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I am nothing


I'm Scootaloo. I'm a vampony. Born in 1891 then reborn in 1909. I'm 123. This is the story of my life. My marefriend was interested in my life, and asked me to write it out for her.

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Awesome! There are a few mistakes in your work which I can edit (if you're ready to give me permission and the time you're coming back online) but apart from that, it's superb!

5337712 I'm signing out now, I'll be back on at 6.30pm. Can the song at the bottom be in italics?

You have my attention! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Yes, my good fellow, yes....

There will be more my lovelies! Thanks for reading :)

5347311 glad you like it, another chapter will be up soon

I like it a lot. Scootaloo's actions and thoughts do ring true to that apex predator, also I like her "piss off world" attitude since it's very much like her character. Waiting for the next installment.

5348423 so glad you like it, I got a little distracted by a project for a special little girl "accidents" it's called. But I promise in a day or redo the next chapter will be up fir your enjoyment

5364544 thanks, I appreciate it!

There will be another chapter coming soon I promise :)

I can't really pinpoint everything I liked about this story, so I just have to say it's all brilliant. Emotional, which is good, and it provides Scoot with some interesting backstory.

5369957 thankyou, hope you like chapter two when it's up later

5369998 I have a strong feeling I shall.

Decided to read this chapter again, and is there a canon mare called Cocal Chord? Sounds interesting, or is it your OC?

5370872 I've heard the name vocal chord before, I just can't remember where. It might be canon I'm not sure

Enjoyable chapter you have here :twilightsmile::scootangel:

5371532 thsnkyou! Really pleased you like it, I had a lot of fun writing this one

She likes most music eh? (I must point out that not all dubstep is created equal, btw) What are her views on the country genre, or choral?

5372700 I can say with certainty that scoots loves country, most notably Dolly Parton, Johnny cash, Kenny Rogers and Shania twain. She hasnt been exposed to much choral but she'd like to investigate it

Totally awesome story so far! Did you make those lyrics, or is it an actual song. Either way, this story rocks!

This. Is. So. AWESOME! The fluff between Scootaloo and Sweetie was great, it it was cool seing these two like this.

This. Is. So. AWESOME! The fluff between Scootaloo and Sweetie was great, it it was cool seing these two like this.

I must say, after reading the first chapter, I felt the pacing was a bit slow, but the second chapter surely made up for it and redeemed the pace of the first! I loved the dark romance between Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo and the whole noire-you can only be a good or bad pony-feel I got from this. If I had to knit pick at one thing, it would have to be Sweetie Belle's warming up to Scootaloo, as I felt she was fine scared shitless, but then fangirls from her being a vampony (ha! Women, am i right?), but I guess I can't question you, as you did write this. If I would request something, I guess I'll never get it, it would be that I wish I could see the growing relationship between Sweetie and Scootaloo, however, seeing as this is not necessarily a slice of life, I guess it would be fairly hard if not impossible to change the settings like that, and giving certain implications, one could already analyze the two's life together. All in all, I really did like it!

5379143 thankyou for the lovely comments, I really do appreciate that you took the time to read my story and leave such nice words.

In upcoming chapters I'll detail the romance between scoots and sweetie. I've tried to hint at their relationship in the opening chapters, how sweeties voice holds scoots firmly enthralled. You'll also see why in future sweetie isn't shocked at scoots being what she is.

Thanks for liking :)

5379273 You're welcome, darling! I guess it wouldn't be too surprising if I informed you that I too constantly update and publish stories, so if it wouldn't be much of a burden for you to check out some of my work, it would truly be greatly appreciated!

5379286 :yay:
and don't worry, i will surely check out your other stories today and the days ahead as well! I seem to be on a weird read and write surge that's overtaking me right now.

5379315 you might like broken butterfly, that's my other baby :)

5379337 i'll check it out shortly, i'm currently updating Apples:Immortal Tree

So she instantly fell in love with her in one day?
"JPfluttershy1979, you must assemble a fellowship of fellow writers and bring the Ring of Poor Pacing to Mount FIMfiction, where you must destroy it to stop the dark lord Awkward Romance!

5382659 to be fair, scoots fell in love with her voice in one day. As I pointed out, music is her weakness. She wrestles with this feeling in the next chapter

5382677 Hmmm. It is kind of too fast, but I've been waiting a day to use a line like that. I couldn't resist.

5382762 that's ok. I hope it didn't detract from you enjoying my story?

5382799 Eh. I guess it's alright.

One JP(Who is ironically enough writing a vampony story of his own) to another(being you)... keep it up man! This story has me rather hooked!

An awesome chapter, I can't wait to see the double date! I really, truly love your story!

So................................... how does this work? Is Sweetie adopted, distant relative, what? And how does she not notice that Rarity NEVER AGES? :flutterrage: Sorry, me being anal.

Thankyou both, I'm super glad you like my story :)


All shall be made clear in the fullness of time, or chapter four, whichever comes first :)

This was so hilarious I can't even see properly. Loving what you're doing with the whole diary perspective. And I also got reminded of a Steam indie game called "Only If" when I saw the chapter name. XD

5393043 Why was this funny to you?:rainbowhuh: cause I didn't find the chapter funny.:applejackunsure:

5393324 Just some of the reactions are random enough and/or abnormal enough to amuse me.

5393324 did you not enjoy it?

5393357 I did, it's just I didn't find any comedic value in it.

I'll even have Sweetie braid your mane.

Doctor Xavier much? Well played though!

5393619 well spotted, I did rather steal that bit I admit :rainbowlaugh:

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