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Dusk Melody

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Life is where love happens and not always where or when you're looking.

Octavia Melody was preparing for the night of her life, preparing to perform at the first Grand Galloping Gala since Princess Luna's return from the moon, but it wasn't to be.

Luna, feeling unworthy to be in the presence of those that saved her, was hiding from her own night, but she would be found. Can two alone, yet surrounded by others, find a life to share?


Featured in the Popular Stories list 15/11/17!

The sequel can be found here, Light Shines in the Night and here; The Dawn of Dusk

Lightshine and Nightflyer belong to Nira Lightshine and Nightflyer, respectively. A very big thank you to my fans for letting me use their OC's in my story.

Thank you too to my co-author Zervon Tora and Nira Lightshine for editing and pre-reading!

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tis was a plessure and anytime thank you for the wonderful reads i enjoy them alot

This is a rare Luna ship, I like it.

Thank you! :twilightsmile: You can find more of it in my other Wildfire books, Lighting the Flame and Releasing the Flame.

Very, very nicely written! I really liked the slow build up, the amount of details you used to paint the atmosphere and the connection to that one episode. Also, teasing Luna is best Luna! :ajsmug:

If you like this then I hope you like the sequel to it, The Dawn of Dusk

I’ll check it out eventually :raritywink:

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