the poorest pony she's seen yet. She was enchanting, too.

The unicorn took Starlight's hoof with delicacy, as if she was made of glass. Starlight stood on her hindlegs, causing Trixie to as well.

The music transitioned to a different song. This one was a familiar song to Trixie, as it came from one of her favorite films.

It was about two ponies that were spilt apart before, though the gentlecolt had come back as a new pony, claiming he was dead. But the mare who still loved him recognized him and followed him around all night.

Trixie hummed the song unconsciously. Starlight smiled warmly and began to speak. "So, you liked The Count of Monte Cristo too, huh? I thought I was the only one."

Trixie's eyes sparkled. "Of course not! It's positively the best film ever! The songs are simply beautiful."

Starlight smiled as she danced with the princess. "The one playing was suggested by me to the DJ I don't know how many times. I had to go under several different ponies in order for the demand to grow so the DJ would play it."

Trixie's eyes widened. "Why ever in Equestria would you do that? Couldn't you just tell them to play it, and they would?"

Starlight shook her eyes sadly. "I'm afraid not. It isn't easy when you don't have respect around here."

"I respect you," Trixie murmured as Starlight spun her around. "More than anypony else in the world."

Starlight stared at her in surprise. "Really? We've only just met."

Trixie nodded. She landed into Starlight's arms. Their eyes locked onto each other, memorised. Everything seemed to slow down for the costumed princess. The music had changed to another song, one that neither knew of.

Starlight held Trixie in her arms firmly, but spoke. "What about Princess Trixie and Queen Luna? You have to respect them more than me, right?"

Trixie was about to answer but was interrupted by the clock. It chimed throughout the city, reminding her of the spell. She glanced at the source of the chiming, and gasped.

The clock read midnight. Trixie could already feel the spell peeling off of her body. Without asking Starlight, the princess frantically grabbed her by her hoof and led the unicorn throughout the crowd.

"Rarity! What are you doing?" Starlight called out, her voice filled with fear.

"Hush for a second, Starlight! This is important!" Trixie's call was muffled a bit by the wind, but Starlight had managed to gather the bits and pieces and put them together.

The end of the crowd was nearing the two ponies as Trixie and Starlight galloped through the ponies. At long last, they made it to the end of Main Street and ducked behind a shoppe.

Starlight was about to ask why in Equestria Trixie did that but was interrupted by a pink aura surrounding the princess. She stared in awe as the unicorn was lifted in the air as a white light developed her whole.

The color of her white coat melted off of Trixie as if it was paint. Her mane recolored itself and styled back into it's normal wavy blue.

She carefully floated back down. The light faded away as her hooves hit the dirt. Starlight rubbed her eyes and gaped in shock.

"Princess Trixie???" Starlight exclaimed, now understanding why the princess had dragged her where nopony was.

"Indeed, Starlight." Princess Trixie smiled reassuringly at the beautiful unicorn. "Please, no need to fear me."

Trixie put her hoof out in front of her. Starlight let her shaky hoof be placed on top of it, though she was still hesitant. The princess suddenly swept her off her feet and into her arms.

Starlight's eye widened for a second and her heart bear quickened. When Trixie didn't let go after a few squirms she lay still and tried to enjoy the hug.

When Trixie finally let her go, Starlight quickly dropped to the floor. Trixie's eyes saddened at the unicorn's behavior and pat her head.

"Starlight, I only wish to be your friend. Please, don't let any titles and social classes make you fear me," the princess stated while giving Starlight a soft stare.

Starlight breathed deeply. With hesitance, she glanced up at Trixie. She gave a small smile, to which the princess smiled at as well.

"Really...?" Starlight asked. "You want to be my friend?"

Trixie refrained from rolling her eyes. "Of course! Why wouldn't I? You're strong, unique, and even beautiful!" She gasped at what she just said and blushed.

Starlight finally got off the ground and stared the princess in the eyes, a feat not many ponies had the courage to do so. "I like you too, Princess Trixie."

Starlight and Trixie inched closer and closer, being only a centimeter away. Trixie stared into the wondrous pools of dark blue of the unicorn, while Starlight was starting to look conflicted.

Suddenly, Starlight closed the gap between the two ponies, her lips touching Princess Trixie's surprised lips. The princess's eyes widened in shock, but soon closed.

The music played in the background as their lips stayed locked together. A clopping of hooves came around the corner, as well as a sound of magic.

Lady Twilight came running behind the building, her cloak hold upon her head. She panted for a second before staring at Princess Trixie.

Her eyes widened and she blushed. "Oh! Um... I'll just leave you to here, and um..." Twilight suddenly zipped away, allowing Starlight and Trixie alone again.

Trixie finally broke the kiss. She stared at Starlight with a blush and a smile. "I'm afraid I might have to go. I'll make sure to visit again sometime, and bring some bits. I never realized how many ponies are poor!"

Starlight gave a sad smile but nodded. They let go of each other and Trixie started to walked away. The unicorn waved goodbye at the princess.

"Goodbye, my princess," she said.

Trixie smiled though she didn't look back. Lady Twilight was around the corner, appearing to be gagging. The princess rose an eyebrow at the scene before interfering.

"Um, Twilight? Are you okay?"

Twilight quickly stared up at the other unicorn, and blushed. She slowly stood up straight and replied. "Oh! Um, Princess Trixie! I'm fine, I was just gagging at some pony's romanticness."

Trixie rolled her eyes. "Yeah, okay Twilight. Come on, let's head back to the castle."

Twilight nodded and gave her a sly smile as they began walking, hoods of their cloaks up on their heads. "So, the princess finally found somepony, huh? When's she moving in the castle?"

Trixie blushed. "We're only friends for right now. I mean, we've literally just met."

Twilight rolled her eyes. "Sureeee. But just to be safe, I'm planning the wedding already," she teased.

Trixie and Twilight both giggled. The music in the background grew louder as they approached Main Street.

"At least promise me that you'll wait until the wedding?"



Author's Note:


I know, I should focus on finishing my other stories BUT THE AU WAS TOO GOOD TO JUST SIT BY AND NOT WRITE!


Also please like and comment! Thank youuu!

Please point out any mistakes or errors (preferably PMs). Thanks!

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Twilight shook her head. "You know I don't really like to bring up my wife, and most certainly not! I was a bodyguard and happened to be married to a princess so I didn't even have time to mess around. That's kinda why I moved over here, y'know."

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My biggest issue was that this didn't work very well for a reader unfamiliar with the universe. Trixie you nailed the personality of to the t--and that is actually a problem. She just isn't a likable character in this segment. It felt like it would be better served as several chapters into a story after I have gained some investment with this Trixie. I can deal with her being an exceptionally arrogant individual, but I want to have a reason to root for her. This as a standalone just didn't give me anything to feel that. Perhaps if I was more familiar with the rest of the stories in the universe I would feel more invested in her, but this by itself didn't give me that.

As for what picked at my interest to want to explore the universe some more was the stray comment about Twilight's wife. That sounded like there was some interesting drama there. I might browse around your stories a bit to follow up on that.

Still leaving a like. But leaving the feedback just to let you know how it came across to me as a fresh reader. And I admit, Trixie is not a character I like in show most of the time, she has a few good moments, so I don't hate her. Just can only take so much of her.

Pretty good, love it.

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