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This story is a sequel to Masks

Realising her mistake in seemingly ignoring a stallion sat on a bench in town, Rainbow Dash sets out to find him and make amends.

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Realising her mistake in seemingly ignoring a stallion sat on a bench in town, Rainbow Dash sets out to find him and make amends

Y u no period. :(

Sorry but I didnt understand your comment

5325721 You forgot to put a period at the end of the sentence in the description.

Oh a full stop. I'll sort it out. Thanks!

There are a few errors, but besides that it's really good! Oh, and thanks for the mention!

5326647 you are most welcome, thankyou. Hope you liked the unicorn "you".

I did indeed! You even got my personality right! Great job!

5326762 what can I say? I'm awesome!

No wait, that's Dashie :D

Nah, you're pretty awesome!

You're all awesome too my smashing lovelies who have so graciously taken the time to read, comment and like my fics. I love you all!

It seems like this and the last one should be chapters of the same story. Do you think you'll connect them?

Nicely done again my friend keep up the good work!

5327660 to be honest mate I might, although these were fics I never meant to write, they were done on a whim but have proven quite popular

5328755 thanks, I do my best :)

nice story I like where it's going, and it has potential, i'll have to track it in my favourites, just so I can see an ending

5328800 You're always leaving a cliffhanger, it makes me want moar! :flutterrage:

5329886 that's the idea my lovely :) more will come

5330007 Wait is that the real ending to the story?

5330401 no mate there will be a third instalment

I love this story! I cant wait to see the 3rd one

5360768 honestly guys there will be a third part to this, im just working on Accidents at the moment. As soon as that's done I'll return to this

I love it, and I have to wonder if that Blue Moon character was named after the song? Excellent story, and emotional. Bloody good job.

5369949 glad you enjoyed it mate, there will be a third part coming soon :)

Totally awesome as usual! It sucks for anyone or anypony to have to go through this, but since Rainbow had been through it, maybe she will be able to help Whisper a lot more. Hope everything turns out in the end.

5391680 there really will be a third part, honest there will. I don't know when but there will

5391688 No hurries, I love the story though!

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