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The time is a thousand years ago. A time before Canterlot, before Ponyville. After the last threat to Equestria was resolved ponies fell into a routine of peace. Princess Luna's role in ruling Equestria diminished over time as her sister took on more and more responsibility.

Falling into despair over the lack of attention rendered to her by her little ponies, Luna was ready to throw in the towel. Then she had a chance encounter with a pegasus mare and earth pony couple which renewed her desire to live for Equestria. Only to have her sister throw up a road block.

Can Luna hold onto the dream or will it be crushed like so much of her past?


Featured top of the Popular Stories column 14/11/17!

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Outside of Momlestia, this is DEFINITELY how I picture Celestia in any headcanon. Good job.

Also, it's very hypocritical to say you are the law when just a minite ago you said you weren't above it.

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