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Applejack was bucking apples on the farm. Fluttershy wanted to surprise her wife on their ninth anniversary. Applejack always checked behind her when she bucked a tree, except that one time. Now nopony will ever forget their anniversary.

Everypony said it was an accident, that Applejack wasn't to blame. Everypony except Applejack.

https://youtu.be/0QU5av4hQoI A reading on YouTube can be found here, by the amazing Quillfeather882. Thank you so much!

A review of my story can be found here. Thankyou for reading everypony

Sequel can be found here http://www.fimfiction.net/story/235827/sisters

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5348691 speechless how, good or bad?

5348927 I'm sorry to hear that, may I ask why?


The writing was very good, but the story was so sad, I really can't say I like it.

5348959 that's ok, I understand. thankyou very much for replying


As a man who fortunately has never experienced this pain first hand, I still want to say thank you for writing this. I too, lost a god child. The event was devestating to all of us that were close to the family. This brought back a few memories of that day. I do hope you'll continue this story as I'd love to see what happens next. Thank you again.


I hate you so much right now... these feels I haven't felt in many long years... dammit.


5349474 thankyou, I'm really glad you like it

5349880 it is a pain like no other isn't it? I apologise if this story cut a little too close to home, I am glad you like this story though.

The next part will be up very soon

Amazing! Great story, and I love how it's still marked unfinished :heart:

5355073 you are very kind, thankyou. There is one more chapter to come my lovelies.

Hands up all those who want a happy ending!

Excellent story so far, can't wait to see how you end it!

5355652 you won't have to wait too long, I'll do the next part Tuesday. But will that be the end?

I told myself I wouldn't cry. I obviously lied.

5355079 As happy as you can make it JP. Shy and Jackie deserve it... Um, if that's okay with you that is....:fluttershysad:

I cant tell if the ending is going to be happy or sad. Is there something wrong with me if I kind of want it to be sad? :unsuresweetie:

5356671 nothing wrong with a little liquid pride, you let it all out mate

Chapter three will be up tomorrow, I'm sure you'll both be pleased :)

5359012 thankyou. I'm working on chapter three right now

Well I understand that Fluttershy was in a lot of pain, but that was mean of her to say that she hates her. But great story!!

5362932 applejack knew she didn't mean it, they are so in love

i like it and JPfluttershy1979 when will the next chapter come out for this story

5364099 should be up by the weekend, just planning it out

Yo every body who is reading this story (thankyou all!)

I've marked it as complete as I feel the original story as intended has run its course. Applejack and Fluttershy have had their foals, and their happy ending.

This isn't the end though as the adventures of their two fillies are being planned for an upcoming story

5365635 (your welcome) and i can't wait for it :pinkiehappy:

I can't really say much on this fic because my eyes are clouded. Brilliantly emotional, and not many errors, in fact I only spotted one or two, though maybe there are more, I don't know. If y eyes would let me see, I could tell.

5369966 you are too kind, thankyou my friend. I'm really glad you enjoyed it

5370005 I'll be starting the sequel early next week

Awesome story, but it sucks about what had to happen to AJ and Futtershy. Hopefully everything will be okay for them and AJ gets over this as it was not her fault in the least.

5379322 I know it sucks, but read chapter two and three. You'll like the ending I promise :)

So bittersweet, an awesome story! And I can attest to how it feels wanting someone to yell at you instead of talking in soft tones like that, it can hurt a lot worse than the yelling.

An awesome finish to this awesomely awesome story! I'm glad that they got over what happened and had the foals and ended up being happy.

5382168 thankyou for reading, I appreciate it a lot

Crying. Crying is good right? It's healthy on an emotional level, right? Well then I don't think I'll be getting emotionally sick for a while, cuz I cried a ton. I cried a large amount of sad tears. But that last chapter, I cried tears of laughter, closely followed by tears of joy. Thank you. Thank you for this wonderful experience. :fluttercry: :raritycry: :raritycry: :pinkiesad2: :twilightsmile:

Also, there aren't enough AppleShy stories out there, so thank you for adding to the list, AppleShy is my favorite shipping :pinkiehappy:

5388698 it is an underused ship I think, which is partly why I wanted to use appleshy.

Glad you liked the happy ending :)

I was keeping it together until I read the dedication. Now I'm a mess of tears and feels. As a mother of two angel babies, and one live and well two year old, thank you for this.

5403128 you are very welcome, I'm glad you like my god daughters birthday pressie.

I'm working on the sequel :)

yayy!! happy ending!!! I have to say though, I was super confused at the beginning of the chapter :twilightsheepish:. Otherwise, awesome story! Keep up the good work!

5406546 thanks! The sequel is up now

The very first reaction to the fic was 'Almighty Random, why?'. Then, during the reading - consequently - it was befuddlement ('lesbian ponies?'), amusement ('artificial insemination!') and, afterwards, kind of a professional shock ('fcuk me, such a roundhouse blow would kill one, rather than just a miscarriage [and so much more of near-medic blubbering, diagrams drawn in the air]).
Reading down to the dedication...
Well, I might now look like a callous, senseless sonofabitch, but I prefer to stick to the facts. God has given - God has taken, that's my way of seeing things. Mayhap, that's because I've never experienced such pain firsthand, but in my work I've been meeting this kind of things all too often, and, I guess, it just had grown a rigid patch to wherever it comes to life and death.

Putting aside personal reflections, the fic is quite breathtaking, if quite short. Nothing odd - just the plot and its development.
I like such approach.

And yes, my condolences. Really.
Once we've never managed to save the child - a baby boy, thrown into the river by a gang of gypsy kidnappers, when they understood they won't get away with that. We tried hard - but never managed.

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